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  1. The best Italian food!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! I need to go back!!
  2. boyfriends,husbands

    That pic. Thought it was long gone!! lol
  3. The best Italian food!!

    Bella Marie- I want to go with!
  4. The best Italian food!!

    I have been several times since this post started and love the place. The veal parmesan is unbelievable!!!
  5. The broker

    I would have to say the Fort or Elways!
  6. Public Apology

    Glad to have you back!!
  7. New To The Board

    Welcome. Nice pics!
  8. Advice Needed: Sex Vacation in DR etc.

    Go to the Philippines...
  9. Visiting your area for the first time from Arkansas

    Welcome gorgeous and enjoy...
  10. When a person writes a review THAT NEVER SAW YOU😡

    Funny this topic comes up. I saw a provider recently that said the exact same thing... She told me that someone reviewed her but she never saw him. She said she contacted him via message and he told her he wrote it because he thought her pics were hot.. Weird!! I told her to report him....
  11. My 1st ever tat...

    Haha.. Very cool!
  12. New Kids on the Block....

    I don't think they ever went away. Just maybe here in the US. They tour Asia, and are super popular in the Middle East!
  13. 411 on Mature Latina on BP This is her ad!
  14. 411 on Mature Latina on BP

    She has reviews here, I just don't remember what name they're under. hmmmm
  15. Hi Denver :)

    Welcome and enjoy...