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    This is entirely not true........
  2. Austin TX

    No listings for Texas for the foreseeable future.......
  3. Lakewood CO

    Caution everyone, be careful with any dissemination of RW information on individuals running their legitimate business as independent contractors. Therapeutic Massage Pertaining to brick and mortar businesses and/or individual CMT's; Responses in the forum will be limited to the variety of modalities that encompass a therapeutic massage and must be general in topic. By definition; Therapeutic Massage would be performed by a independent licensed qualified Therapist. Legitimate Massage Only. Also you can link to knowledge based URL's that are general in topic, limited to the variety of modalities that encompass a therapeutic massage. Any information beyond this would need to be in the form of back channel.
  4. WHat is the Recipe?
  5. Lake Powell

    Did you make a pit stop at Dangling Rope.. ?
  6. What’s the best restaurant in DTC area?

    I just like saying ---> baba ganoush ........
  7. FishnDude

    Thread may continue with Condolences only. _____________________________________ Please no more updates and/or leaning towards any RW info, .......
  8. How to deal with threats! need support.

    Yes report: And include the correspondence of any threatening communications.
  9. How to deal with threats! need support.

    Per the rules ---> No information exchange pertaining to Outing---> good, bad or indifferent. 4. Outing (Personal info) Post contains ...a real Identity or other private information about any individuals real identity friend or foe, living and/or deceased whether on TOB or elsewhere. Including...Do not make reference or allude to having any Real World information on anyone in a post and/or PM, There will be no information exchange pertaining to Outing---> good, bad or indifferent protecting all female, male and LGBTQ members. Again Outing is to produce information about a real individuals identity 6. Personal Attack. The author has attacked another member’s intelligence, character, or appearance.... When using the messaging system be polite don't be overly assertive and/or use high-pressure tactics in your correspondence in other words please refrain from any blunt and/or discourteous communications. Don't post Private one on one correspondence to the public forum. Do Not in anyway shape or form threat to Out anyone....
  10. Lulu Star

    Lulu star, and LuluStarlight were banned from the get go.......
  11. All I Want

    Are you referring to mobile?
  12. Questions Individual -TOB 411

    Example:: proper --->individual 411 request the follow-up results Denver Ladies Agency || DenverLadies Yes:: Post per an individual. The resulting posts will dictate whether any action could or would be taken. For whatever purpose some individuals will try and circumvent any system. sometimes it is fairly obvious Always seems to be on a case by case basis. AnD as a Refresher:: please remember its OK to give a simple thumbs up or down when responding<--- please don't push it, please don;t go into detail. thanks for reaching out.....
  13. Payment page is not working

    thanks looking into it......
  14. Sprinkler Start Up

    have you tried the zone manually