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  1. Happy Friday

    This is turning into a great weekend. Everyone have fun and be blessed ❤️
  2. Time?

    This thread was all wrong by making it about one lady and everyone jumping into the mix.
  3. Christmas specials

    😂😂😂 miss you sweet man
  4. Time?

    I am so blessed to have you in my life and as a friend. I love you so much and thank you for that wisdom.
  5. Have you ever????

    Both of you guys are awesome and huge hugs 🤗😘 I’m so emotional that my time is month is probably sneaking up on me🙄
  6. Have you ever????

    I love a happy ending and thank you gentlemen! ❤️❤️
  7. Have you ever????

    BadBoy, will you please make amends to happy feet? He’s willing and reaching his hand out...
  8. What going on

    Welcome to TOB and Colorado. Please stay warm and safe. If you need anything please reach out. Prosper and have a ton of fun!
  9. Time?

    You know I love you so damn much❤️ I was just wanting all of us to think about what our worst appointment might say about us in the open...could be humiliating to all of us. I know your heart and it really is pure and honest...this thread just took a nasty turn
  10. Have you ever????

    Happy feet, I’ve actually grown to like you and I’m asking you from the tip of my clit...please don’t go after BadBoy. He really is a damn good man. Please 🙏
  11. Time?

    I see where you are with this thread and my question is with everyone that has posted to piggyback on this poor lady.... What would your worst appointment say about each of you in a PUBLIC thread? I only want to hear from all the perfect providers/hobbyists. It would hurt and make you feel like shit. Right? Now consider if someone has children to support and buy do your words feel now? Merry Christmas everyone and please just stop and think.
  12. Time?

    Kandi, I just love you to pieces.😘 This thread just felt sad to me and those of you that want and need to justify it that’s fine. Just sad to me.
  13. Time?

    I just want each of you that’s continui this thread to ask yourself how it would feel if it was directed at you. Just a little respect.
  14. Taking a break...for now.

    Take care of yourself sweet man and all the best to you😘
  15. If you have nothing nice to say

    Oh, sweet baby Jesus and bless your heart.
  16. Play a game

    #SeduceSomeoneIn4Words I have baby carrots #BadThingsToHideInYourPants Habanero peppers
  17. Time?

    How do you make any type of connection in such a short time? It would feel completely mechanical to me if it was so rushed.
  18. Time?

    This is some prime drama right here😳 Happy everything is okay with you. Wish I made enough to have a driver😕 This thread is drawing negative attention to someone and just consider if it was would hurt like hell.
  19. Christmas specials

    I just can’t imagine why you haven’t found a regular yet🤔
  20. What are you wishing for?

    My daughter for one more day.
  21. More zero reviews aging up

    I’ve been doing this for 21 years and have only blacklisted 4 men. I love the encounters I share and maybe that makes all the difference? I think the gentlemen are speaking in general rather than specifically calling you or any other lady out.
  22. Dining with your friend

    I will not be a bitch. I will not be a bitch. I will not be a bitch. I will not be a bitch. Whew...that was close.

    I would take 2Big for an all expense paid trip to a titty bar and then an amp.
  24. Ladies... write a book

    I like to be transparent and have a now serving sign outside the bedroom door.

    I’m not taking this as seriously as I should so I apologize and am now ready. Who do I buy for and can we nominate others to play secret santa as well? Humbly yours, Mrs Secret Santa 🎅