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  1. 411 om Misscorrinemarie?

    I have met a couple of providers at La Quinta and have never had a problem. They have always been clean, I have seen no evidence of them being "strict", it can be a good deal for the provider in they can get points towards a free night and there a lot of them around. They have remodeled most locations in my area. Good mid-range place to stay.
  2. Rose on BP
  3. denver? what areas to avoid?

    Thanks you brought up a couple of points I had not thought of. I know I am speaking to choir so I hope not to offend anyone who actually reads these forums. My protocol is to arrive 5 to 10 min. early since I hate being late. Text from the vehicle telling the provider I am early and not to stress and to let me know when they are ready. A couple of minutes before the scheduled time I go in and I may wash up in the lobby bathroom if it is discreet. I am serious, with TOB providers, I hear nothing so I text at the scheduled time and at least 50% of the time I a text back give me 5 min or 10 min or a few minutes and it is usually longer than what they state. So if it is a large lobby I find someplace discreet to "hide". If not I go outside. I do my best to avoid cleaning people if they are around but if the provider makes you wait after knocking on the door that becomes difficult.
  4. denver? what areas to avoid?

    I think most TOB clients know what not to do but since you have actually worked in a "strict" hotel could share anything that would help us clients not create a profile for us or the provider.
  5. denver? what areas to avoid?

    When you referred to "up North" were you referring to the North Denver suburbs Broomfield/Westminster/Northglenn or the smaller cities North of the Denver Metro area? Just wondering.
  6. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    Haven't hung out for a few years but the burgers and salads used to be great. Happy hour used to draw a good variety of people. Like any place in Boulder it gets wild on weekends especially if there is a home football game.
  7. VeroVeroCam01 411 Colo Spgs

    PM me. I have a little info. but have not seen her
  8. 411 on Avalon BP
  9. Roxylove??

  10. Roxylove??

    Thanks for the reply. I am not a P411 member so would have no way of knowing. I just she had not posted on TOB.
  11. Roxylove??

    Roxylove303 720-599-9370 Colorado Escort Anyone know what happened to Roxy? Retired? Great lady! Feel free to PM me.
  12. DWAI, DUI Prevention

    The reason why I posted this the information about BACtrack was to keep people from driving drunk, not encourage it. It can be offered for use by friends. If you have a friend that you think should not be driving it can be used by others. I will not comment anymore. I was just trying to be helpful!!
  13. DWAI, DUI Prevention

    Again I agree with you. It is calibrated the exact same as LE although, according to the website it has to be recalibrated every six months.
  14. DWAI, DUI Prevention

    I agree with you 100% but if someone is making the decision whether to drive or uber the device could be a useful tool.
  15. DWAI, DUI Prevention

    For any of us who have a couple of drinks and want to make sure we are safe and do not end up in jail. I had not heard of this product from BACtrack. It is a breathalyzer that plugs into your cellphone. It is CDOT approved and a 20% discount is offered through September - discount code CDOT. In any case, very inexpensive for what it could save in the long run. For more info search The Boulder Daily Camera, commonly called The Boulder Shamera, website - Drunken driving.