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    Working out, reading especially current events, biking, hiking and playing with my dog, camping in my VW Vanagon SYNCRO and of course women.
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  1. Your worst nightmare...

    Thanks, Laci. It has been my intention to sign up for a CPR class for years. Now it is going to be more than an intention. If you weren't so far from me I would attend yours.
  2. Travel advice, Isla Majeraes

    Unfortunately I don't either but google translator works great!
  3. Travel advice, Isla Majeraes

    Hey Thanks a lot!!
  4. Travel advice, Isla Majeraes

    Hey Anybody been to Isla Mujeres, an island off Cancun. I will be staying on the North. old town, part of the island. If anybody has been there and has any info on any of the following topics feel free to reply or PM me. Fishing, surf or small boat in the bay. Not into catching something bigger than I am, just something for dinner. I mean my total body weight. Restaurants, seafood or native And of course hobby, probably massage. Health, not an experienced traveler. Was in Costa Rica, Caribbean Coast, last winter and it was great. Drank the water, ate salads, fruit with no after effects. Thanks!
  5. I like getting my ass licked

    Reminds me of an old joke that probably everyone has heard: Do you know why people do not lick themselves like dogs do? They can't.
  6. Merry Christmas

    Late but cute
  7. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    Probably the second or third lady I met when I first started. Saw her a few times. She set the standard so high for me, a newbie right to start off with. Got married and left town. Hope Candice doing well, she deserves it.
  8. The direct approach?

    We exchanged texts this AM. Seemed ok. PM me for a little more info.
  9. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    This may be innocent thinking. But if it is someone you have spent time with previousyl, and enjoyed, maybe, in spite of a lower rate, and I agree that rate does not reflect your worth as a person, but the market rate, it could be enjoyable as a mixture of "work" and pleasure. In other words mix of work and vacation.
  10. Swedish Blonde

    For what it is worth which may not be much.
  11. Happy Veterans Day

    Thanks Babe!!
  12. Boulder Elite Escorts

    Had not seen the prior threads but thought it looked to good to be true. Thanks!
  13. Boulder Elite Escorts

    Boulder Elite Escorts 720-374-2922 Colorado Escort Has anyone used this agency? Scam? Legit? Feel free to pm me. Thanks!
  14. Has anyone seen either one?

    For whatever it is worth, which probably isn't much.!/denver/reviews/4243195062/24435196
  15. Getting Stood Up

    Gemma I would block the guy's #. It is a pain when people do not respect each others time from both sides. I was also stood up by a provider 4 days ago that I had seen twice and reviewed. In this case people have bad days, I guess, but I wasted an afternoon. I think it is a current problem in the society in the US. People have forgotten to respect and be truthful each other.