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  1. Eden from Tryst

    Any more info on this lady? Stino?
  2. Puffies???

    Thought I’d resurrect this post to see if anyone else might have suggestions? I’m still searching in earnest
  3. Puffies???

    I did receive one PM, and thanked that gentleman. There also was a reference to a listing (earlier in this thread) to a provider with the assets I am looking for. Definitely would love to get some more suggestions. There just doesn’t appear to be a lot of puffies out there. Still searching for that unicorn!!! Thanks everyone.
  4. Puffies???

    I did get one recommendation. Thanks for that. Would love some more though!!!
  5. Puffies???

    Colorado Companion Hello. I definitely have a thing for puffy nipples and I’m wondering if someone knows of any providers who possess such wonderful assets? Thank you!