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  1. California Hepatitis A Outbreak

    Anyone who doesn't have Hep A, B, and C vaccinations in this day and age is crazy - my doctor literally forced me to get them, and he doesn't even know about my lifestyle. His question, "Don't you love your liver? You know it keeps you alive and healthy" convinced me. I love my liver, even though I treat it horribly.
  2. Question for the gents.....

    First - any legit guy wants the ladies to screen carefully. We want you safe too, so lead with whatever form of introduction you like and that makes you feel safe. I much prefer using P411 for verification, so I don't usually lead with "Hey I'm BadBoy on TOB, check out my reviews, etc." However, a surprising number of young ladies do not have P411 accounts, so that is sometimes my second line of approach. That one can backfire a bit, I have had a couple of ladies decline a visit because they saw that I gave a positive review to another lady that they do not care for, although that is probably for the best anyway. That gets the conversation going, and we can proceed with further screening as needed.
  3. Thanks to you

    So nice to see positive vibes. I want to add my thanks to the chorus: you ladies have changed my life in so many ways for the better - each of you is a jewel in your own right - stay free, stay independent, stay yourselves.
  4. Colorado Winters..

    Oh yeah, baby, like -20, sometimes -30. Don't worry though, the next day it is likely to be +60. Plus, it is sunny and dry, so it seems warmer. Go get yourself a nice down parka and a nice pair of gloves and you will be fine.
  5. To all of the articulate and well reasoned responses to this post I would simply add: "Aw, go fuck yourself and your lousy right-wing political crap."
  6. just takes a second ...

    Reminds me of a story from my high school days. I was at a friend's house and had to use the bathroom, so I used the one in his parents' bedroom. Taped to the mirror, where the dad brushed his teeth, was a sign that said: "Remember, your name is John H. Doe." Actually, it didn't say "John H. Doe," it was the father's name (or at least the one he was using in the real world). My entire life I have thought, WTF?
  7. just takes a second ...

    Gosh, doesn't everyone do that every morning? I know that I do, and I really mean it, because it is true.
  8. DPD officer in hot water

    Evidence of prior "bad acts" is not admissible for the purpose of establishing guilt.
  9. Ready for winter?

    Thanks for the tip, but, wow, that photo is pretty weird. Don't care much for the shovel.
  10. Cause every good drama has one

    OK, so I guess the lyrics actually are: "Yeah Darlin' go make it happen, take the world in a love embrace..." but I swear he says "goin naked humpin, take the world in a love embrace...." but maybe I am just hearing what I want to hear. I personally think they are better lyrics my way, but I am a pervert.
  11. Time for a fun new topic: Ladies, what really turns you on? Not interested in hearing "buying me furniture." I'm thinking of what is that one really sexy thing that a guy can do that really gets you wet and horny. (Or, heck, more than one thing.) Gentlemen, I guess you should chime in too from your perspective, although I am not anywhere near as interested in your responses
  12. AirBnB vs Motels

    Yeah, nothing better than parking in front of a suburban house and walking up to the door, while the nosy neighbors take photos of you and your license plate because they figured out what the good-looking gal next door, who has random guys show up regularly for 60 minute visits (and walk out with slap-happy grins), is really doing. I'll take a nice anonymous hotel lobby any day. BTW, I have walked up to plenty of doors in suburban houses, don't get me wrong, it just isn't my druther.
  13. DPD officer in hot water

    Well, it depends on what the "it" is. Paying for time and companionship is not against the law.
  14. Ready for winter?

    OK - not to hijack the thread, but how the f*** do you post a picture like this to the forums? In the past I have been able to post pictures that are really just hyperlinks to the actual photo, I can do that. But this is an actual mid-quality jpeg that gr8owl posted. Every time I try to post an actual picture that I either took or a jpeg that I copied from some site, I get a diagnostic that no-can-do. I have used the paperclip, the "choose files" and the "Insert other media" and I always get the same diagnostic (and no picture). Could someone give me a "Posting photos to TOB forum for dummies" explanation of how you are able to do this?
  15. Cause every good drama has one

    Dude, seriously, it can only be: "..... yeah darlin', goin naked humpin....."