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  1. Truth in Advertising

    Bummer and sorry that happened! Integrity is critical in this business. Hopefully this is the only time that happens to you!
  2. A tough one for me

    It's always good to follow your gut and an apology fee would be a nice way to make it up to the lady.
  3. Is common courtesy like common sense now?

    Ditto, those are so annoying and time waste.
  4. Big Game watching

    Fun place and hope its a great time no matter who you are cheering for.
  5. Self Care

    Getting outside always helps with music and headphones, or going to the mountains, getting on the trails, running and sweating it out. It really depends on what helps you push out the sadness and helps you get back into a positive mindset.
  6. Ladies why be so flaky?

    Her loss and couldn't agree more about getting an explanation for disappearing or flakiness. Keep your head up!
  7. Non-traditional providers...

    Dm ladies and visit their websites. That should help you quickly find what you need. Enjoy!
  8. Kissing, giving oral

    Amen and well said!
  9. Ladies why be so flaky?

    Exactly and it goes both way. There are flaky men who love to confirm and then disappear even after they say they arrive. Good ladies and Good men won't ever do anything close to that.
  10. K Time to Lighten It Up Again...

    Couldn't agree more and laughter cures everything! Cheers!
  11. Spoofing.

    Yes sad this is happening and I got rid of my phone as a result.
  12. Asking about the Menu

    Spiders crawl the web daily looking for specific words to stop the sex industry. Establishing trust and having a verbal conversation should get the answers to any questions about menu items. So just because a lady is vague on her website doesn't mean her verbal menu isn't full of fun. Don't be afraid to ask but don't be surprised if screening processes have to be done first. We all have to keep each other safe.
  13. Time?

    Simply put, a booked session for a set time should happen. So if someone books an hour, 60 full minutes should be given with a few minutes over in case its a really fun time.
  14. Christmas specials

  15. If you have nothing nice to say

    Well said and nice post! Life is too short to waste on mean words.