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  1. Denied review...

  2. Thank You!!!

  3. Hi happy Friday

  4. Would you complain?

  5. Does DTC cover a massive portion of Denver?

    I get your point; it would be way better for one to drive from DTC to up north during rush hour...👓
  6. Does DTC cover a massive portion of Denver?

    Some times you have to cross that bridge when you get there; In this case it’s a Bridge Too Far.
  7. Post Your Funnies

  8. Post.a 411 help

    If you are looking to find someone; you can only include the handle of the user. No real world info can be included as that would be Outing an individual and absolutely not allowed.
  9. Were Is Everyone Posting?!

    Thanks I’ll remember your note for future reference.🤔
  10. Favorite Parts

  11. Favorite Parts

  12. Please use the PM function with this type of communication with  69magick as all members can see your Status posts.

    1. a_happycamper_12
    2. Kaduk


      Just wanted to make sure you know other can see the posts.

    3. a_happycamper_12
  13. Avatar

    One way of creating something more unique as an Avatar is to search the internet for any image you like, save it to your photo library or gallery on your computer. Something medium or small probably under 500 x 500. You might crop it to the general portion or area of the image you want to use. You should see a drop down menu select Upload Photo. Find the image from you album/photo gallery. When the image is selected for your avatar, you can jockey it a around a little to center the image as you feel fit.