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  1. Fear Of Screening..?

    Well I am a newbie. I’m doing it wrong!? Doh!
  2. Fear Of Screening..?

    Gotcha. I figured it was a general quick okay scenario. Also, I exclusively only wear my sponge bob boxers when visiting providers.
  3. Fear Of Screening..?

    Oh really? It was more of a curious user interface thing really. I guess I can just ask a provider next time I see one. Or if someone wants to pm me an answer. Or I can become a provider and find out myself but I don’t think I would get many clients. Too much facial hair.
  4. Fear Of Screening..?

    Since it’s kinda the same topic I have a question. I see clients reviewing providers and we can discuss provider experiences via pm. When I share my references to new providers, are old providers giving reviews of me too? “Nice guy, has a weird thing for hello kitty. No B.O.” or is it more like he’s not LE. Or he has references and that’s enough. Is it more a convo on the client or not so much. Just curious.
  5. Fear Of Screening..?

    As a newbie, am I considered a newbie still? I’ve met with two different providers and one of them twice? When does my newbie status end? Sorry I got distracted. As a new person to this hobby, screening scared the heck out of me. It felt vulnerable to give personal info out. Some people said they never did, some people say it’s the only way. P411 was what’s worked for me. I got a call at work, an employee picked up the phone. Wrote down a code. I asked if I had any calls today, they gave me the code. I emailed it to p411 and I was verified. They know my info and that’s all. Individual providers don’t. But you have to put your neck out a little. NO RISK, NO REWARD. Now that I’m in, it’s easy to see providers don’t give two shits who you are. As long as you are nice and don’t try to scam anyone. they make more money with happy clients then blackmail. Have you ever tried to blackmail someone? It’s a lot of work. 😂
  6. Pornstar

    Lauren Phillips was in town. She’s a pornstar who travels to Colorado apparently. Could’ve been a one time thing though. Found her on p411. I think guys like the idea better than the actually experience I imagine. So you pay for that novelty aspect for sure. But for like $600 an hour, I’d rather spend multiple hours with an atf of doubles session. But if you have that money burning a hole in your pocket, give it to me or do what makes you happy. Hopefully giving it to me makes you happy. Who am I to judge.
  7. Newbie Needs Assistance

    Join preferred411 club.
  8. Super new here.

    If any ladies want to learn how to knit I can show you. 300 roses/hr. I prefer continental style but for a small donation I can teach English. Must have at least 2 references of people you know who knit. Please read my entire post before contacting me. Any offensive talk about knit one purl one I will not respond to. I run early bird specials. I also see couples. See my ad. Xoxo 💋 Time is paid for companionship only. Anything that happens between two consenting knitters is between us.
  9. How much info is too much info?

    You know I haven’t thought about clients and what they can do to threaten the provider either. Everyone on this forum seems so nice to each other. Thanks for all the opinions. P411 seems to be the safest option for someone like me.
  10. How much info is too much info?

    New to the forums and I am a newbie. I have been on this site a few weeks now trying to learn the ins and outs of this community. Ive read a lot of ads and reviews to get an idea how things operate. I do have a question though that Im sure I will have a range of answers. But, how much information is too much information to give out about yourself? I see providers asking for references which is fine. But I also see providers asking for selfies and photos of drivers license. I've seen providers asking for a linkedin account information. I understand the need to be safe and know who you are dealing with. I guess I want the same assurances. But I also know the first leap of faith needs to come from me. That being said, Is it normal for a provider to know basics like your real name, where you work, where you live? I see people saying they use burner phones that they only use for the hobby to keep their identity a secret. I also see people not going that far. I guess YMMV? (also learning all the lingo) I hope to learn more and take the plunge someday soon.
  11. Introduction and Backpage question

    My FIRST POST! I didn't want to create a new topic but I thought I would piggy back this thread. If a provider has a few reviews, is it safe to assume that they are legitimate? Or can those be faked? I guess one person can make several accounts and post several reviews for one provider but that seems unlikely. Cant wait to learn more about the community.