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  1. 411 - Alanaa

    Word for the Day
  2. Admins

    ____________________________________________________ 2. This is an indication that an ISP is running slow and/or there was some system maintenance going on in the background that may make things slower. Even though this shows on your screen you should still be able to click below that & include your comment in the text editor. Then hit Send.
  3. I think I skipped a heart beat…

    Was his name Walter White ?
  4. Double Entendre

    Referenced here in Nicki Minaj lyrics from her 2014 “Anaconda,” features some clever wordplay: “He toss my salad like his name, Romaine.” ________________1:59 mark on video___________________
  5. It's a beautiful day

  6. "Good-Bye, Radar" a two-part fourth and fifth episodes of the show's eighth season and the 177th and 178th episodes of the series.
  7. So what you are saying is you start drinking early in the morning ,BuT make sure you leave some scrub-a-dub time for that nooner......
  8. Pro FootVolley Tour

    As long as I can see some balls in her face, I'm good...
  9. Kaitlyn 411

    Not to persuade you one way or the other, but they're two completely different image sets between the two profiles. Though close in appearance I can't say for certainty that they are the same person. Kaitlyn 719-625-0967 Kylie Marie:720-259-9432