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  1. Hey ladies

    Curious if any ladies would like to have dinner, etc w/ me & my male friend ? thank you
  2. Anyone have any ideas ? need female, who is down to earth, fun and funny; that would love to have dinner with my friend and my self on the 22nd, Sunday in Blackhawk and hang out you would need your own transportation! plz pm me on this app thanks Thank you.
  3. I was saying thirty minutes for the initial meeting was all. Just for the very first time ! thanks for all your responses !! ❌⭕️❤️
  4. Thirty minutes for an initial meeting is all it should be for the first meeting ! If you don’t click or someone’s hygiene is off; it’s a good out !! Who agrees with me ?
  5. Anything happening in Downtown Denver?

    Restaurants are open to 25% capacity at this time in Denver. The only thing with downtown is its tent city. I prefer not to eat in some areas because of that. Governor needs to get people off the streets. I’m in Austin, Texas right now and it’s three times more homeless than Denver. Makes me sad and exhausted.
  6. Hi this is Jenine, I was just curious to how many males out there would be even interested in the ladies during Covid? Just a curiosity