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  1. Ladies BEWARE...

    I do not believe this notion to be true - I have had a condom come off during playtime without either person playing noticing the slippage until playtime was finished.
  2. Aubergine Sign

    I am thinking it was related to some sort of congenital defect. I have always experienced an occasional popping (akin to cracking one's knuckles)... Think this was just a freak incident of sorts.... but, basically I "rolled" over in bed on my erection and it snapped and went limp - then swelled to resemble an eggplant
  3. Aubergine Sign

    Well, after assessing my situation while on foreign travel - I declined to be 'degloved' while in SE ASIA, instead seeking medical clearance for a flight home for further assessment and treatment. Just got back from the urologist - good prognosis. I figured no tear of the urethra, because of clear urine passing. Erection already achieved several times with no sign of additional soft tissue leakage. These are all evidently very good signs. Sidelined for one month, to be conservative. Interestingly, very little pain beyond the discomfort associated with swelling (which has subsided significantly)
  4. Just read me

    The was a house in New Orleans..... I was 16 when I first got a taste of the hobby... I was hanging out in a hotel bar waiting on some friends when a beautiful young lady (a few years my senior) asked if I was interested in 'a date' I had been hanging out in strip clubs and picking up young ladies on occasion there, but this YL from the hotel bar was phenomenal company.
  5. Aubergine Sign

    AKA "fractured penis" If you're wondering...
  6. Aubergine Sign

    Any one with experience with this condition care to comment. ..
  7. jenny 303-225-9646 Colorado Escort I've seen this YL's ad off and on for a few years now... always been unable to get scheduling satisfactory for the both of us... Although, IIRC the exchanges showed much promise... Thoughts gentlemen?
  8. Hotels in Denver

    Agreed, a bit flustering.... I've had this happen a few times, but never cancelled due to the LEO pproximity... although I have called, and given a heads up to the scenario unfolding and never had any issues arise...
  9. Sexy Marine looking to play

    She's legit, room was clean when I visited... Kinda odd though, her friends in the adjoining room of the suite... :thumbs up:

    No worries, turns out I understood more than I initially thought... Be well...

    I'm not following you Scarlett... do not understand the connection

  13. Careful with your info, gentlemen

    Thanks, I was leaning that way... She had utility bills and other miscellaneous documentation around, is how I figured it out...
  14. Careful with your info, gentlemen

    So, I get the need for discretion... What would you do, if you contacted a YL who in responding, gave a real name/email? She is a newbie I think... Would you give her a pleasant message letting her know that maybe this sort of openness isn't a great idea? And give a few links that talks the exposure? Thoughts?
  15. Hello Everyone

    The cities near Littleton/Englewood are redeveloping the South Platte for tubing/kayaking/swimming also.... I think mostly south of Evans... but the enhancements may go north of there also