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Found 7 results

  1. Favorite position

    What is your favorite position???? lets have fun and not talk about the virus!
  2. Sexual Energy

    What is sexual energy? Sexual energy has nothing to do with intercourse, sex, or getting off. Sexual energy is used in absolutely every action that one makes. Brushing teeth, combing hair, talking, getting dressed, driving...all actions are because of sexual energy. When one makes any actions they are in the space of creating, creating movement, creating sound and creating actions. The concentration of this magical energy is found in the lower part of the belly and hips. One can connect with this energy by breathing deep into the lower belly and began to make a mind to body connection with it. Soon sensations can be felt, such as tingling, heat or coolness and will start to move up through the body to the limbs, chest, heart and head. The more the body relaxes and surrenders into the sensations that is being felt throughout the entire body, the more intense this connection to this energy becomes. Sexual energy is not only used as the bodies' fuel but it is also used in the healing of the body, repairing of the cells, releasing of toxins from the body, de-stressing but my favorite is the anti-aging properties of it. When one learns how to move this energy with focus and intention it becomes the source of intense full body sensations and pleasure. Jade
  3. Sex Addiction

    So as I sit in my car with my heart in my throat waiting for my ultimate date to text me their room number, I start to ponder the idea of sex addiction? Is it a real thing or just something we’ve made up as an excuse for our depraved sexual appetite? What are your thoughts out there as a hobbyist or as a provider? What are the factors for addiction and can we apply it to sex? Remember, that I’m not just counting sex, but masterbation and pornography use as part of the umbrella term of sex addiction. Let your thoughts roll. Maybe you can help self-diagnose me 🤪
  4. Group play or orgy

    Heading out to Denver area in a couple weeks and am looking to meet up with some great people while there. I see there are a bunch of a great looking swinger clubs around the state, but looking to get an orgy or group play going and not just chancing on chance meetings at a swinger club. Been to Denver before and it was fun, but not much took off during the few nights I bounced around. However, didn't know about this great board back then. be interested in a group experienced 38 year old straight male to join in? morone
  5. How much sex should I be having and at what age? Okay everyone, there ate a lot of variables. I suppose it doesn't matter, what age bracket you are in. I'm in the 46-50 that why I'm asking. I like sex 3-5 times a week. Because, I am in the lower /older bracket , I can reflect on my past and compare what is normal for me. For me a active safe sex life has been strong all the way through. II gotta say it 's been a lot in all the brackets. (Weekly/ Monthly) The question is what is normal? Some people do not even like to get naked let alone touch each other. When I met my younger wife of 9 years, we fucked all the time 6-8 times a day, rarely coming out of the bed room. she was 23 at the time, and very flexible.. This site is a good place to see what my fellow peeps have to say, and who enjoys the feeling from the tease "beginning", the middle - hump and pump to the final finally "O" ,and how much . Lets not exclude those of you who masturbate, a little or a lot, and not to be confused to touching that ends in ejaculation. Those of you who grew up during the Bill Clinton/ Monica Lewinski era. You know what I'm talking about. 13-18yo 19-25yo 26-35yo 36-45yo 46-50yo
  6. The recent "sex doll" thread got me thinking...If someone manufactured an essentially perfect woman, in the style of the Blade Runner replicant and/or the "Ex Machina" women, how much would you pay to own one? She is physically just like a woman, but you press a button and store her in a closet. She is a robot, like "Alecia" from that Twilight Zone episode where the prisoner is banished to an asteroid. $10K $100K $500K ? I think the money charged for such an item could realistically go WAY WAY higher. I can't help but wonder if lawmakers would ban such an item for reasons I can't quite imagine. You can't "traffic" a robot, and for the sake of argument, let's say it's impossible to get a disease from such a robot. So why regulate such an item? Feel free to opine on any of these topics.
  7. Whisperers Sex

    Notice many posts referring to the Whisperer as "he" "his" "him" - and am wondering if we are certain that "he" isn't in fact a "she?" Not that it matters - just a random thought that crossed my mind at 4 am LOL I will say that I agree to CH and appreciate how he or she has remained professional and refrained from responding to the numerous complaints/criticisms with the nasty "Deal with it or Leave" comments. Very cool.