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  1. Thanks for all of the insight. This lady seems to be up to shenanigans. I will pass.
  2. Everest 210-948-5337 Colorado Companion Anyone seen this lady? I couldnt find anything on a web search but figured you super sleuths may know something. Everest from Tryst 210-948-5337
  3. 411 on AshleyNicole

    Here is her link: or a Tryst link under the name London:
  4. 411 on AshleyNicole

    Gr8owl, i think it may be a different lady. Spelling for the one i am referencing is AshleyNichole (sorry i missed this on my original post) and phone is (954) 303-2480. She has a live posting today.
  5. AshleyNicole 954-303-2480 Colorado Companion This Lovely lady has Been around our Board since 2017 and no reviews. She has a few other postings under the name London on other sites. Same pics. Just wondering if anyone has any intel.
  6. Thanks for all of the input. A good example of why this Board is awesome.
  7. Jesse Jane 719-361-1602 Colorado Companion Anyone have any info on the following lady who has posted on Tryst?
  8. Eva Mitchell 719-900-1324 Colorado Companion Does anyone have any info on Eva? Great pics for this local lady.
  9. Sweetest Girl Roxi

    Thank you all for your input. Given the provider is from another city, doesn't have any other presence/reviews and requires a deposit, i will take a pass until something changes.
  10. Roxi / CandyRoxi Colorado Companion Does anyone know anything about this lovely? I have emailed with her and she has mentioned she is in Denver. I cant find her presence on the web anywhere except her switter and her web page. broader question: does anyone have any luck or good experience with Switter? i couldnt find a phone number for her.
  11. Payton Cox 970-519-2132 Colorado Companion 970-519-2132 anyone seen this lovely?
  12. Hayley Quinn, Kelsie Blaine, ...etc

    Kelsie Blaine has reemerged on p411.
  13. Missmya (619)317-0855 Colorado Companion anyone seen this lovely lady?
  14. Gabriel 720-372-2922 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen Gabriel from Eros? I Googled her phone number and there wasnt anything there. Any intel from the super-sleuths would be appreciated.
  15. Who would you bring back?

    Autumn told me she was retiring before she did. She is missed. Elliott Nichols where have you gone?