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  1. A Little Off The Top

    https://denver.rubratings.com/174565 You could TOFTT with her. I haven’t been able to schedule yet but seems to fit the mold.
  2. Crazy Stories

    Years ago when I was living in my downtown condo I had a provider over for an overnight, someone I had known a while. When she left early in the morning she called me right away to tell me she had gotten her car stuck in our driveway exit trying to leave. It turns out she used the “in” ramp and was going the wrong way. It took me about 20 minutes to direct her out of there as some of my neighbors were getting their days started and passing by. Made for some awkward conversation explaining who she was but I was able to cover my tracks pretty well!
  3. 411 on Amanda Sorrento

    Saw her 8 or so years ago and thought I had a review on her here but was probably TER and gone. Very pretty and athletic at the time and would have given a huge thumbs up then.
  4. Info on Nina new ad on Eros

    She is on the Denver Ladies website http://denverladies.com/denverladies-models-detail/?id=10718
  5. 411 ON TiffanyKC

    I believe, still around. She travels a lot but well worth your time if you can make it happen. Book with confidence.
  6. Megan 411

    Yes from the texts.
  7. Megan 411

    720-755-6821 Colorado Body Rubs Has anyone taken the plunge with this pretty young lady yet? I don't find any reviews. Any extended menu or information would be most appreciated. We've texted a couple times but I can't get a good read yet. Feel free to PM, too. Thx. http://denver.backpage.com/TherapeuticMassage/soulful-touch-healing-by-a-goddess-lakewood-and-available/25128437
  8. 411 on Amber Black

    I talked with her a few months ago during her travels through town. She sounded extremely flaky and disinterested and I got the impression it was strictly therapeutic. I didn't book. But I'd be curious to hear any updates or new info from someone who takes the plunge.
  9. Hailey Bee

    Hailey Bee Colorado Escort https://theotherboard.com/ads/show/2103 is she familiar to anyone here? She claims to have reviews in the past under another name but is somewhat light on the specifics after that. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.