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  1. Stay healthy and active!

    Please keep seeing us!! We clean, sanitize and wash more throughly than most people out there! Keeping hopes high for all my fellow ladies, we can get through this!
  2. Happy New Year!

    Thanks ladies! I really missed everyone! Excited to share new beginnings & beautiful fun!
  3. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! I’ve missed you all so much! Took a much needed break to establish steady work and enrollment into my dream career! Nutrition! How have you all been?! What’s new out there? Ladies! How have you been?! What’s new?! May 2020 be the best year YET! xo Dani Panti
  4. Drop the Attitudes

    Exactly! I do the same. I just had to say something. I wish people would understand I’m not digging TOB, I just miss the ease of BP. TOB has brought some amazing & incredible men into my life. I just get aggravated over the attitudes and not many other sites have forum posts! Much love to TOB & the Men & Women I’ve been blessed to meet! XO Dani
  5. Drop the Attitudes

    I accept all Hugs & Kisses & send them right back at you!! I pray it’s just a shitty learning curve for everyone. Sometimes it’s just a crap shoot and we gotta stay sane & keep our heads up! We are beyond Blessed to have ave this community and our ladies group as well. I think it’s saved a lot more lives than expected!
  6. Drop the Attitudes

    Noted. Thanks boo 💋 Happy to see you back!!! 🤟🏼🤟🏼🖤🤟🏼🤟🏼
  7. Drop the Attitudes

    My apologies I should clarify I DO appreciate TOB very much—I miss the old times when BP was around BECAUSE times were easier, less info was needed, a phone call wasn’t a massive waste of time. Everyone knew where to look... I’m blessed enough to not have dealt with many NCNS of either platform. BP or TOB. However.... attitudes have not been so few and far between. Thanks for making me out to be a jerk though, lol, my fault for not clarifying I miss the old days before the stupid law changes. i just want us to understand the pressures on BOTH SIDES and to ask for a little kindness. (Don’t let us hippies post 😂😂😂😂😂😂)
  8. Drop the Attitudes

    Yes! That’s really what needs to happen! Instead of being scared & easily annoyed—lets have so fun!
  9. Drop the Attitudes

    Obviously —but we also actually really love what we do. So to be able to make a buck or two is really awesome. I’m sure you are joking—but no need to make it only about the $. There is so mich more to us than that. Sorry you’ve had bad experiences.
  10. Drop the Attitudes

    Man. I miss BP. I miss answering a call & booking an appointment right there on the phone. I miss the politeness of respectful clients. I miss (and appreciate the few that still do) the guys who read a gals ad & text/call/email/DM/Tweet/WhatsApp a lady with the details requested by her ad/site/auto reply. The attitudes on both sides of the Hobby are appalling. It’s embarrassing. No one is perfect & I know I’ve been rude a few times, but it’s time to call out the attitudes. We are scared. We are under pressure. We are struggling. We don’t want to go to jail & we don’t want to lose everything. We are guarded & laying everything out for you to respect us with sharing information needed from you gents. Can we just all try to be respectful? The hobby world is already in enough flux, the last thing we need is our attitudes getting in the way of pleasure. Ladies, stop the BS jealousy of not answering a ref req. Safety is important for all parties. Gents, stop being explicit, stop being rude, stop haggling & stop sending inappropriate imagery. * We want to work, safely. We want to please you, safely We want to kiss, hold and caress you, safely. * Let’s all get better about reading ads & respecting each other. Especially to these gents providing for us & even more so for the ladies willing & hoping to get the call. Idk if this will get to stay up or not... but please. Be NICE. XO Dani Panti
  11. Aloha!

    Welcome to TOB! How is it in Hawaii? I used to travel to the Big Island and get decent work. Would you be willing to PM me? I am in desperate need of a change of scenery!
  12. I didn't have to look at it upside down.... lol
  13. Has any of you divers/snorkel crowd ...

    I love love love snorkeling & diving! Treat researching your trips and dive shops a lot like you would researching a provider. I cannot stress enough to BRING YOUR OWN GEAR, even if all you bring is a mouth piece. I rented in Belize and came home to the worst strep infection of my life. Make sure you are comfortable swimming for long periods of time as the open ocean is a lot harder to swim in for long periods of time. I am a professional mermaid and SSI certified. Highly recommend getting certified at Denver Divers in Cherry Creek and taking full advantage of the Monday refresher courses. From a hippy I love the earth standpoint.... Please do not do a live aboard if it is not Sustainable. Please do NOT wear sunscreen, get a UV rash guard or a 3mm wetsuit. Stay HYDRATED and do NOT drink alcohol before diving or snorkeling. Do not touch the reef and keep an eye out for your crew! I hope you have so so much fun & I am so so jelly you get to go to the BEACHHHHHHH Have a Splash!
  14. What's better? Longer or shorter?

    I just need you for 5-10m the rest is up to you
  15. This is some sick advice

    I rarely get sick, but when I do get taken out by the crud I immediately order pho & steep Lemon Zinger tea with echinacea My Roommate gets sick a lot and what I have learned from that is... Processed food, Soda, Sugary drinks and poor hydration are the cause... I have a culinary degree & live in Boulder.. So between my supplement game, fancy water and love of cooking homemade fresh meals to fuel my 3x a week work outs... I can say it really helps to work more on preventative care than band aids once taken out by the ICK! ACV, Onion & Garlic are great if you aren't going to be around anyone.. ever. I am unable to eat anything from the Allium family and save ACV for my detox baths.... So I am curious to hear if they worked for you!!!!