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  1. One of my friends went through this as well. The guy actually did know her though and he wanted her pretty bad. What she did was set him up to think that he was coming to see her but another provider answered the door. She wanted to see if he was going to take the bait and surely he did. He told the other provider exactly who he was looking for and the provider lied to him and said that she stole that girl's pics because she doesn't want her identity out in the open. She also got him to admit all that he knew about the girl. He had went to school with her and ran across her pics on an ad. He became a regular with the fake provider and he never bothered my friend again because he fell for the stolen pic story.........
  2. Las Vegas

    Awwwww jeesh, I was looking to hear some good juicy details. Good luck on your trip to Vegas....
  3. Las Vegas

    LOL @ its the closest White Castle. Passed by the White Castles for good old Jack in the box. Furious did you check out the RAVE or the Orgy????? Dammit I missed them both...
  4. Las Vegas

    Vegas is one of my favorite places to visit. I was supposed to be there this weekend but wasn't able to pull the trigger. Checkout the biggest "ORGY" on record there this weekend LOL. Let me know if it was any good....
  5. Positions

    Prone my favorite without question................
  6. Bacon...Bacon...Bacon...

    Major Bacon Cat Bacon Wizard of Bacon Behind the green bacon Little House on the Bacon The Big Bacon Grey's Bacon About Last Bacon
  7. Being New Sucks

    Hang in there Plot, I am sure that made your skin boil and all. Trust me, it has happened to the majority of us before so I feel your pain. I am about to take you to the movie called "Top Gun". Remember when Maverick lost his buddy Goose, well he went up a few more times before he was able to get back to where he was.........So Maverick, get back in the saddle and engage buddy............
  8. End of the line for this hobby?

    Tide, I have one and a HO scale train set as well in my basement. Let me know if you want to see one, I can help you out with that little request.
  9. Reputation

    Boink this is not a review, I gave Kandi a reputation booster and she was just confirming that she received it.
  10. 411 Alexandra

    Hey buddy, why don't you just pm the guys that have already written her reviews.....
  11. Reputation

    Thanks a bunch Kandi......LOL, now I didn't get the message that I cannot give Kandi a reputation, so I am totally blown by this one.
  12. What’s the first thing you notice?

    Chrissy thanks for the good tips LOL but us Gents are well aware of the Professional Actress. We too are pretty good Professional Actors as well. I guess it amounts to the ladies welcoming a return/regular visit and the guy wanting to return as well. I just went goo goo eyed when I read about the wet poo tang...........Reminds me of all the wet ones.............Tips my hat to all the Wet Wet friends of mine....
  13. Reputation

    Kandi that was what I was thinking when I first posted this post. How I can be on that many people's ignored list LOL would baffle me, I hardly ever browsed or posted until just recently. I am laughing @ myself because there seems to be a lot going on in here and I missed it. Anyways, its no big deal, I will just have to ignore the message and look at it as a malfunction because it seems to still let me give the reputation regardless. I am going to give you one and see if it says the same thing, let me know if it goes through please.....
  14. Reputation

    Nope, its not that Hunter because its the first one for the day for me.
  15. It is quite quiet in here

    I simply love to visit Vegas. I would probably land myself in a hospital if I lived there. I never get the chance to visit the mountains because I come in at 9 am LOL and sleep until 6 pm. Its a revolving cycle with me. Oh jeez, I didn't even answer the question. My favorite things to do in Vegas that I can mention are: people watching/MGM/HardRock/T-Mobile Arena.....