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  1. Income Tax

    If you’re looking to try and do it yourself TaxSlayer .com is a great free site, is an approved entity with the .gov At this late juncture their cost would probably be the $39.00 version. it’s really intuitive as you can just put the tax codes in the search bar and it will give you options might allow you to request an extension….
  2. What are you Streaming Now?

    I’ve been watching on PBS….
  3. What are you Streaming Now?

    The BBC Always has some good stuff now have watched “Death in Paradise” first two seasons so far…. really good……
  4. You can do an introductory post in general if you like
  5. What are you Streaming Now?

    Finished up with :: “The Flight Attendant” two seasons, with Kaley Cuoco as the lead actress and has producer credits. Her thought provoking performance is uniquely interesting from start to finish……
  6. Have you ever dated?

    I had a friend named Leslie who date a girl name Leslie…
  7. fake reviews

    If you have a fake review on your profile, use the Contact Us link found at the bottom of every page and/or contact @TheWhisperer directly…..
  8. Sprinkler Start Up

    Make sure you put sunscreen on your bulbs so they don’t get sunburned……
  9. If you like: You would need to change your home State to New York while there, then your profile will show for that State. Then when returning to Colorado change it back. Basically one can have only one state as a preference
  10. RIP Carl Weathers

    I recently binge what the Shield:: Carl had a reoccurring role in that one. So that was the last I had viewed him in a project ….
  11. Tequila

    [ 1 Tequila ]•[ 2 Tequila ]•[ 3 Tequila-floor ]
  12. You may submit a review for a non member. From there the process can take some time for the lady to complete the integral elements pertaining to claiming the profile as her own.

    This is entirely not true........
  14. Austin TX

    No listings for Texas for the foreseeable future.......
  15. Lakewood CO

    Caution everyone, be careful with any dissemination of RW information on individuals running their legitimate business as independent contractors. Therapeutic Massage Pertaining to brick and mortar businesses and/or individual CMT's; Responses in the forum will be limited to the variety of modalities that encompass a therapeutic massage and must be general in topic. By definition; Therapeutic Massage would be performed by a independent licensed qualified Therapist. Legitimate Massage Only. Also you can link to knowledge based URL's that are general in topic, limited to the variety of modalities that encompass a therapeutic massage. Any information beyond this would need to be in the form of back channel.