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  1. What Fantasies Have you acted out recently

    Aww look at you, how sweet; providing a nice soft place for him to lay his head!! 😘
  2. If has any good information on the DC, southern Maryland area I'd surely appreciate it. I'm heading there for work next week and will have some free time to make a new friend or two. Thanks in advance. FunL0ver
  3. Wise words for the average guy!

    Glad to hear that Audrey! My momma always said "Attitude is everything, choose a good one and have fun!" 😉
  4. What Fantasies Have you acted out recently

    Well said Laci, well said. @Sheila-4683 Wonder Woman was a serious crush!! Linda Carter is still gorgeous!! 😘
  5. Eros would be your best bet. There is always the old google search of Minnesota escorts. You'll get several results, but they can be spotty at best.
  6. Well said BadBoy. There are many moving parts behind the scenes that allow for us to entertain ourselves. While I do not get to partake very often being in the Midwest; I enjoy following from afar so when I travel to Denver, I am ready to roll. TOB is a premier site!
  7. Reading between the lines

    Well said Hunter! Everyone needs to do their due diligence, and also be proactive on both sides of the hobby. One must always be looking for positive solutions as we continually improve.
  8. I’ve gotta say I don’t GET IT, AT ALL.

    I agree, some people are just A-holes who think they're better than the rest of us humans. A simple phone call or text is not too much to ask. A little common courtesy can go a long way. I believe in karma. Sometimes she is sweet like most of you ladies here on TOB, and sometimes she is a bitch! They will get theirs..... someday.