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  1. Hello all new here

    Well hopefully you find a favorite this time before it gets too expensive again...................................LOL I have a feeling you are going to have at least 2 favorites this time around. Good luck and have fun.....
  2. Hello all new here

    Welcome back K2. How was the hobby a few years back for you? What was the reason you decided not to continue?
  3. Disappointment

    JAG if you don't know where you are going or have some knowledge of the general area, how can the session be confirmed buddy? Just to share with you, I recently went 3 times to the same location and each time I got there, she needed another 15 minutes LOL. Each time I would leave and go see another girl in the same area. Can you believe I got cursed out for being a time waster. I am not the guy that sits in a parking lot because of OVERBOOKING or because someone else is booking your appointments or managing your phone. To me that is so UNPROFESSIONAL.
  4. Disappointment

    JAG I am sorry for your disappointment, it does suck when that happens and believe me, some of us have been there before. I can see why the MODS didn't approve your request. Technically, there was no CONFIRMATION from what it looks like to me. Maybe she over slept, had some type of emergency or was too tipsy/high to remember. I do agree that a PROFESSIONAL should have given you an EXPLANATION but as you can see, PROFESSIONALISM is not always what you get in this BUSINESS. I am not trying to be funny but at least you didn't spend time/money going to the location and being GHOSTED or sitting in the parking lot. For me, I hate to write NEGATIVE REVIEWS, so if a lady gets one from me, 9 times out of 10 she is going to get one from someone else as well. Hopefully, she reads the forum and reaches out to you, if not, the best way to get over this slight disappointment is to IMMEDIATELY LOL go see a REGULAR or someone brand new..........
  5. I want to say hi to everyone in Denver

    Welcome to Colorado. Sit back and enjoy what it is this beautiful City has to offer...........
  6. Guest

    Wow...........I personally would have liked to have met him and shook his hand..................Thanks Ms Keeping it Chrissy for the update.......
  7. Guest

    Is this for real? I never met the guy but I sure did learn a thing or two as a TOBBIE from him and his reviews as well.
  8. Burt Reynolds

    Jeesh.......... R.I.P. Burt, I remember watching Smokey and the Bandit with my Dad and he could not stop laughing at the Sheriff Buford T. Justice because he use to get so mad at his "not so bright" son LOL for doing stupid/dumb things while trying to catch Burt/Smokey. Another great man gone to soon.............
  9. An Introduction

    Welcome to TOB. Sit back and enjoy the ride.....

    Jenna I am glad you are okay first and foremost.
  11. Howdy

    Welcome to Colorado.........................Enjoy your stay....
  12. Blonde Babe

    You are most welcome..................
  13. Blonde Babe

    Sako she is legit. I recommend you go see her.
  14. new vetting process?

    When a provider ask me to send pics, its a 90 percent chance I will not be visiting this provider. Does it raise flags, not really but it does tell me that this provider is most likely not my cup of tea.
  15. It's a Business

    You stated: Why doesn't this happen more? In my opinion, I think some women are taught that means that they are desperate or if a guy wants to see them, he will contact her. For me, thats one of the best ways for me to notice you is to get a pm LOL. When I am AVAILABLE, I am usually trying to see my FRIENDS because we have been talking/texting daily. Contact me WHENEVER LOL, 3 am or 7 pm, if I am AVAILABLE you will get a reply, if not, you will get a reply when I am not BUSY. Its my phone and The SAVIOR FAIRE is the only one in POSSESSION of it, no girlfriend/wife. So with that said, I LOVE being contacted by my friends. Its flattering and an honor for me. Why, because I GENUINELY am interested in much more than a SESSION if we CONNECT. OBVIOUSLY its something about me that they like for them to stay in touch. I don't see it as DESPERATE because these are some TOP NOTCH PROFESSIONAL WOMEN that I shoot the shit with and I know its virtually IMPOSSIBLE for them to stay in touch with every CLIENT in the same manor, its way too time consuming. Besides, every guy/girl has their ALL TIME FAVORITE FRIEND....................I will say this much, I love seeing my FRIENDS..........................