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  1. Belle La Me 970-363-4695 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen her? tryst link:
  2. Miss Paige 725-543-3592 Colorado Companion Wondering if anyone has seen Miss Paige tryst link: I found a TER review link with boston reviews. the same email but different phone number: If any Colorado gents have had the pleasure, would appreciate some insight.
  3. Paige Colorado Companion Paige visiting Denver She has an add on (see link below) I was able to find a couple of semi-recent reviews on TER form her time in Boston. Anyone here with some info would ve appreciated. phone: 7255433592 email: tryst link:
  4. 411 - Sara Sweet (tryst)

    Thanks gr8owl. My thoughts exactly. Appreciate the eros find.
  5. Sara Sweet Colorado Companion Email: phone # +1 619-356-8076 Add: Can’t find any info. If anyone has any info it’d be much appreciated.
  6. Janette

    Report back if you decide to TOFTT
  7. Just signed up… the Miss Dreams !

    Wonder where she went? Anyone has any updated info?
  8. Info on Christina Westbrook

    Was able to schedule with her through P411. Same amazing girl. That’s all I’ll say since she requests no reviews.
  9. Info on Christina Westbrook

    Reactivated P411. Seems it is the same girl. Messaged and waiting for response. Pics are old. Same as back in 2018. Will keep you all posted
  10. Info on Christina Westbrook

    I saw her years ago. Legit if it is the same petite blond. I don’t have P411 so I cannot verify. Does she list a website? Or is she in any other site?
  11. Yeah, may be better to start with Jennifer and see about the double after. A good double act is hard to come by. Hopefully there is a few more reviews soon. I am very risk averse unfortunately. Thank you gents.
  12. Bella Ray, Jennifer Grace 303-542-8539 Colorado Companion phone:1+3035428359 Bella Ray She advertises doubles with Jennifer Grace. Jennifer has 1 review here on TOB, very recent. Her site is below: Any of you distinguished gentlemen has some info on Bella and possibly additional info on Jennifer? Thank you, A
  13. Hayley Quinn, Kelsie Blaine, ...etc

    Hayley may still be available for established friends from before. She still monitors the email lusted on her profile, just not so often.
  14. (720) 961-2266 is her phone number. Wondering if anyone has see her. I see her posting for a while. Just no reviews