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    I am playful, erotic, sensual, fun and have a warm and genuine personality with a passion for life.
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    Running naked in the mountains
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    Living life to the fullest, laughing as much as possible and finding the beauty in all things.
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    I am your healer

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  1. FS QV

    We shouldn’t bash others for having different views than our own. The different perspectives help broaden our own way of thinking. World would be pretty boring if it was all cookie cutter thinking.

    Congratulations beautiful lady! Time to celebrate 🎉 So proud of you for sticking it out. I know it has been a tough road and you made it!!!!
  3. Significant Others

    None of your damn business what is going on in our personal lives.
  4. FS QV

    Now I need to come to Stevie’s defense. He is a great man with a heart of gold. Period. If a guy likes quick visits so be it because there are those out there that will offer the services. Not my thing because my pussy isn’t a fast food drive thru. Aren't we all supposed to be nonjudgmental in this lifestyle? And for fucks sake can’t we all just be holly jolly and all of that?
  5. Holidaze

    TOB style😕
  6. To Good for backpages?

    I’ll bring the scotch and tamales. BP reaches the masses and high quality ladies advertise on there that usually are newbie friendly. There are also scams on BP like everywhere else. If you owned a business wouldn’t you want to advertise your services in every area possible for maximum exposure?
  7. Need help finding a good provider

    Have you looked in the ads or reviews? How can anyone give you advice without any specifics from you? Age/body type/etc... Help us help you.
  8. FS QV

  9. Where to request certain ideas/requests?

    Let your freak flag fly!
  10. Hey there y'all!

    I recognize the y’all and welcome to TOB. Hope you enjoy yourself and stay safe.
  11. role-play Looking for role play partner

    And if they wear a Rolex they go to the top of the list?😂😂 I kid. I kid. Good luck and have fun!
  12. role-play Looking for role play partner

    Like your style😉
  13. Review Bullying

    Perfect response!
  14. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    Tamales and Krispy Kreme are always appropriate.😂
  15. Where to request certain ideas/requests?

    Go for it but go big...we want the shock and awe factor.😂