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Found 11 results

  1. Ladies Beware

    Ladies there is a man that is texting me, it is a bandwidth number, meaning it is a VOIP. He will ask you if you are your name within the site. I, stated call me. Waited for ten minutes then, called. He states that he is from San Francisco and that he works in the restaurant industry in Wyoming, but came down to Denver to see girls, but all of them have flaked. He is absolutely LE and when asked he will start screaming. Be careful ladies, several very thick and/or predominant accented Hispanic men are contacting myself that are either LE or the latter dangerous. Especially if they are going to Jason Borne measures to engage and secure appointments.
  2. Important! Ladies PM me for info!

    Ladies, I have some info that you should all be aware of, please PM me for this and please assist me in passing along while I am not able to stay on top of new requests! I’ll pass it along to a few who I know will do the same and please keep yourselves and your fellow providers safe and well! Thanks!
  3. I just had a review rejected. The note said: "Please resubmit the review with more details in the experience field..." This post is not an attempt to complain about administration or policy, but rather to raise a voice in favour of discretion in our activities. I had written in rather vague terms about my experience; about the hospitality of my hostess; how it was not rushed, and altogether very pleasant. I'd imagine that most gentlemen would understand what that meant, without the need for details, especially all those acronyms folks like to bandy about. If more details are desired, I feel that's the place for a more private exchange between interested parties (as I have had in the past). The short period earlier this year when the details field was disabled was a step in the right direction, in my opinion, and I would hope to caution ladies to be more circumspect in their ads. My underlying apprehension is that with explicit ads and explicit reviews, it's becoming awful hard to make any attempt at plausible deniability, and that we're giving certain people all the information needed to shut this site down. I have heard tell that tob is getting attention; the kind we'd like to avoid. CL and BP started out vaguely enough... Perhaps I'm reading things wrong, but I really don't feel comfortable "giving up the juicy details" - not just for my sake or safety - but because I really believe it would be better for tob. I'd like to read what others feel about this issue.
  4. I really need help! I received an email from a prospective client that said that he knows me in real life/ what my job is. It almost seems like he’s trying to use that against me from the first email. I’m confused and scared and not quite sure what to do! Any help would be appreciated ❤️
  5. Introduction and Backpage question

    Hi First I wanted to introduce myself as a new person to the group and a guy returning to the hobby after many years off. I have not booked anyone through Backpage at this point and was wondering what the experience has been with providers who advertise there. I get the feeling things can be rather hit or miss in terms of quality. Also, clients have their own safety concerns from law enforcement or getting ripped off. Anyone have any tips for which providers are good or bad, accurate pictures, etc? Thanks
  6. "Uber for Escorts" Just came across a news article and found it interesting, Looks like it originated in Australia, wonder if it would work here in the states? Has some safety measures built into it for providers and ease of use for clients. Whats your take on it?
  7. So, I'm a new girl here and I wanted to get lots of really good, solid advice and help in this hobby. How do we stay safe in this business? How can I make in-calls as safe as possible? How do I screen clients? How do I keep from getting busted from the cops? This seems like a huge risk in so many ways, but it's a passionate hobby of mine too. How do I engage in a hobby like this and feel safe enough to relax? I don't ever want any trouble at all nor any drama of any sort. I'd like to hear from some ladies who have had this hobby for many many years. I don't want a bad record. How do I avoid that? I'm scared, excited, nervous, paranoid, horny, just everything all rolled into one when it comes to this entire hobby.
  8. Easycrypt

    Hey all, We should all be concerned with our privacy online--not only because of the nature of this business, but because we deserve a right to privacy as citizens. Because I'm so concerned with my privacy, I recently started using a new product called Easycrypt. It's an email encryption product that is free and hooks directly into your email service provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.). The only problem with it right now is that it's still in beta. It works great, but has limitations. For one, it's impossible to use on a smartphone. They don't have a mobile app yet (but they're working on it) and the webmail interface doesn't work properly on a phone. These will all be worked out in the future and it looks like it will be an awesome product. If you're interested, let me know and I can send you an invitation (I need your email address, so a PM is probably best). You can sign up for their waiting list, but invitations from existing members are much quicker.
  9. I believe every woman should screen any way she sees fit, and I also believe in ultimately trusting your gut feeling (Spidey Senses). I rely extremely heavily on my gut feeling about a person, or the situation surrounding the day's slew of events/patterns. Some days I sense absolutely zero danger, and screening is easy breezy. Some days I have every dangerous person (intent on doing me harm) on planet Earth contacting me, and screening is like Fort Knox. It's a day-to-day battle having to figure out what my level of safety or danger is for each particular day. However if every dangerous element (people trying to cause me harm) is contacting me on a certain day those who are Newbies (innocent bystanders) may find themselves getting screened heavily, and unfortunately turned away because the danger level is just too high that day to take any risks on seeing anyone with no references. Another example... I have had a string of negative incidents with men under 40 years old lately. Unfortunately now every man under 40 who contacts me is being treated like a suspicious suspect due to a handful of undesirables who have tried to pull fast ones on me recently. I automatically assume everyone under 40 is going to be a troublemaker. Consequently I treat them as someone trying to cause me grief. I hate being put into this position of having to screen heavily, or choose to only see men over 40 years old. An additional example... When it's time for bee "stings", and "they"start contacting me... I am hesitant to take any phone calls. I will only text. "They" typically most want you on the phone to record your voice talking about the intended transaction. Why do I only text on these days? Probably because psychologically it makes me "feel" more safe and secure. Not necessarily true, but it appeases my anxieties. This may make the normal, innocent people who want to place a phone call feel nervous. Again though... I'm willing to shit can potential appointments if some refuse to text on these certain days of "Operation Round Up of Low Hanging Fruit". Now I would not start screening the exact way I do because there is always room for error especially when one is desperate or greedy for money. I have been on both sides of the fence in the adult industry/service provider business. When my gut told me "No", but I saw them anyway, even though they "appeared" safe... This is when I have had problems with clients being pushy, aggressive, abusive, over stepping boundaries and shorting/ripping me off. All because I didn't heed to my internal warning system that went off before actually meeting them. My only regrets have come from seeing someone in spite of my gut feeling telling me "Oh hell NO!", or having even just a general uneasiness about agreeing to see them. This feeling is different from the regular nervousness we all get from seeing a new client. This type of business is like a box of fireworks... Most will go off without a hitch, but there are always a few that blow up in your face. It's the nature of this beast. If I say "No" to someone one day, it could very well be a completely different story a few days later. Timing is everything. I hate having to be the Soup Nazi some days saying "No Soup For You" lol. It strips the fun out of my job because it adds a lot of extra stress, pressure and disappointment for all parties. But... My safety is paramount, and ultimately my number one concern. Hope this helps shed some positive light on why some of us screen the way we do. There is often a method to our perceived madness lol ;-)
  10. FYI: Lube safety

    This is a summary - full article is linked at the end
  11. More geared towards streetwalkers, but with some very interesting ideas... I like the audible alarm (since weapons can be used against you) but really like the diy alarm purse and may make one very soon... i think the advertising on the shoe is trashy, tacky and WILL be used against working girls... i love the idea of shoes with a hole for your condoms/money/keys. what I have issues with are the gps tracking... I think it's great that it can be turned off, i think it's nice that the alarm is linked to police AND sex workers advocates, but i dont know... What are y'alls opinion on this streetwalker sandal? do you think it has applications to "our world"? Found by a friend earlier today and I knew I needed to pass it on and get some opinions here.