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  1. Stay healthy and active!

    Well thank you very much and you are totally right it is considerably effecting us. I have already ran into a few hobbyist who told me they wont be able to meet with me until this crazy bug gets under control. your consideration is very much appreciated! Maybe you and I will cross paths someday. I enjoy meeting with men who think about the well being of others including people they dont know like yourself. There just unfortunately a huge shortage of men like you around....kind like the shortage of tp lol. hope that made you smile love! because you definitely made me smile
  2. How's everyone been??

    Hey guys, I took a little break, but coming back. Thought I would say hello and and see what's new around these parts?
  3. Profiles...

    I totally agree that would be so interesting to see what kind of attention the hobbiest would give us providers given that information. I am already so impressed by my encounters with most all of visits i couldnt imagine it getting even better and more special between us.