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  1. Hi Peyten, I hope you are having a wonderful day.......
  2. Last Minute Cancellation

    Wow......................(my kind of woman). The fact that you are bothered about cancelling on the gentleman and are actually looking at how you can make things better SPEAKS VOLUMES in my opinion. Me personally I know these things happen and most of us guys just sweep it under the rug and reschedule. In my opinion, if you really want to hit home, reach out to the guy and ask him, what can I do to make this up to you, he may reply with something simple as a reschedule or more time. The fact that you are letting him choose what makes it better for him would also SPEAK VOLUMES.
  3. Feet

    I am guessing NAF = nasty as fuck
  4. Feet

    LDA welcome to the world that we live in. I think you just answered your own question. You stated you feel like your fetish is not as weird as some fetishes. Well LOL you think other fetishes are weird, so aren't you kind of looking down on them just like you say you are being looked down on as well? Anything that is not the MAJORITY is looked down on because its not the NORM. I don't look down on you my friend because I have a fetish for long hair, dimples, eyes, breast, virgins, long thick hair and most of all for BUTTS. My advice to you is don't worry about those that look down on you because of your fetish for feet. I think most who look down on you are thinking about feet that smell or what they refer to as MANS FEET LOL.
  5. What's better? Longer or shorter?

    The ideal time for me depends on if I am off of work that day and the in call location. If I am working that particular day, then it doesn't matter what I want LOL, TIME = MONEY ..........
  6. Happy Birthday CaliK8

    Happy birthday C8............................
  7. I had a good run

    I am not exactly sure what you had a good run at but I want to wish you good luck at WHATEVER it was you had a good run at. Take care BTK........
  8. Happy Birthday Samantha

    Happy birthday to you..................I hope you have a wonderful day....
  9. New Years

    Microwaved chocolate chips dipped in milk = YUMMMY. Tide Three Two thanks for the idea, I now have a taste for cookies....
  10. New Years

    What kind of cookies did you make? There is nothing better than doing time with FAMILY.............
  11. New Years

    Awwwww, good old Bourbon Street, people watching is the ultimate on that street. I am usually up top viewing from high above when I am there visiting.
  12. New Years

    ILW one of my friends was UBERING as well and he said he had a record night. I will say a prayer for the young performer's and his sick Mother.
  13. New Years

    Jus the most important thing is you did it your way.................
  14. YMMV

    K2 if my work schedule permitted more FLEXIBILITY, then I could join in and be PICKY as well.
  15. New Years

    What did you do or what happened to you at the STROKE OF MIDNIGHT last night? Did any FANTASIES/BUCKET LIST ideas happen.