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  1. I’ve tried joking and teasing via text before a meeting and those didn’t end well for me. Got a few, “contact me when you are serious about meeting me” sorta things and then I don’t go through with the appointment because of their attitude before meeting me. It makes me not want to spend time with them anymore. And makes me wonder if I’m too sensitive for this hobby. Maybe I just suck at text foreplay. 😂
  2. Dilemma

    Agreed. You don’t need any more references under your name. The only thing this stands to do is hurt you and your reputation. You have nothing to gain and things to loose. Bad business deal.
  3. New girl

    Oh geez. I wasn’t planning on going to the springs anytime soon. But that might change now. 😃 welcome.
  4. Ultra-high-end

    If I win the powerball. I will pay for you to have that experience. My treat.
  5. Loss of reviews

    Yeah that’s true isn’t it. I guess those things haven’t happened to me (yet.) How about “the more you put in, the more you will get out” I’m sure there’s a double entendre somewhere in that. Ha. “
  6. Loss of reviews

    Haven’t been here too long. But my experience thus far is this hobby is a “you get what you pay for” thing. Does that sound offensive or insensitive? I apologize if it does. But if you want a Victoria secret model, it’s not going to be any less than 400 a hour.
  7. Tall, pale, and hair like fire

  8. 411 on SexyMonica2

    Something to learn. Trust ahappycamper. He’s a good guy. He taught me a lot of things. And knows his way around these parts. If he’s seen someone that’s an automatic legit in my book.
  9. “Hi” “Hi”

    Oh thank god. I do option 3. Glad to know it’s the best option. I might even add a bitmoji so they know what I sorta look like in a cartoon form.
  10. 411 on Nadya

    I’m also curious about her too. She’s p411 verified for over a year. To recap her bio, sounds like she’s low volume but who knows.
  11. Recent text message-

    My personal struggle is the line between being polite and wasting someone’s time. And being more, to the point and sounding rude. Should I say things like, how’s your day going? Nice weather we are having! I guess the term “wasting someone’s time” is ultimately not booking or ncns.
  12. In need of some suggestions

    Breakfast spot: Onefold
  13. Where Will You Discover Us?

    Not sure how I found tob a few months ago but I’m glad I did. I use it the most. p411 is more for facts and screening. Tob is more for community. I tried switter but it’s meh. Too hard to find exactly what I’m looking for. All the ads are from everywhere. Tob I can search ads just in Colorado.
  14. Amazon phallic symbol

    Not boobs.