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  1. I guess this is more of a question for the Admins, but I posted a review, and the provider contacted me about a certain bit of information that they would like removed. Is that possible at all? Or can I at least remove it and post another review?
  2. Stacey Marie

    Stacey Marie 720-744-0996 Colorado Escort https://theotherboard.com/users/116959 Has anyone ever seen Stacey Marie before? Her pics look great, and I've seen her recent ads off and on here for a long time, but she doesn't have any reviews, and no reviews on TER either.
  3. Privilege Escort Agency?

    Was she the girl in the pics? We're getting a lot of conflicting info in here
  4. Privilege Escort Agency?

    privilegeescort 708-400-9990 Colorado Escort Has anyone used this agency yet? The models look amazing, Russian Dolls quality, but I'm wondering if their services are as good. They've recently started posting on TOB and the girls don't have reviews, so I assume they're new. https://theotherboard.com/users/118479 https://theotherboard.com/users/118562 https://privilegescort.com/
  5. Megan 411

    Haha busted
  6. TOB needs a daily paid advertising section

    Maybe a calendar for each provider would help? So then we could click on a provider and see what days they have available soon, and the providers can block off certain dates and times when they get booked.
  7. As I'm scrolling through ads, there's frequently providers who post multiple times per day. There are a few that just aren't my type, or are out of my price range, etc. I'm wondering if there's a way to hide ads from these users so they don't fill up my ad feed.
  8. What does GFE mean to you?

    When someone can kiss you and touch you with passion and familiarity, that's a GFE to me. DFK is the most important aspect to me. None of that "get in, get off, get out" coldness
  9. Hanna

    Looks like she has a couple reviews now, thanks to the guys who TOFTT with a girl with no reviews.
  10. Hanna

    petitehanna 303-416-5750 Colorado Escort Anybody seen her yet? She doesn't have any reviews and her pics look great, but looks like she just started and doesn't have any reviews on the site at all. https://theotherboard.com/users/116842
  11. Questions from a newbie

    I'd say go to a couple FBSM providers first, they're usually more open to newbies
  12. Asking a provider to be a reference

    I assume you mean ask my previous provider if they'd give me a reference before I give them out as a reference with a new provider, is that right?
  13. I'm a newbie, just getting into hobbying. Luckily I found a provider nice enough to meet me next week even though I don't have references. But I would like to have references going forward, and I don't really know the protocol for asking. I don't want to offend by just being like "Thanks for the great time, and by the way, can I use you as a reference?". Or would sending an email/text a few days later and asking be better? Or do I not need to ask at all, and just shoot them a message when I find a different provider who wants a reference, saying that another provider may be in contact with them for a reference check?
  14. 411 on Lilithcelest

    Lilithcelest 720-551-8009 Colorado Escort Anyone have any info on her? She has a profile on here and a couple ads, but that's it. Her pictures look incredible, and a reverse image search didn't turn up anything suspicious, but I'm hesitant to meet up with someone with no reviews. https://theotherboard.com/users/116050
  15. I'm just getting started here, and found some providers I'd like to visit. Unfortunately it seems that most of them require multiple references from other providers. Which I obviously don't have since I'm just getting started... I'm also hesitant to join P411. After the Ashley Madison hack, I don't want to give out my actual info to any site like that, I don't trust that anything like that is secure. Is the only way to start to first visit providers who don't require references?