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  1. Hi Denver :)

    Welcome and enjoy...
  2. I turn 60 in May…

    I hope she says yes for you!
  3. reference psa and rant

    Perfect timing. I looked at my account earlier and found a reference from a provider I've never seen or have had any kind of contact with.. Weird!!
  4. Just A Regular Gal..

    Welcome gorgeous!
  5. Foot worship

    Haha haha but you never know!
  6. How long to wait/did I handle this wrong?

    I also think you handled this well but think you should write a review. Simple!
  7. Disorderly Behavior?

    I read about this the other day and thought, what a hypocrite!
  8. 411 on 310-795-7905

    I hear you!
  9. Newbie in COS

    Welcome and enjoy!
  10. Sexscapade

    More please!
  11. Got a chuckle from a recent ad.

    I actually had that happen a lot! I just smiled and obliged!
  12. Kissing shower together

    Thanks for the info!
  13. Kissing shower together

    331-300-4878 Colorado Body Rubs Does anyone have any information on this?
  14. New here

    Welcome and enjoy!
  15. Thinking of visiting from OKC

    Yes, please visit!