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  1. Favorite rendention of your favorite Christmas Carol

    Still my favorite. That touching story about what Christmas is really like for the lower-class British kids:
  2. Asking about the Menu

    Flip side: Today I had a small slot of time open this morning and when my fave couldn't make it, I was thrown into the cold and choppy waters of making a short-notice appointment, confined to my proximity To their credit the first four prospects all got back to me with their "No, sorry" texts, for which I am grateful. Finally, I ended up calling someone based upon the extensive homework of 1) she posted on TOB, and 2) I liked her pictures. Pretty extensive research. She said that she couldn't make it but said that a friend of hers could, and she sent me a photo, which I recognized as the next prospect on my list. Bada bing, done and set - 25 minutes to go. So here I am 20 minutes later, walking into a strange hotel, not knowing a damned thing about the woman I am going to meet, no research, no reviews, no background check, nothing. One of my basic survival problems is that I love a good adrenaline rush. The door opens: Holy shit, oh my God, so amazing, wonderful fuckin' experience, such visuals, such beauty, such passion, so good, so satisfying, and cuddles to boot, and a good kisser! YMMV, just a rollin' the ymmv dice.
  3. Time?

  4. Time?

  5. Favorite movie?

    AVATAR (Guess why)
  6. Time?

    Well, actually we men also have our outside networks where we can talk more freely about our experiences with certain ladies, be very honest and frank, and give each other frank and detailed tips and recommendations, based on what we know about each others' preferences. If you were to behave yourself and act like a gentleman, you might be invited to join one of those networks.
  7. visiting Colorado for the first time!

    Red Rocks State Park is very similar and is near Golden, about 15 miles west of downtown Denver. I love to hike there.

    The Cure! The Cure! Finally, The Cure! My theme song, forever enshrined somewhere other than in my fading brain:
  9. Asking about the Menu

    Man, I am definitely with Horny Old Toad (nice avatar, by the way) on this one: Sometimes you just have to roll the ymmv dice. Actually, sometimes you get to roll the ymmv dice. I really think that this constant research into, and specification of, a prescribed list of "required" activities really dampens the fun. The way I look at it, I'm pretty much guaranteed a nut. The only questions are when, where, on what or in what, with who or whom, how deep, etc., in other words, the variables inherent in wild and mad sex (of some sort or another) where it is pretty much understood that ymmv. Good enough for me, I'm in, YMMV.
  10. Well Wishes

    This is the way I feel walking out of every visit to one of our gorgeous young ladies. Yep, it's a great day.
  11. Have you ever????

    Well, thanks Tide, I saw him perform at Folsom Field (opening for the Rolling Stones in '88) and did like the song a lot. My George Thorogood theme song, however, should actually be "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer." The truth is, I'm actually just a slutty boy scout, there is actually not a bad bone in my body. The girls already know this, I might as well come clean to the rest of you.
  12. Traveling Guys

    When I was a youngster, one of my jobs was to be the night cashier at a truck stop, old-school kind, just outside of Commerce City, and one of my jobs was to go around the lot a couple times per night and "chase off" the young ladies who were working the truckers. Well, I really didn't have my heart in it, but I had to at least ask them to leave, and they were usually nice about it. Actually, some of them came into the café for coffee before moving on (and for who knows what else), and I had more than a few conversations with them. Interesting group of gals, with some incredible stories. Generally not ranking in the top 10 in hygiene, but I guess it really only mattered whether they used a toothbrush and mouthwash. Wish I had know then what I know now.
  13. Traveling Guys

    I often peruse EROS just for fun and the nice photos. I have never used it to book a companion, but I note that out of the 94 ladies listed for Colorado today, about a dozen or more are also well reviewed TOB ladies, and I have actually been to visit four of them. Again, no personal experience booking from that site, but based upon the Denver listings it looks like a good place to start. Any input from others? Good or bad? Seems to have more of a nationwide presence than our little old TOB.
  14. Hello Everyone

    Tell us what part of town you are in and whether you have transportation. Also, go to any privately owned coffee shop (not Starbucks) and they will have a free newspaper named "Westword" that, in addition to being a pretty good read, has all of the concerts, activities, etc. listed. It's a weekly, so the information is current.
  15. If you have nothing nice to say

    Oh golly, you mean we drove him away! Wow, it worked!