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  1. Conflicted

    So, a gal you have enjoyed time with on several occasions was in so much pain that you didn't get to pop your rocks a second time? Poor baby, I feel so sorry for you. Yes, be sure to write a scathing review so that you can cause additional pain. Be sure to kick a puppy at some point today too, should make it a completely satisfying day for you. Come on dude, man up!
  2. What would you do ?

    Well, for one, you could start eating at Five Guys!
  3. What would you do ?

    I would take each of you ladies to Hawaii for a week. But none of those crappy commercial flights, instead welcome to BadBoy Air:
  4. Role reversal - Reviews

    Heck yes, if I could get a few honest reviews it might lead to some late night booty calls.
  5. DTC

    I think DTC is particularly safe because four different LEOs have jurisdiction (Denver for part, Greenwood Village for part, Arapahoe county for part, and Centennial for part) and I don't think any one of them wants to put much emphasis on this issue and they each tend to think of it as the other jurisdiction's problem. I don't have any facts to back this up, but I live here and this seems to be the way it goes.
  6. Pussy is not free.....g

    I once figured it up, and it was over $100,000.00 in "sporting adventures." That made me so depressed I vowed never to figure it up again.
  7. Pussy is not free.....g

    Do you have her current contact information?
  8. Body cleansing

    Guess what, beautiful, we are all aging, and interestingly enough, we are all aging at exactly the same rate! You haven't even begun to age My VAGINA IS NOT WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! Darn, and we were having so much fun talking about your vagina. Seriously though, if you are really suffering from constant fatigue, you may need to start being really picky about your diet, working out at the gym, etc. It's what you have to do as you age.
  9. Pussy is not free.....g

    Really, I thought that once you became friends you were supposed to tip well and bring presents. Am I doing all of this entirely wrong?
  10. Sears declairs bankruptcy

    Do not, under any circumstances, purchase stock in a company in bankruptcy. The first thing that happens is that all shareholder equity gets wiped out for the benefit of the creditors. Yes, it sells for $1, but it is worth $0.
  11. How long do you wait before moving on

    This is why I have long contended that this endeavor is a "sport" and not a "hobby." Besides the fact that "sporting gent" sounds much better than "hobbiest," this endeavor entails the characteristics of a sport: honing a razor sharp sense of timing, learning the proper presentation, avoiding spooking the quarry and, of course, perfecting the catch, and understanding the release. It's a sport, isn't it, old sport?
  12. Post Your Funnies

  13. How many times?

    I started out with a couple visits a month, but as I just noted in a separate thread, apparently I am an addict and slowly worked my way up to around 2-3 visits per week for a couple of years. Unfortunately, I am now in some financial straits, so I am down to once a week, with an occasional second visit in a week, if possible. I used to never do 30-minute visits, but I have found that when the hookerbucks envelope is running low, a 30-minute visit is better that going bowling. More FBSM too, and on the really tough week, a 30-minute FBSM. While some are better than others, and 90 minutes is better than 30, with this bunch of gorgeous gals, there is no such thing as a bad date. I am working on revenue enhancement, so as soon as the envelope fills up again, I am going to go on another celebratory ho-a-thon. So to directly answer your question, somewhere between one and seven visits per week.
  14. HW habit or sport?..

    Damn, it's official, I'm a frigging addict. Oh well, that is why God created credit.