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  1. What’s the best restaurant in DTC area?

    For the absolute best, family-owned, Greek dining, try Yanni's in Landmark. Friendly, healthy, great.
  2. I was told by a friend that there was a rumor that my extended absence was due to expiration. Although I have been gone from this particular activity for a couple of years (beginning with COVID), it is only because I have been totally absorbed in a couple of new activities that have taken all of my time and money. In fact, I am healthier than ever and look forward to resuming relations with my friends here, just might be a bit longer than I had planned. See you ladies soon! Still jumping out of planes and running off cliffs (under nylon). Happy summer, party on.
  3. FishnDude

    He was very helpful to me several times, and seemed so young (by text, admittedly) - I will miss him. RIP
  4. Best DATY in Colorado

    I think it is the DATY provider that I am lips and tongue inside of at the moment.
  5. Texas Elementary School Shooting

    I think it's really admirable that so many children give their lives to protect the unlimited and unrestricted right to bear arms.
  6. "My Dick Gets Hard if the Wind Blows" or Not?

    Its all relative: Wind blowing towards a good landing area is a good wind. Wind blowing away from the good landing area is a bad wind. My favorite wind is on a sunny December day at 18,000 feet, at 160 mph.
  7. Tell me about money

    I have a side-hustle as a gigilo.
  8. Avoiding attention at a hotel

    Yeah, you blend.
  9. Grooming preferences

    Its all pink on the inside.
  10. Why NOT......

    Who the fuck is this asshole? Did they shut down the Texas boards again? That always sends the rats scurrying.
  11. Offering bbfs

    Good point. That is why I always send in my tongue first, for reconnaissance purposes.
  12. Is age really just a number?

    Dayum, even I am getting wet reading this one!
  13. Would that be Coast Guard approved?
  14. Why NOT TOB?

    Hey, you two, get a room (with me).