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  1. What? Hmm??

    LMAO! OK, Sparkles.
  2. What? Hmm??

    You are just too cute! Or! Thinking Sparkles actually wants to have lunch, too naive! Already well aware, as the part of you I see that takes things literally reminds me of someone I love dearly but, witnessing you signing up to see your superhero live the bravado of eating my lunch? That made my day! Thank you.
  3. What? Hmm??

    Oh what fun it would be
  4. What? Hmm??

  5. What? Hmm??

    Responding to a two month old response which, however unpopular, was not unsolicited and at least on topic, Troll absolutely works. Troll. Such an easy word to use disparagingly in a forum, isn't it? Troll. Contrarian takes work, syllabic muscle! Let's make it easy to pronounce! For the children! Troll. And! If we YELL TROLL! with our arms held wide to appear bigger, like this TROLLOLOLOL? It just... Trolls AWAY! Go away, TROLL!
  6. What? Hmm??

    Such a hot Sparkle you are! Given more brains than brawn you would figure out all Hobbit knows about you is right here. Not your home life. Least of all your bedroom. So unless it's sensing cuck based on you always folding like laundry right before our very eyes , Hobbit never said anything you hadn't said about you and/or your wife, and that's been a minute but, OK! Maybe you're not a cuck! But if you are , what does that have to do with her? More power! Right girls?! Truly not giving a rip what you, you and her, whom/whatever, do, you might not be putting life and limb on the line for perceived transgressions, thoughts and actions placed in your "mind" by others not Hobbit, but for not being able to use the word correctly. 🤣 Fine, "think" and be smart for a change. Hobbit WON'T agree to meet with you or anyone, anytime soon. First, name's not Mark, or Skeered , it's Junior . Second, with nothing to prove, Him saving energy for the bar, I-25, the parking lot, and other places it matters. Here we float. Finally, the OP is months old and you go poking the Hobbit. FOH.
  7. What? Hmm??

    Speaking of bullshit, it's Bootshit! Hey Bootshit!
  8. What? Hmm??

    Whose mind is that? Suspecting mine, firstly the chronology of this discussion reveals the great divider firstly. Next, you seem to have particular difficulty grasping rhis - what you think about my perspective is your problem, not mine, so miss me with the unicorns and rainbows bullshit. Depending on the mindset, you're easily just as divisive.
  9. What? Hmm??

    Yeah, well. Good for you and Sparkles. Presumably we are all here for the love of pussy. And what man doesn't protect his wife? What are you referring to?
  10. What? Hmm??

    @sparkey600 - I had a hunch about you and guess what? Not just that. With the Flesch-Kincaid method being the most commonly used, did you know most newspapers and periodicals are written at the 8th grade level? True story. Yet, follow the link below for an analysis of this post: https://drive.proton.me/urls/2MK0KQ4TXG#UWENiZ2Wav8X Not quite there huh?! No wonder you're confused!!
  11. Introduction.

    Welcome in Amoura
  12. What? Hmm??

    Was he a french maid, bonnet, butt plug under the thong wearing cuck?! Like Sparkles?!
  13. What? Hmm??

    Betting you read every comma and period because hater, the Hobbit's surprised you read at all, and doubts you made it past fifth grade. You strike me as a straight up cuck https://www.dictionary.com/e/slang/cuck/.
  14. That One Sting

    For entertainment purposes only. A hobbyist gets wind of a provider by way of reverse back channel. Finds the ad's explicit pics and verbiage look too fun. Flag one. Reaches out to learn the business and asks for general location. Immediately receives full residential address. Flag two. Drives by location and parks up the street for a little recon without booking. Noticing newer model cars in driveway, the hobbyist identifies an unmarked vehicle from its side light and trademark hub caps, directly across the street. Aborts mission. Be safe out there hobbyists.
  15. Want a better retirement?

    $1.6, $2, $10, a $zillion million. All of it is not worth the paper one is written on. And then the lights go out.