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  1. Good vibes...

    Good luck, speedy recovery!
  2. Visual turn ons

    My bad. I meant a big clit! lol
  3. Visual turn ons

    Love me a bit clit!
  4. New to TOB

    Welcome, lots of good folk here...
  5. Mission trips to - Saving Some Souls

    Great post Ryan! I used to do BP before I knew any other sites existed. I found it by mistake one day trying to do research on a lady to see. Her number popped up on TOB with a couple reviews, now I use it almost exclusively....
  6. Hey there y'all!

    Welcome pretty lady!

    Congratulations girl!
  8. AirBNB?

    I travel a lot and use Airbnb and have had no problems. I like them a lot better than Motels because you get the feel of the place you're staying at plus the feel of a home. I wouldn't be too worried about cams... Lots of pervs but also a lot of legitimate business folks just renting their places out!
  9. What's your favorite horror flick?

    The Shining!
  10. Animal Totem

    Since it's a totem pole. Mine would be.... Mountain lion ELk Deer Badger Coyote
  11. The best Italian food!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! I need to go back!!
  12. boyfriends,husbands

    That pic. Thought it was long gone!! lol
  13. The best Italian food!!

    Bella Marie- I want to go with!
  14. The best Italian food!!

    I have been several times since this post started and love the place. The veal parmesan is unbelievable!!!
  15. The broker

    I would have to say the Fort or Elways!