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  1. Serious question

    The difference in kids. I am sure my son had exceeded my lifetime numbers by the time he was eighteen not only with sex partners, drugs and etc. Now at 25 he is starting to get it together. Your son seems to be doing finding his way perfectly well on his own and I would let him continue. When wants to get laid he well!!!
  2. Ceeci

    Ceeci has updated her contact info in her profile.
  3. Ceeci

    All the contact info in her profile is old and does not function. Probably the only to contact her is reply to her Bp ad.
  4. 411 Stormy Meadows

    She now has a review on this site.
  5. Any info on Missey

    I was interested to. But:
  6. Ceeci

    Ceeci 720-298-6232 Colorado Escort Ceeci was around last summer. Great young woman. Does anyone know what happened to her? Feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  7. Need to Clarify "Party Friendly"

    You and I are in the same place, Melissa!
  8. Need to Clarify "Party Friendly"

    I read somewhere, I forgot where that party friendly means the provider is friendly to cocaine or crack. 420 friendly means 420 friendly. For me if an ad says party friendly it means stay away!
  9. stings tonight in northern colorado

    Whats up with the Fort Collins police department? Don't they have anything else to do? Underage help them and put their pimps in jail but leave the rest of us alone.
  10. 411 on Sweetmyapie

    She have a tob review.
  11. Fake Ad Alert

    Thanks for taking the time!!
  12. Has anyone seen Alley K?

    Is she a spinner type blonde? If yes I think she posts on BP once in awhile.
  13. When a newbie client is shady.....

    I understand, why would he use PM to get directions if you had been talking on the phone. It seems it would to ask you to text the directions or whatever. I ask for directions using text so I will not screw up remembering.
  14. Backpage escort section gone

    I have been burnt by bp providers like everyone else and had sworn it off. Saw an ad for a girl that, will write a review, posts for a month or two very irregularly. She attends a high level, academically know southern university and is an upperclassman. She did help but it is gone so she alternates semesters, escorting and going to school. Because of her major she goes to a different part of the country to escort. She would never finish trying to work at McDonalds or whatever.
  15. Info on KELLI

    I am interested too. She is in my part of town.