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  1. Mr.Manson

    Good riddance to an evil soul. He should’ve gotten popped in Texas and justice would’ve been swift. Wasting money on evil just does not make sense to me.
  2. Am I wrong??

    I handle this by just saying I don’t feel we will be a good match and leave it at that. If you tell them they have reports on blacklisting sites they can change their info and places other ladies at further risk. My guess in these situations they already know why you will not schedule and enjoy wasting your time. Don’t play the game with them and they will move on. Hope you have a great rest of the day.
  3. Sound Familiar...

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ some weeks I can relate
  4. I agreed to pick her up

    I ate tamales on Thursday
  5. Giving It Away For Free!!!!!

    Carry your own weight and be responsible. Period.
  6. I agreed to pick her up

    I feel it was the providers responsibility to make travel arrangements to you. Very unprofessional all the way around and seems to me you dodged a bullet. Badboy is always the perfect gentleman.😘
  7. Ghost Woodies in the Sky

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love it!! Life needs more humor.
  8. Providers/Hobbyists

    I’m thankful for all the great friendships I have made.
  9. New client trying to join community

    What great advice. Have fun and the best of luck on all your naughty escapades.πŸ˜‰
  10. Leaving Texas In The Wind

    Welcome to Colorado!
  11. Most desired toys?

    Nuru gel, sex swing, sex doll (Recommend the one with 3 holes), rope, paddles, whip, throat fucker (like a pocket p*@@y), violet wand, collars and leashes, penis pump, p*@@y pump, inflatable/vibrating anal be continued
  12. Its like Yoga....

  13. Proper Etiquette

  14. Proper Etiquette

    Great advice and how considerate of you to ask. Best of luck to you and have fun!
  15. Hello

    Welcome toTOB! I hope you have fun and prosper.
  16. Another One Bites The Dust...Maybe?

    Was there a reason for the site being down?
  17. Condoms - Yes or No?

    No need to hooker shame in neon yellow just because you only offer CBJ...just saying.
  18. To incall or not to incall...that is MY question.

    I would suggest contacting outcall only providers and see how business is for them. Might give you an idea of what to expect. Good luck and have a ton of fun!
  19. New to site and area need of a little advice

    Welcome and have a great time in Colorado! Our men here are wonderful. Many recent threads on best locations to stay and those to avoid. If you still have questions feel free to contact any of us ladies and we will help.
  20. Picture/Video During

    My advice is to just ask. Let the lead the situation in what way she is most comfortable. Good luck and have fun!
  21. Stop Chasing Another Version of Yourself

    Always best to find happiness in the NOW and make choices that will benefit the future. Love and accept yourself with flaws and all!
  22. Hello

    Welcome and have fun! Great men in Colorado.
  23. I would never incall out of my residence for many reasons. The biggest reason for me is that work/personal boundary.
  24. Thank you

    I will buy likes for a buck eachπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  25. STING by DIA!

    I love to stay at the Broadmoor on a personal level. I just cannot see it financially making sense to spend $400 plus for a room. I would have to be one busy lady or walk away losing πŸ’°