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    Working out, reading especially current events, biking, hiking and playing with my dog, camping in my VW Vanagon SYNCRO and of course women.
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  1. Orally speaking

    Long story but because of a crappy dentist I had to have 6 teeth pulled, they were broken. I can still eat food and other things, no problem! Anyhow, if it is a tooth that doesn't show just makeup him pull it and get it over with. I have had friends that have root canals and they fail in a couple of years. Every dentist on the board is going to not like me now but whatever. P.s. hope your video went well.
  2. anyone ?
  3. Anastasia Bliss?
  4. Scenic Drives & Historical Sites?

    Kind out of an out of the way place the Hand Hotel in Fairplay, CO is supposedly haunted. I have stayed there a lot and not had any "experiences" but I do not think I am the most "open" to that type of thing. I had a dog who would sleep like a log everyplace else but could never settle down there and paced all night. Also, had a friend who is a plumber who worked their once, had an "experience" and never wanted to work their again. Do not remember the story. Nice out of the way place. No TV, WIFI great fireplace and breakfast.
  5. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    If any ladies have any opinions on Westminster it might be helpful to anyone who is planning a visit.The reason I suggest Westminster, excluding the selfish reason, is I would think someone visiting from a different area of the country would enjoy the views, different topography and close proximity to the foothills. The North area seems less busy and more relaxing than the South area.I realize business is business and someone cannot stay somewhere and make a significant amount less than at another location. I think four new hotels are being build, of course not affordable, in Boulder and more in the area which should, hopefully drive down the price of accommodations in the area.
  6. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    You might want to consider spending some time in the North ares Boulder/Broomfield/Westminster. The Westminster Weston is a nice hotel. If you get a upper floor room facing kind of Southwest you have a great view of the Flatirons, foothills and Rockies. Close to the intersection of two major highways, I25 and I36. Less expensive options in the general area. Hope you have a great visit.
  7. Colorado Other A provider asked me to verify through this website. Anyone had any experience with it? Is it legit or is my info just going to get scraped? Thanks
  8. Info Jordyn Lovely

    Just saw her. Thumbs up. Will post a review.
  9. ᗩℓℓγ 843-446-9299 Denver!/denver/reviews/8434469299/21612883
  10. Is it that time?

    Honey Avoiding a big clean-up at fun time is what god made big beach towels for!
  11. Providers that complain

    Sorry you had that experience with the weirdo. I am one who likes to cuddle, talk and hear about others life experiences.
  12. 411 - Myra Gold?

    I sent her an email before she had entered pics to her profile. Asked if she minded old guys. Got a nice email back telling she liked old guys and asked my age. Emailed her back with my age, no bs, and did not receive a reply.
  13. Comfort and relaxation

    A smile, a hug and no phone ringing or any other phone activity.
  14. Melanie This might help.
  15. Provider privacy safey alert

    This is probably for new providers. The ladies who have been around for awhile are probably aware. When you register to vote all of the information becomes public record - Name, address, and phone #. If a anyone googles a phone number one of the first urls' listed contains all of the above mentioned information. Is what I am saying is use a different phone rather the one entered on the voter registration. You can get a good tracfone for $100 and the cards are not that much. Wish I would have thought of this when I would have registered. I would have left the phone # out or done the 9999999999 thing. Might cut down on all of the annoying phone calls you get around elections.