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  1. Anyone remember Bisexual Britni from way back?

    She was always on my list, but never made it over there. She had a bisexual lover whom I saw a time or two. Forgot her name. Good provider, I hear.
  2. Cindy Moore

    I was a client of Cindy's about 12-15 years ago. I know she's retired, but I seem to recall that a few of you kept in touch with her. She was everyone's friend and sweetheart. I would like to get contact information, if possible, just to email her and see how she's doing. Those of you who have kept in contact may protect her privacy by giving her my contact info and letting her email me. Please let me know if you'd be willing to help bridge this long lost friendship.
  3. I am visiting Denver soon and would appreciate recommendations for slender provider. Also, would like feedback on the girls with Club69. I haven't seen reviews of them. TIA