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  1. Stanley Kubrick

    I think they make a pill for that.
  2. Aubree

    Phone number 702-465-3858 links to this https://escortfish.ch/tel/view/702-465-3858 with this image When searched shows here https://lazypal.com/escorts/listings/702-707-3338/ 702-707-3338 <--- different---> image set as a brunette.....
  3. I need in my life...

    Does that include dipping sauce... ?
  4. Lola Bella from Tryst

    Never hurts to revisit a 411; from observation I have found info may come to light in later weeks that was not jogged loose form a first time search. In this case not finding any info that doesn't lead back to the URL noted in the OP.....
  5. Best BBBJ in Denver

  6. Top 3 best gift ideas

  7. September in COS - TGTBT?

    Same image set different phone numbers from 2017 719-426-5063 April 11, 2017 https://escortindex.com/ad/coloradosprings/719-426-5063/1/195231/ff 719-426-5063 March 7, 2017 https://escortindex.com/ad/coloradosprings/719-426-5063/1/187474/ff 719-752-8875 April 15, 2017 https://escortindex.com/ad/coloradosprings/719-752-8875/1/196134/ff 719-297-3238 March 7, 2017 https://escortindex.com/ad/coloradosprings/719-297-3238/1/187454/ff
  8. Snow

  9. Dancing

    Note:: Forum queries pertaining to any individuals contracted with brick and mortar businesses---> Dancers, performers, CMT's, etc. Responses in the forum will be limited to general in topic discussions. I would caution everyone to be careful with any dissemination of RW information on individuals running their legitimate business as independent contractors. ___________________________________________________ Rule 4. Outing (Personal info) in part reads.... Information that draws unneeded attention to specific localities isn't allowed, as in brick and mortar buildings, cross street locations and/or areas lacking in population would be considered outing a specific and/or fixed location. Do not make reference or allude to having any Real World information on anyone in a forum post, There will be no information exchange pertaining to Outing---> good, bad or indifferent protecting all female, male and LGBTQ members. Again Outing is to produce information about a real individuals identity.

    Here ya go take your pick---> search
  11. super bowl prediction?

    23 - 23 at the end of regulation, OT Chiefs 29 - 49'ners 23......
  12. V day! What’s your plans?

    the greatest holiday of them all....
  13. Where’s them sexy ladies at

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Mic drop.
  14. DUI Enforcement

    Be careful out there I hear @BadBoy will have a check point set up for female offenders:: "Miss you will need to blow on this"