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  1. Do BJ's cure colds?

    Oh, golly, I though we were talking about whether a BJ would cure a cold that the young lady has. My point was that Vitamin L is good for what ails you. If the guy has the cold, naah, it won't help. Sorry...
  2. OK, just to first establish cred: Been skiing in Colorado for 55 years - I could ski before I could ride a Trike. Taught skiing to beginners in a ski school for five years. Lived in the ski areas for three years, raced competitively for a few years. Here is what I consider to be the low-down: 1. The reason I recommended Keystone is the combination of good, easy, consistent slopes along with an excellent ski school that emphasizes snowboarding. Keystone goes out of its way to be a snowboard paradise. Really, it is where you should go. Your first day will determine how your entire riding career will be, so invest in a good first day. A full day ticket and a morning lesson will be around $250 or so - money well spent (heck, I spend that in 30 minutes in my favorite hobby ). 2. Arapahoe Basin - No way, Jose. This is an expert's area. The few beginner runs are very crowded. The ski school does not emphasize snowboarding. Also, it is the highest ski area in the United States, and a beginner will get exhausted and cold. The wind blows constantly. Bad for a beginning snowboarder, it is also personally my favorite mountain, so don't think I am prejudiced against it, it's just not the tool for the mission. 3. Echo Park - No real ski school, lots of rocks, not much snow. Sure it's close, but that doesn't make up for the downsides. 4. Loveland - Again, it's close (and I love it for my style of skiing), but it is high, cold, windy, rocky and doesn't really encourage snowboarding or have a great school. 5. Winter Park - A good second to Keystone. Everything I said about Keystone is true of Winter Park, except Keystone really welcomes, educates and encourages snowboarders, but WP is still great. I love Winter Park. My mom skied there on opening day in the 1940s on her Army Surplus 10th Mountain Division wooden skis, and I had a place there for 20 years, but for beginner boarding I still think Keystone is better. 6. Vail - Ditto what I said about Winter Park (except the part about Mom). 7. Breckinridge - Ditto Winter Park. 8. All the other major ski areas in Colorado (Copper, Beaver Creek, etc.): Ditto Winter Park. The bottom line is that all the majors have plenty of good beginner slopes, good ski schools, and you will learn and have a blast. Keystone has a slight edge, because that is their niche and they work hard to be the place for beginning snowboarders. Don't think this is the product of personal prejudice, I personally never ski Keystone and usually stick to A-Basin, Loveland and Vail, but I am not a beginning snowboarder. Have fun, you are going to love it!
  3. It always strikes me...

    Stupid videos R Us!
  4. It always strikes me...

    Yep that's the total solution, Incognito Mode:
  5. Do BJ's cure colds?

    If it is the young lady who has the cold, yes, a BJ (especially one from the BadBoy), will not only cure your cold, but many other common ailments such as aches, pains, menstrual cramps, bunions, colic, etc. You do have to swallow for maximum effect. PM to make arrangements for your treatment.
  6. So what's a "spinner"?

    Generally just means petite and slender. I guess the origin is that she could spin around on you while remaining in cowgirl, but I think that is unlikely.
  7. I have no idea what these folks are talking about, but Keystone is definitely the easiest ski hill, and it has a great snowboarding school. And lights to ski at night! Ruby Hill is fun for sledding or an hour or two, but it’s just a hill, no lifts, you get real tired walking up the hill. TAKE A LESSON! Lessons are actually fun, and they get you to enjoyably good quickly.
  8. Black Hawk Providers

    I have always thought that the reason I get such poor service in bars is because the bartenders are jealous of me being so hot.
  9. 411 Serenity Snow

    I wouldn't worry about LEO with an EROS verification and two reviews on TOB. There might be other things to worry about, but not much chance she is LEO. BTW, she is absolutely gorgeous, so be ready for steep rates. Be sure to write a review if you see her - curious minds want to know.
  10. Romantic spots Denver or near by mountain towns

    I personally like to rent one of the nice cabins just outside of Estes Park, on the way to RMNP, on Fall River Road. Winter rates are surprisingly affordable. Of course there is NIkki's, but there are lots of other ones too. Lots of great dining options in Estes Park, some really world class restaurants. Of course, for novelty's sake, you could stay in the Stanley and bring up "The Shining" on Netflix and split a late-night dessert (with an axe).
  11. Which one?

    Nerve Rattling? How about Newbie getting out of his car and walking up to his first incall, and slowly raising his shaking hand to knock on the door, nerves on fire, every rational bit of his brain screaming, "go home," "go home," and the wait, the excruciating wait, and then..... the door opens..... and the newbie steps inside. He is lost forever.
  12. Other Hobby Sites

    You can find the link to Tryst on Switter. Lots of TOB overlap (a good thing), and posted rates!
  13. Another day on TOB...

    Diamond John: You pansies wouldn't know what to do with a real man, like here in Dallas, why I partied with JR just yesterday out on the ranch. Admiral C: Ranch, why I remember when they invented ranches, hell, I was there when they invented dirt! Before that we just had rocks. Gr8Owl: I remember when they invented rocks! Pointy Moustache: I was banging young ladies before they invented rocks.
  14. Another day on TOB...

    Laci: It is such a beautiful day, I hope everyone is enjoying it, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping outside. 2Big: I enjoyed ramming my cock down this bitch's throat this morning, that makes it a beautiful day. Vassago: The beauty of the day is a mist created in the shadows of the illusions of my mind. E tu Brutus? Hobby Hobbit: What's with this Vassago guy, he's nuts. MeganMarie4u : You are such a jerk, Hobbit. Hobby Hobbit: Takes one to know one. MeganMarie4u: Says you. Hobby Hobbit: Says you. CaliSurfGirl: In my professional opinion as an MD and extremely literate person, the day is neither beautiful nor not, it is all in your perception of whether it is beautiful, which is largely shaped by electronic impulses either being delayed or accelerated as they pass the neural synapses. Laci: I just wanted you all to have a good day, please! Peace, love and unicorn farts. Average1: I love you Laci. Laci: I love you too, Average1. Kandi Apple: I know that none of you never pay any attention to what I say because you are so busy drooling at my avatar. PFunk: No, no, Kandi, we value you as a human being, with thoughts and emotions that must be taken into account. BadBoy: I'm really stoned and horny. Raine-7378: I was going to post something earlier, but my keyboard is so wet it shorted out. Fishindude57: I'm going fishing, anyone want to come along? CandiO: Take me, take me, I'll bait your hook, big guy. Hunter VanDyke: Will there be beer? Average1: I'll bring you beer, Hunter Hunter VanDyke: I love you, Average1 Average1: I love you too Hunter Hunter VanDyke: Love you more Average1: Love you more Mr. Pink: Fuck you all, assholes. 2Big: Speaking of, I fucked this fat chick in the asshole last week. Tasted good too! How might it go from there?
  15. She Barely Cleaned It

    One of my former regulars also hosted a bit of BDSM and fetish and she told me about a client who would come over, pay her a bunch of money, put on a skimpy maid costume and then clean her place down on his hands and knees, while she spent the entire time telling him what a lousy job he was doing and spanking him. No sex, just cleaning, insulting and spanking for several hours. Now that's a great gig (for her).