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  1. Thank You!!!

    Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! By choosing a Roy Rogers and Dale Evans tune to send you on your way, Bit Banger just won the "Who is definately the oldest fart among us?" contest.
  2. Not so funny at the time...

    I once went to an appointment, and like a good John went to Room 502 and knocked on the door (as instructed) quietly, since I hate to make noise in a hotel hallway. No response, knock somewhat louder, no response, even louder, no response. I've been standing there 3-4 minutes, looking so much like a John that I got nervous and went down to the stairway where I could be out of sight, and texted that I was knocking at the door. Got a reply, "oops, it's Room 520, sorry, door is open." I walked down, walked in and we had a nice time. What makes me wake up at night, sweating, is thinking about what would have happened if a young lady had responded to my knock on Door 502, since I usually walk in and give a smooch. Jeeze, I could have had a lot of explaining to do down at the Station House, ".... Really, I thought she was a working girl, honest..."
  3. Thank You!!!

    What a long, strange, trip it's been - more to come, good luck, stay safe, be well, have fun.
  4. Stories I Could Tell (Chapter One)

    Dude, stop fantasizing. Been dining at the Y for years, hundreds of times, hundreds of ladies. I get a blood test every 6 months - always clean as a whistle, and never so much as a sore throat. And, I swallow and love to renew my red wings every chance I get.
  5. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    I admit it is a stolen picture, and there may be momentary disappointment, but once the trousers come off the disappointment always turns to joy.
  6. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    It's always better to take the stairs for your health anyway!
  7. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    On the subject of elevators in hotels: I went to see one of my visiting faves at a local high-end convention/business hotel near my office. There was a good chance that I could run into someone I know, and I like to be very discrete, so I went in the side door and faced away from the lobby as I entered. She was on an upper floor and I figured (this is prior to my making my rule) that being so high-end, their elevators wouldn't break, so I punched the button, an elevator arrived, and I got in. After about 10 feet, the shaft disappeared and I realized I was in one of those glass display elevators. Worse, a bunch of people with lots of luggage stopped the elevator at floor two, and got off on floor three, with me jammed to the back (against the glass), on full display to the lobby/restaurant for a good 3-4 godawful long minutes before it finally took off and I was able to get out. Stairs for me from then on!
  8. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    Aw, crap, you mean they likely wouldn't accept my most recent profile picture?
  9. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    I've explained this before, but it seems like a good time to revisit the issue for all the grasshoppers we seem to be getting: The only way to get busted in this sport is if one of the two participants is LEO - The cops can't just kick in the door based upon suspicion and arrest you if neither of you is cooperating. Therefore, assuming that you know that you are not LEO, then all you have to do (both ladies and men) is be sure that the other participant is not LEO. This is why both sides screen. If you were visiting a "well reviewed provider," the chances are pretty good that she is not LEO either. Therefore, in the future just go on in the door like you own the place, nod to the desk clerk, high-five the cop (OK, that may be a bit much), turn right, walk down the hall like you know exactly what you are doing and find the staircase.* Up you go to the correct floor, and you will be just fine. * I usually will not get in the elevator, I have this irrational fear that it will break and I will have to explain to everyone why I was stuck in a broken elevator for five hours in a hotel. I'll walk up 15 floors if I have to.
  10. New Business Names

    I would never use a credit card, so I am probably not a good source, but if I were to use a credit card and wanted my statement to appear clean, I think I would like something along the line of: JK Parts and Accessories Wilson Tool Supply South Denver Landscaping You get the idea. Whatever, be sure to go to the Secretary of State's Website to make sure you are not using a real business name:
  11. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    Kinda depends: Was big head still in charge or was little head in charge? Aww, heck, who am I kidding, I would have gone on in either way. I don't think LEO parks marked cars in the parking lot on a sting.
  12. Things I don't understand

    I doubt she his hiding a scar or was in a prison gang:
  13. Mine is Budweiser...

    Bourbon or Scotch, straight up (neat).
  14. Does DTC cover a massive portion of Denver?

    I live, work and hobby in the DTC and can tell you that there are no two places in the DTC that are 10 minutes apart, maybe 5. In rush hour, maybe 10, but that's rush hour. As to guys complaining about DTC being "too far," there is no way to win on that one. If you were in Westminster, guys would complain that is too far, if you were in Aurora, guys would complain that is too far, if you are downtown, guys will complain that is too far. The fact is that Denver is a fairly large city and no matter where you are, it will be too far for a lot of guys - nothing you can do about it. I have noticed that a few of the savvy visiting girls will do a couple days in DTC and a couple days in Westminster or downtown, and that helps everyone out. As to what is properly DTC, it is not actually defined by any real authority, but I would say that if you drew a two-mile radius circle around the intersection of Orchard and I-25 it would be about right. However, be aware that other folks have a more flexible definition. One gal that I booked with said she was "In the DTC," and her actual incall was a half-mile west of Broadway. She was a no-show, so I guess that explains it, but you get the idea.