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    I am playful, erotic, sensual, fun and have a warm and genuine personality with a passion for life.
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    Running naked in the mountains
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    Living life to the fullest, laughing as much as possible and finding the beauty in all things.
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    I am your healer

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  1. BBW providers

    Stevie, you just want my whatadouble lovin’ and blinded by my glorious glazed buns😂
  2. Who would you bring back?

    Destiny...always wanted to meet her.
  3. BBW providers

    I ate a lot of whataburger last week...that work?😂
  4. Love

    😂😂😂 don’t ya wish😉
  5. Truth in Advertising

    Kali, I’m so proud of you and you look absolutely gorgeous!
  6. Love

    Love has so many meanings...come to think of it so does fuck you❤️❤️😂😂 This really is an inside joke😉 Any and every kind of love is beautiful and precious. Life should be filled with giving and receiving love daily.
  7. Are you ready for the fall and what do you like about the fall

    So much to love about fall. The colors, the cooler weather, PUMPKIN SPICED EVERYTHING, hot tea, sweaters, uggs and warm meals around the table with family and friends.
  8. HELP!!!

    What a beautiful baby!
  9. Anyone seen Chase

    This is probably why you haven’t heard back from her. If you’ve tried to reach her and she’s not responding that’s probably a hint. Not being a bitch, just giving it to you straight.
  10. Truth in Advertising

    This is the time I throw on my princess save a John cape and come running to Stevie’s defense. Love you man😘
  11. Vegas trip whats the best board for Vegas provider listings

    Contact Sheila I bet she help get you in the right direction.
  12. Married guys and outcalls

    Incall for the balls😂😂😂 thank you Dani for the laugh.
  13. Are in this hobby for a good romp or a fantasy humper?

    All depends on my mood. There are times when it just feels right to have your clothes torn off and taken on the counter. There are other times the entire experience needs to be taken in with all your senses/being.
  14. Black mail & Being Outted

    How you handle things depends on how much you have to lose and what your connection is with this person. Think it over carefully and you will know what’s right for you. Best of luck to you in navigating this situation.
  15. Black mail & Being Outted

    I can talk. Call me