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  1. Looking for a good pegging

    Wow. Wonder how airport baggage workers react when they screen and see all your toys 😆
  2. 411 on Mya R

    Bumping thread… recently came across her on tryst and wanted to know if anyone has seen her recently? Is she still around? https://tryst.link/massage/mya290
  3. Visiting Nashville in October

    I was in Nashville several months ago. ECIE was ok finding gals. Try your luck hanging out at any of the many bars.
  4. Can't be real?

    It could probably be her. I remember seeing Amia Miley and other PS posts in there many years ago and was iffy about it too. Did reach out to Amia and she (or her bookie) responded back with info and details. Seems legit; but I did not go through because of the $ price. good luck and will be waiting to hear what you find.
  5. Monica Fantasy

    I came across it on some other site randomly, that led to rub rankings that lead to her site. LOL. Note to self: only trust this site 😉
  6. Monica Fantasy

    Thanks and good find! I forget I can do a reverse image search… I did however reach out and quickly turned away. She responded back and asked if I agreed to her rules, which I did, and then she asked for a 50% deposit. I had mentioned I did not have whichever app she wanted the deposit in but plan to do it in full up front. No response so I turned away.
  7. Monica Fantasy 470-920-5233 Colorado Massage Anyone have info on her? She looks like a bombshell. 470-920-5233 https://monicafantasy.com/
  8. 411 BanginBritt

    Not all her pics are her, some seem to be. Seen her a couple years ago before I joined this forum. She’s cool in person but idk if I would repeat.
  9. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Many years ago before I joined TOB, I felt the same/similar experience with matchless beauties. They are now gone and have yet to find them or any other agency type providers like them. Been following this thread and have reached out a few times and screened but have not had the schedules line up right to actually meet anyone yet. Just like MB, I do see how the pics are “representative” of the actual girl. Though pics may or may not be the girl, they are somewhat close. I had a good time with MB and hope to start seeing the GO girls soon as well.
  10. Autumn (512)368-2815 Colorado Massage Wonder if anyone has info on her? She looks stunning. https://massage.eros.com/colorado/files/2847686.htm?cat=83
  11. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Are pics as real as they seem?
  12. Chloe on tryst

    I did the same. Text and email, no response so imma stay away lol. thx
  13. Chloe 626-346-8534 Colorado Companion Any info on this young lady? Thanks. https://tryst.link/escort/lilchloek https://www.instagram.com/lilchloekae/
  14. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    How accurate are pictures? Faces are blurred (understandable). I may want to reach out to them but don’t want to get there and it’s not the girl in the pics.