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    Please pm me if you would like to join the ladies only group.
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    I am playful, erotic, sensual, fun and have a warm and genuine personality with a passion for life.
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    Running naked in the mountains
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    Living life to the fullest, laughing as much as possible and finding the beauty in all things.
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    I am your healer

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  1. Happy Easter Everyone!

    I hope everyone had a special and beautiful Easter. Love all of you😘
  2. Stings, Always be on the Lookout !!!

    Just blows my mind why some have that island mentality and won’t help other ladies. By sharing information.
  3. Stings, Always be on the Lookout !!!

    Great time for us to all help each other out with references.🙄
  4. Sunday Secret Pleasures. What are yours?

    Just slowing down and taking every moment of life in with a smile.
  5. I think I skipped a heart beat…

    Did you get the full Chinese food treatment?
  6. I think I skipped a heart beat…

    Mmmm...bring Starbucks in the morning 😊
  7. I think I skipped a heart beat…

    Do tell us about that date. I’m in the bath and need a sexy and steamy story.
  8. Fallowing with Anonymity?

    I think that’s strange and come on TOB fam we need to show some visible love to Kali. She’s our heartbeat and grounding. ❤️
  9. Fallowing with Anonymity?

    I’m seeing 22 followers that you have. Do you see a different number?
  10. Happy Birthday Raine7379

    Happy Birthday beautiful lady! I hope today is filled with happiness and fun. Enjoy your special day. 🎉🎂🎊
  11. ISO 2 Hotties W/ Nice Bodies for a Friend and I

    Ladies be sure to screen both of the gentlemen.
  12. Stats: "hi"

    Laci not Lacy. Strive to have a better than so-so day.
  13. Stats: "hi"

    Have you had any successful Ms Creampuff lately?
  14. Stats: "hi"

    Mikey’s back...hi😂😂 Us hookers appreciate a bit more in the first message from someone we don’t know. “Hi Ms Fajita Meat, this is Mikey and I would like to schedule a date with you. My references are Ms CumsALot 720-200-2000 and here’s a link to her profile. Ms SquirtAMatic 303-300-3000 and here’s a link to her profile. Let me know if today at 3 will work for you.” You can always add hi to your hookers love that shit Mikey.
  15. Stats: "hi"

    I don’t enjoy those messages but I do find a way to bring fun to the stupidity. Gotta keep the happy flowing one way or another😂