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  1. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    All I know about panty hose is how damned hard they were to get off of a young lady in the back seat of my Chevy in High School. Since then they have been irrelevant to my sex life, never seen a wife or provider wearing them (to bed, that is).
  2. new vetting process?

    In some cases you actually can:
  3. Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?

    Stevie, Stevie, Stevie, Grasshopper.... Where is your manly competitive sense, your sense of drive, your ambition? I don't care if she sees 15 tricks a week, it is my goal to be the best goddamned trick she has seen this entire damned month. I work at it, request direction, pay attention to instruction, and it makes it all worthwhile. Nothing like a twisting, screaming orgasm that sends her off the bed in a nice impression of the backstroke onto the floor. Ahhh, it's like the smell of napalm in the morning....
  4. Go Topless Day

  5. Should I review?

    OP - it seems like you want to write a review for your purposes (to build up your credibility). Don't do it. She asked you not to, and if you go against your wishes you will likely have lost your only reference. Honor her wishes and ask her to give your a recommendation here - that carries a lot more weight than having a review anyway.
  6. I'm falling, but not for you...

    Of course, skydiving (or wingsuiting) in Rio does have certain, particular, dangers, not common anywhere else - hence this news report:
  7. new vetting process?

    I think it is a great idea! That way the officer can tie you to your chain of texts - no denying that it was you after you send a photo. Cagey devils aren't they?
  8. I'm falling, but not for you...

    Let me be clear: my 70th birthday is a long way off. Good thing too, it takes years, literally years, to build the skills to dance over Rio like in the clip. I am a relative newcomer, but it's always a great idea to have a long-term goal.
  9. I'm falling, but not for you...

    This is my new bucket-list item: planning on going dancing over Rio for my 70th birthday. (Not in Rio, over Rio)...
  10. Such a great weekend. People keep asking me, "Why are you doing this at your age." Well.... (The subject is not me, but it gives you an idea why...)
  11. Have you evee felt?

    Me, I go hire an escort for a couple of hours. Makes me feel great again. Been there, felt that, it will pass, but will pass much more quickly in the arms of a scarlet lover.
  12. 411 on SidWild

    Jos, you are just so damned cool.
  13. Will East Colfax make a comeback?

    My tattoo parlor is on east Colfax (of course), and so I get to spend a fair amount of time there. I think it is fascinating. If my wife dumps me, I might just move there because it has such a vast array of interesting people. It is getting pretty gentrified, mainly due to the cost of the homes in the area, so there are a lot of nice restaurants and galleries, etc., moving in, along with the gentry, but the same old hobos, streetwalkers, junkies and drunks are still there too, along with an influx of artists, musicians, 420 Tourists (the ones from Oklahoma are so amusing), just plain old folk and, of course, tattoo addicts. I really like the place. Thanks for your insights, Chrissy. Maybe we could just go people watching some day (it's fun to sit and make snarky comments about the pedestrians over a couple of drinks).
  14. Should we give second chances.

    This could be the foundation for a great movie or TV show script: First, the OP, a decent enough guy, gives his perspective of what happened, describing what he thought were objectively observed facts, and I have no reason to doubt that his impressions were valid. The experiences triggered certain emotions that he shared with us. Then, lo and behold, the ladies provide their perspectives of what happened, describing what they thought were objectively observed facts, and we certainly have no reason to doubt any of their impressions or thoughts. But, the descriptions of those "facts" are so diametrically opposed, it really just gives us a very dynamic illustration of how our personal perception alters our interpretation of what we thought were objective facts. All contributors seem like really decent people - I hope they understand the other perspectives and are able to reestablish their friendships. I also hope that Sophie is recovering - too bad you ladies have to deal with low-lifes like the drugging dude. Wow, it's a lot like Rashomon.
  15. Ultimate Fantasy

    Can I bring a date?