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  1. Hello, kinda new here!

    Fourth generation Coloradoan here and every day when I drive westbound to my office I crest over a high hill and take in the whole front range, totally unobstructed. I never take it for granted, I check the snowpack, read the clouds, take in the beauty, and think to myself, "why the hell don't I ever get up into the mountains any more?" Typical Denverite.
  2. Hamilton

    Yeah, sure, I got my interest piqued by this thread and went to the DCPA website and found that (lottery aside) the tickets start at $145 for the crappy seats and go up to $500 for the good ones - in Denver, for criminy sakes! Since I wouldn't want to go alone, double that. The heck with it, if I have that much spare coin, I'm not going to see Hamilton, I'm going to see Alexa or Josie or Jos or Laci or Sydney or Jennifer .... you get the idea! I love a good performance and my preferred shows have much better endings
  3. Good vibes...

    It seems like they always flare up at the worst time, so here is a bit of a funny story: My first set of stones started to hurt when I was flying my hang-glider at 10,000 feet above ground level on a hot July day in Southern Arizona. For those who do not know, flying a hang glider is a very physical activity that requires you to move and contort your body in lots of different ways, which becomes nearly impossible when you are all cramped up and hurting like hell. I managed to spiral down to near the landing zone in a modified fetal position, crying like a baby. I had no idea what was going on, I actually thought that my appendix had burst and I was going to die. I just knew the pain was crippling. Landing a hang glider is a very coordinated matter that involves standing up straight and running the landing out (your legs are the landing gear), which I could not do, so the landing was more of a semi-controlled crash, which meant that in addition to the kidney stones, I was covered with cuts, scrapes, bruises, and with lots of cactus spines in my chest and arms. The stones hurt way more than all of the injuries put together. So there I was (all great stories contain that line), crashed in the desert under a pile of cloth and aluminum, beat to shit, bleeding everywhere, with kidney stones, sweating like a pig in the 115 degree heat, all by myself. When my buddies finally got over to the scene, they packed up the glider for me, poured beer on all of my external wounds (our usual desert first aid) and tossed me into the back of the Suburban so that I could curl up in my fetal position for the two-hour drive to the hospital. Since I wasn't dead, we all decided that it wasn't a burst appendix, and the consensus of the group was that a few good beers and a Percocet was just what I needed (this was our general cure for all ills, and one of the guys had a prescription for Percocets that he kept for emergency purposes). Well, the Percocet was a really good idea, but let me tell you: WHEN YOU HAVE KIDNEY STONES BLOCKING YOUR URETHRA, THE LAST THING YOU WANT TO DO IS DRINK A LOT OF BEER ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL! I learned that one the hard way, especially since I was pretty thirsty to begin with, so I chugged three beers before my bladder and kidneys sent back the message to my brain to knock it off. The only thing that hurts worse than kidney stones is kidney stones and having to go to the bathroom really bad (but you can't, you see, because your friends don't want to stop and the damn stones are blocking your pee-pee--tubes). At any rate, I survived the most painful three hours of my life with the help of another Percocet and finally arrived at the hospital emergency room door in a fog of opiates and pain. My buddies, like all manly men, have only so much time for sympathy and concern, so they told me they would put my equipment in my garage, tossed me out and drove off, leaving me kneeling there at the door of the Emergency Room, stoned on alcohol and Percocets, bleeding from everywhere, looking like a cactus pin-cushion, bent over in the fetal position that all kidney stone survivors are familiar with and, as it turns out, with no ID, money or insurance card, because that was all in my duffle bag, speeding away in the Suburban. Well, the emergency room staff was great, thank God. By great, I mean they took my word for who I was and that I had insurance, laid me on a gurney and stuck a needle in my arm that immediately put me to sleep and stopped the pain. I woke up a few hours later in an air-conditioned room with a drained bladder, bandaged wounds, no more cactus spines, and an on-demand Demerol pump. Life only got better from that point. They broke the stones with ultrasound and I passed them a couple days later. Thanks to the on-demand Demerol pump, I recall nothing of those days. I now have a lot of sympathy for folks who get hooked on Opiates, it would be very easy. See - I told you it was a funny story, especially the part about how my buddies threw my poor injured body out the door of the Suburban without even really slowing down at the hospital. Golly gee, we had fun laughing about that for years. The bastards.
  4. Is Denver overated ?

    After re-reading your post I think we have not taken you seriously enough. You are right, and you should move to LA. Now. Please.
  5. Is Denver overated ?

  6. Your worst nightmare...

    I was hoping that the mouth-to-mouth part by Laci and her friends would make up for the cracked ribs
  7. St Patricks Day Weekend....

    Heck with the beer and green crap. I celebrated St. Patrick's Day the best way possible: A one-hour visit with an Irish woman I met here on TOB. Forget the luck of the Irish, I'm impressed with the fuck of the Irish. Have fun, folks.
  8. Good vibes...

    I was hospitalized for kidney stones twice, and on the second one they gave me a magic button that released a healthy dose of Demerol every time the pain got to be too much. I felt like Pavlov's dog, and almost cried when they took away my button away and made me go home. Be sure to follow the dietary guidelines they give you, if you do, there is a very small chance of recurrence.
  9. More beating of the dead horse

    I'm not sure why you are having these problems, but I doubt it is the two potential issues you focused on: BP/TOB, and age. I don't keep exact statistics, but I would guess that my NCNS rate is less than 1%, I see only TOB ladies, and I see ladies ranging in age from 19 to 46, with no discernable difference in dependability between the youngest and the oldest. With you running a 75% NCNS rate among the TOB ladies, you must be doing something different. I've said it probably a dozen times in various threads, but I think the difference is that I only visit ladies that have lots, and by lots I mean 10 at least, reviews and each review states that the pictures are accurate and that communication was good, and that the lady was ready on time with no drama. Just one NCNS review removes her from my list. The other thing, is that I am not always out beating the bush for the new young thing in town. I tend to visit ladies I have seen numerous times before, which I am sure cuts down on the NCNS ratio. I feel your pain, rare as they are for me, a NCNS is really depressing and distressing. Although I don't think it is really the issue, I do have to add that, after a long period of 20-somethings, I have been spending more time visiting the 35 and up crowd and, whether they are better at keeping appointments or not, they are definitely a tremendous amount of fun, with little or no drama. I hope your luck turns soon.
  10. Lottery Winner

    Hell, I barely recall it 😏
  11. Your worst nightmare...

    Can I be the CPR dummy?
  12. I Failed!

    A man's dick is his responsibility. He needs to maintain it, keep it clean, and keep it out of places it is not wanted. If it malfunctions, it is either mechanical malfunction or operator error. Not your fault, so long as you provided time and companionship.
  13. Question for providers

    His post? That puts things in an entirely different light.
  14. Question for providers

    Aww, jeeze, as if he wasn't bad enough before, now that he's a confirmed dick-meister, he's gonna become insufferable.
  15. Real world dating as an adult

    How about in a QV?