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    I am playful, erotic, sensual, fun and have a warm and genuine personality with a passion for life.
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    Running naked in the mountains
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    Living life to the fullest, laughing as much as possible and finding the beauty in all things.
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  1. Must be rough...

    No doubt it was because she wanted quality time getting to know him...just a shame it was an additional $400😂 Sorry that happened to you.
  2. If TOB shuts down right now...

    Chicks are superheroes! 💪
  3. If TOB shuts down right now...

    Solid advice. I’m thinking about hiring sign spinners😂😂
  4. If TOB shuts down right now...

    Mind blowing Whisperer a she? And does the Whisperer even whisper?
  5. If TOB shuts down right now...

    We will never know how the saga with MeganMarie4u’s kidney stones turns out, who 2Big will piss off on a daily and will Audrey ever release the non-aging skin cream she uses? These are big ones peeps. Dammit we need answers! I cannot live without Samantha’s wit and Melissa’s glittery adventures.
  6. If TOB shuts down right now...

    Will Bravo1 ever get a yes review? How will Kali send us reiki?
  7. If TOB shuts down right now...

    Will ilovewomen still love women? Where will we read Vassago’s insightful and profound posts? in all seriousness I have never met such a wonderful group of people. Thank you all for letting me be a part of your circle. (Now off to claim my street corner)
  8. #SESTA #FOSTA- Who's been following...

    I would say we could go back to yellow pages but the bastards also took that away from us! We definitely need to make our ads far more g rated.
  9. What would be the most pressing questions you hold that would never be answered.🤔 Some off the top of my head are will Boink ever catch the big fish? Who will be the voice of reason without Kaduk? What will Fish eat for dinner?😂 I kid. I kid. Trying to lighten the mood around here😂🤣
  10. #SESTA #FOSTA- Who's been following...

    Maybe we need an old fashioned brothel. Who wants to host the festivities?🎉
  11. #SESTA #FOSTA- Who's been following...

    Great surprise to see you came over to the dark side 😂 Have fun and enjoy the community. ~Laci aka femalehobbyist
  12. #SESTA #FOSTA- Who's been following...

    My advertising will consist of flyers, billboards and stalls in the mens restrooms 😂
  13. Your worst nightmare...

    No, I never said or implied Ron Jeremy died.
  14. Your worst nightmare...

    I wasn’t talking about Ron Jeremy. For fucks sake this thread isn’t that hard to keep up with.
  15. Your worst nightmare...

    Total ass you are for the response. He died btw so asshole let that sink in.