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  1. Screening Question

    I’ve tried researching this topic before. I think it was a, someone did it first and then other people did it too. So people do it now only because they’ve seen other people do it. But there’s no real reason to hide it in a photo.
  2. Married guys and outcalls

    Find a provider that does incalls. A hotel is going to set you back maybe $150? Spend the extra money you were going to shell out for a hotel and spend it for extra time with the provider. Have hours of fun. Then go home and go to bed. If you hate hotels with that much passion find a provider that uses Airbnb’s. Cozy house feeling without the home attachment. I know a few providers that use them all the time.
  3. Dinner and some s...

    I’ve met with the same provider a few times and every time it’s been a dinner date. I enjoy the planning and the cooking and impressing her. I’ve done it a few times and the last time she even cooked me dinner. It was amazing. I thought it was very sweet she went grocery shopping and planned the meal and cooked for the two of us. I don’t think I can go back to 1 hour appointments with her anymore so I have to wait longer between visits but it’s worth it.
  4. new vetting process?

    I have been known to send bitmojis. It’s a cartoon avatar of yourself. It’s amazing. I’m pretty sure I send at least one a day via text. It’s setup as a keyboard so just as easy as a emoji but more personal. But I’ve sent some to providers I’ve seen before. I like to think it helps them remember who I am if it’s been a while.
  5. Would you be offended

    I always shower before a session. I always ask if there’s a shower available. Just a quick rinse and I always look for mouthwash. Maybe I should pack a small one with me always. Just encase I just ate dinner or have some coffee breath.
  6. hobby phones

    I use the burner app. Separate phone number for calling and texting. And separate contacts list. I just turn off my notifications for the app. And just check it regularly when I’m making appointments. Otherwise I don’t need to check it at all. Has a password protected lock on it. You pay a subscription but worth the convenience I think.
  7. 411 on Nicole of Lakewood

    He ded.
  8. Airbnb/ Private Resident?

    It was probably the most thought out meal I ever made. Haha. Something not too heavy. Cause you don’t want to feel bloated and gross. Not seafood cause not everyone likes seafood. Something fast but not premade. You still want to impress and still have time for other activities. Enough for just two cause no leftovers. But a little extra if someone wants seconds. Not too much prep cause you don’t want to have to worry about dishes. Find out allergies and dietary restrictions first. And a couple of premade desserts that you stash in the fridge and subsequently forgot to eat. Best meal ever.
  9. Airbnb/ Private Resident?

    My atf has used a Airbnb every time I see her. It’s a different one each time. Best benefit is the kitchen. The best meeting I’ve ever had was when I cooked us dinner. I Just brought groceries and the Airbnb had a kitchen full of pots and pans for me to use.
  10. I’ve tried joking and teasing via text before a meeting and those didn’t end well for me. Got a few, “contact me when you are serious about meeting me” sorta things and then I don’t go through with the appointment because of their attitude before meeting me. It makes me not want to spend time with them anymore. And makes me wonder if I’m too sensitive for this hobby. Maybe I just suck at text foreplay. 😂
  11. Dilemma

    Agreed. You don’t need any more references under your name. The only thing this stands to do is hurt you and your reputation. You have nothing to gain and things to loose. Bad business deal.
  12. New girl

    Oh geez. I wasn’t planning on going to the springs anytime soon. But that might change now. 😃 welcome.
  13. Ultra-high-end

    If I win the powerball. I will pay for you to have that experience. My treat.
  14. Loss of reviews

    Yeah that’s true isn’t it. I guess those things haven’t happened to me (yet.) How about “the more you put in, the more you will get out” I’m sure there’s a double entendre somewhere in that. Ha. “