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  1. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    Well said and very true. It's all about providing a relaxing atmosphere the moment they step through the door.
  2. Zodiac Signs

    Proud Leo and it fits 100 percent!
  3. Mexican food

    Yum, share some please!
  4. Mexican food

    Visited Mexico many times so yes, going south is the answer! Also Manitou Springs has a good Mexican Restaurant.
  5. Mexican food

    Good to know granted living in a neighborhood with Mexicans spoils one who gets authentic recipes from them.
  6. Mexican food

    Colorado is lacking in truly good Mexican restaurants.
  7. I saw a bear!!!

    Seven bears, 40 elk at one time on a trail run in Evergreen, a family of deer with babies playing and a moose while hiking 14ers, and baby mountain lion. Colorado is full of wildlife and it's wonderful getting to see nature in its element. We just have to respect them and be smart.
  8. SESTA/FOSTA Backfires on LE

    Another irresponsible law that was designed to make a small part of the population happy and bring zero results.
  9. New Game

    If Chemistry is hot, explosions might happen
  10. What is your dream vacation?

    Bordeaux first and than up to Paris and then to Florence. Europe has so much history,good food and amazing wines.
  11. Which path are you on

    On a mountain trail running towards adventure!
  12. Period Sex Blanket

    LOL, fun seeing companies get creative like this...
  13. NE Denver FBSM Recommendations

    Search and PM the ladies who grab your interest.
  14. Happy 4th Holiday Everyone

    Happy 4th of July and Cheers!
  15. Disrespect

    Live, laugh, love and don't take a second for granted. Those who can't let go lose out on life.