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  1. 411 on Gabriel from Eros

    Gabriel 720-372-2922 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen Gabriel from Eros? I Googled her phone number and there wasnt anything there. Any intel from the super-sleuths would be appreciated.
  2. Who would you bring back?

    Autumn told me she was retiring before she did. She is missed. Elliott Nichols where have you gone?
  3. Kegel

    I dated a RW lady about 20 years ago and enjoyed the kegel. In that one regard, she was the one that got away.... i would love referrals for hobby ladies with the skill.
  4. Lilyreign / Tegan Daily

    Lilyreign (720)648-1940 Colorado Companion This looks like the same lady as Tegan Daily on Eros. Anyone seen either lady? Is it the same lady? Looks same/similair.
  5. Audrey Skye Eros

    Audrey Skye 720-437-9097 Colorado Companion Any know or seen Audrey Skye from eros?