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  1. I think that was rude

    Mike it seems like you have went through the TOUGH part, now all you have to do is obtain a reference and resubmit another review. No offense, LOL as a TOBBIE (TOB Newbie) one of the girls I chose to see had self review drama and I went through hell to get my review approved. I credit TOB and myself with helping boosting her REPUTATION as an established PROVIDER. Now that I look back on the situation, I had to UNDERSTAND the TOB culture and how things work. I must say, it was well worth it too because your REPUTATION is worth more than GOLD.......... Don't give up buddy, get back in the seat and take care of business. I am pulling for ya..........
  2. TOB Gentleman's Special Listing

    I will let you in on a secret, I am very good at watching women play LOL because its a GUARANTEE for me to see them lose all of their clothes. Now you have us curious what other games you are fantastic @?
  3. Review question

    To my knowledge, its a separate review. I have reviewed certain providers more than once and I am pretty sure it shows each time I review them separately. LOL, I hope I answered your question right, I struggle to type my thoughts appropriately sometimes ...... Just having a little fun with ya.........
  4. TOB Gentleman's Special Listing

    Sexy F. I seem to be just like you, not able to play all the time. Looks @ Sexy F. and says, its your turn to make a move, think carefully, I don't want everything crashing to the floor.............Love me some Jenga
  5. TOB Gentleman's Special Listing

    Sultry = my kind of lady. I do believe you have SUMMED it up NICELY..................per Samantha Sheppard.......
  6. TOB Gentleman's Special Listing

    55 that is an EXCELLENT ANSWER LOL. I like that......
  7. TOB Gentleman's Special Listing

    BHDT I see your point as well. As far as being adults here, well I for one have been turned down twice and I am just fine with it. So I was able to handle it LOL and move to the next.................
  8. TOB Gentleman's Special Listing

    I see your point Bora LOL. I guess it would be a little awkward for some guys to not just be honest and up front about their preference.
  9. I was just thinking to myself, what if TOB designed or came up with a TOB Gentleman's Special Listing where men can post their availability specifically for these specified times and the ladies could cruise and shoot whomever they wanted to see a pm. Me, I think this would be a GRAND IDEA because it would put providers/gentlemen in touch with one another that didn't know that they both were available to see each other. Also, it would help those ladies that are just sitting there bored with a way to know that someone is available and waiting to hear from you. There are times when I see certain providers posting but I am not available, then when I become available, well you know the story, they are not available........ Mods/guys/girls please post your thoughts, this is just something that came to mind and I wanted to hear different thoughts/opinions.....
  10. Ummm, Mom in the other room....

    Well, this reminds me of a girl (not in the hobby) that I met at a night club many years ago. We had fun and she invited me to what I thought was her house. I had no idea someone was at home besides us, I honestly thought it was just me and her. We started at around 4 am, we played war games for a good 4 hours and she asked me if I wanted breakfast before leaving. I said sure, I secretly wanted to see if she could cook as well as she played war and lets just say she was just as good. Half way into my breakfast, she goes to her room and I hear her talking to someone. I am not going to lie LOL, I was looking for an object to do some heavy damage just in case I was being set up but it was her MOM LOL. She came in the kitchen and properly introduced herself. And I know what you guys are thinking so I am going to answer it for you, YES, YES, YES her Mom was very attractive from head to toe. Yes, I was thinking I would love to bend her over with my breakfast right now. Anyway, her Mom said to me HONESTLY, she wanted to meet whoever MICHELLE had in her room because she couldn't get any sleep. So that is part of my Mom in the next room story..........................
  11. Undressing

    Remembers a cute little smile and a tight spinner ass all naked...............................In the famous words of Arnold S., "I will be back".........
  12. Favorite snack

    Pretty eyes, long hair, dimples and a nice ass............................and is capable of multiple UNANNOUNCED ORGASMS.........................
  13. Never Gambling again. Lol!

    Awwwwwww, I am sorry that you went and left broke. I love Vegas and I have managed to visit, have fun and leave not BROKE. The one thing I haven't been able to MASTER yet is leaving Vegas without being WORE OUT LOL. Happy belated birthday to you...........
  14. "Normal" Fetishes

    55 LOL I am still INNOCENT buddy, I will take your word for it..........I am not trying to be TRAUMATIZED for the day/week......
  15. "Normal" Fetishes

    I walked in on this thread with CAUTION. As I browsed, I got to your post and after reading DON'T CLICK "Stay Innocent", I decided to do just that LOL.