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    Trail runner training for two Ultras. Love to cook, hike, play with my puppy, explore and I'm always up for adventure. I don't smoke, am a foodie and wine nerd.

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  1. Wanksy? a little old but funny

    Couldn't agree more. It would take an army to do it in Denver.
  2. What’s the first thing you notice?

    Eyes, they tell a lot followed by a smile and hug.
  3. Truck stops - maybe not Anyone hear of this one?

    Will be interesting to see if it works or helps. Laws don't answer everything.
  4. Fox News

    Good point. Perhaps she's angry she wasn't invited.
  5. Fox News

    Sounds like a fun time and hopefully the neighbors don't kill the party.
  6. Vacation days (or daze)

    Nothing beats a nice vacation to refresh and appreciate being back home afterwards.
  7. Red light district

    Colfax is trying to clean up and still a ways away. Love this idea and why not bring the Red Light district back to Market street like the old days? Or revive a Ghost town...
  8. Onebackpage.com

    Praying it sticks around too. Scary times out there right now.
  9. Just damn

    Yikes and I hope she is ok. It is scary times and all the more reason to screen and be extra careful.
  10. ScreeningMate.com an alternative to P411??

    Interesting business model and wonder how long this site has been around? Terms and conditions mention a "Booking Buddy website."
  11. Another new guy

    Screening is very important for safety for both men and us ladies and it can be a good conversation starter. No one can ever be too safe.
  12. Best Local Denver restaurants

    Surprised no one said The Cherry Cricket....
  13. Newbie to TOB

    Good Morning!
  14. Newbie to TOB

    Hello and Happy Friday!
  15. On the lighter side of things ....lol

    Haha, awesome posts for Friday laughter.