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  1. Ummmmmm Hi Old Friends!

    Hello, Glad you're back!
  2. Squirting

    I do enjoy a squirter and have had a couple girlfriends who squirt when they orgasm. One keeps asking to squirt in my mouth, I say no!
  3. Shoe size

    Haha not sure why but that made me laugh!!
  4. Halloween

  5. Anyone ever played 2 words??

    tomorrow brings
  6. For the Old-timers...

    I used to watch the tv show "soap" on a black and white tv..
  7. Best places to eat and go out in Aspen? This place is a must!
  8. Would you do this if you got caught?

    I knew a guy once who got busted. His punishment was to tell everyone he came in to contact with what he did, while his wife was present. I ran in to them at the grocery store and said hi. His wife said, John has something to tell you. When he told me what had happened, I didn't know if I should laugh or what to do. It was weird...
  9. It's Never Too Late

    I wanted a Red Ryder bb gun!
  10. There will be no more donations

    Sorry this happened to you pretty lady.

    I haven't heard that song in a long time.... but yes it is!
  12. Holidays and Traditions

    Put it up when ever you want young lady but I put mine up the week after Thanksgiving!
  13. New to Denver

  14. Hotel Lounge Hookups

    Years ago before I knew of this business, I was in Vegas and sat down at a poker bar, listening to dueling pianos while I waited for my friends. I ordered a drink and noticed an attractive lady had sat next to me. She started talking to me, so I bought her a drink. We hit it off and after about three more drinks she asked if we could go to my room. By this time I was feeling super lucky and said yes. Once we got to the elevator she told me what she did and a price. For a second I was stunned but ended up going through with it and had one of the best GFE, I've ever had!
  15. Any one have a good ghost story?

    Many years ago I was in a friends house with my girlfriend making out on a couch. The house we were in was from the late 1800's and was a big beautiful victorian home. I heard something and had my back to the room. I turned to look and saw a cat. I commented to my gf, i didn't know Elison had a cat. My gf said she doesn't. Scared the heck out of me.