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  1. Vaccines are sexy!

    Got the first shot few days ago. No side affects what so ever. Little bit of a sore arm just in the spot where I got the shot. Other than than. Going good.
  2. Faces - natural? Or makeup?

    I think I would have to agree with most of the group. Some where between B and C. I would also say what ever the lady is more comfortable with..
  3. Colombia vs. Dominican Republic

    As I mentioned I was there on work. They push us pretty hard in the field and really don’t give us any extra time when we travel. I was only there 2 day and work 16 hrs a day to get done before. Had to leave.
  4. Colombia vs. Dominican Republic

    Been to the DR. It was work and didn’t get a chance to have any fun. I was approached be a few ladies looking for work. Prices range a lot and so do the looks. They were all fairly attractive and some were down right WOW. Have fun and be safe where ever you go.
  5. Favorite position

    Wow. That is a tough one to answer. Or at least for me it is. They all have there plus side. Being on top you hav that little feeling of control and being able to give that little extra. RCG or doggy you get such awesome views, and the hands are free to roam. Then in CG you again have some awesome views with the hand free again. Also in CG the lady can have the control and go as she likes. Then when cuddling anything is good. Be safe all
  6. Happy birthday Raine

    Happy Birthday Raine. Hope you have a great day.....
  7. Restaurants and to go orders

    Small town country boy here . “Save a horse ride a cowboy”. Heheheee. Any place that has a good steak. Texas Roadhouse makes to go orders.
  8. Be safe

    Be safe out there everybody. Our company just had a partial shutdown because someone’s family tested positive for the coronavirus. We now get 2 weeks of working from home to start.
  9. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor

    A very Happy Birthday to a very beautiful lady.
  10. Snow

    I don’t mind it. Work shut down for a couple days. Wasn’t extremely cold. And sometimes shoveling the snow is relaxing. And a good workout too.
  11. Happy Bday Ryann

    Happy Birthday to beautiful lady. Hope you have a great day..
  12. Stock Show Time Again

    Grew up on a farm. Lived there for 35 yrs. Had a few horses over the years, but spent most of my time in tractors and various other machinery. Raised corn, soybeans and cattle. Had days where very little happened. Had days where we went for 48 hrs straight to get the crops out before the storms set in. All in all a good life. Everyday an adventure.
  13. Happy Birthday Calik8!!

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady. Hope you have a great day.
  14. Tell me about your sex life

    Happy Days
  15. Happy Birthday Megan Marie!

    A very Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady.