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Found 14 results

  1. Autumn (512)368-2815 Colorado Massage Wonder if anyone has info on her? She looks stunning.
  2. 411 on Katen

    Katen 720-399-6444 Colorado Companion Anyone find any info for this newly posted beauty?
  3. Heaven 720-523-5863 Colorado Companion Any information or experience with Heaven?
  4. Samantha 720-434-9452 Colorado Companion Anyone have any information or experience with Samantha on Eros. Seems to be new to the area.
  5. Sydney 669-249-5608 Colorado Companion Any information and/or experience with this young lady whom is new on Eros this last week. Thanks in advance
  6. 411 on Chanel

    Chanel 720-633-1929 Colorado Companion Hey there everyone. Hope all is good, i was scrolling through eros and stumbled across Chanel anyone seen her before? Thank you everyone in advance
  7. Leah 703-705-2243 Colorado Companion Just curious if anyone has seen her.
  8. Lexi 323-849-9006 Colorado Companion Anyone have any information or esperience with Lexi.
  9. Coco 720-285-7827 Colorado Companion any seen coco from eros? Listed as massage and escort. Also just generally, is Eros trustworthy in Denver? It seems odd how few of them have twitters, websites, reviews, etc for a site that claims to be so legit
  10. Brooke 970-919-0557 Colorado Companion Wondering if any of you guys have seen her and could provide any intel. I’ve seen her posts on Eros on a number of different occasions but haven’t tried to contact due to lack of information online. Post on Eros: Name is listed as Brooke at bottom, her email is When performing a google search for her phone number I do find a twitter page. Only red flag I see here is that the name listed is Jamie Allan and there aren’t any photos of her. Also, email listed on Twitter is Could be she changed names for some reason? Twitter: same phone number 970-919-0557 Any insights here are appreciated!
  11. Alina 332-203-2239 Colorado Companion I doubt anyone has information on this listing , but I figured I would post this just in case my suspicions are incorrect.
  12. Gabriel 720-372-2922 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen Gabriel from Eros? I Googled her phone number and there wasnt anything there. Any intel from the super-sleuths would be appreciated.
  13. A couple of questions about the other site, EROS.COM, which I have recently discovered: Big minus, of course, is no reviews, etc. However, there is such a thing as "Eros Verified" on some of the ladies' profiles. I note that some of our frequent TOB contributors are in fact, "Eros Verified." Could you let me know exactly what is verified? Is it simply that you are female and not LEO? Are the photos verified as being basically real? Are the ages, etc. verified? Inquiring mind wants to know. The reason I am interested, is that it has a button you can push to get "Available Now" profiles only, a feature which I have sorely missed since P411 discontinued that feature, and many ladies (even the TOB gals, gasp) have recently developed a habit of cancelling dates on semi-short notice. (Hint to mods, this would be a great feature to build into TOB.) Any input would be appreciated, PM if you prefer.
  14. Jessa 702-342-1743 Nevada Companion Has anyone seen Jessa from Eros-LasVegas?!