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  1. Bars in Denver

    Unfortunately, hooker math does not always apply. Personal experience: I usually am comfortable booking someone advertising 19 as her age, knowing she is really 23 to 25 years old (confirmed by subsequent pillow-talk conversations). However, last week I booked with someone who advertised 19, and ended up being actually 19, and actually looked even younger (there were no face shots in her photos). Damn, I felt kinda out of place - nice girl, but I was really uncomfortable the whole time. Think I'll stick to the 30 and 40 year olds from now on (i.e., those who advertise as being 27 ).
  2. FS QV

    Hey girls, take note! If Stevie signs up for a QV, and you act like you don't want to talk after the nut, he is going to be out of there in 60 seconds (OK, maybe 65 after he takes time to zip up). Lets see, if it is $120 for a QV, that is an actually $7,200 per hour of time and companionship. Hey, I'm not gay, but those rates are pretty attractive; maybe I ought to reconsider the entire QV controversy and just switch sides. Just a kiddin' ya Stevie, because I knew you were kidding.
  3. Thank God for Girls!

    Just sitting here thinking ....
  4. Literacy Rant

    Well, heck, everyone's is small compared to yours. Moreover, I want to thank you, I have seen 2Big insult many people and many opinions over many years, but have never had the privilege of being personally insulted by the 2Big. I think this is some sort of milestone here - thanks, very big guy (sincerely), I finally feel like a real member (pun intended).
  5. FS QV

    Check your PM
  6. Actually, I am not sure that you should assume that your BP references are no good. Lots of quality ladies that advertise on TOB also advertise on BP, so I would forget about the "newbie friendly" issue, and call someone you want to see, and let them know who your references are, you might strike gold. Also, you might want to join P411 - it really makes life easier with the ladies that screen carefully (which are the only ones you should see).
  7. FS QV

    WOW, a $7 bottle of artificially flavored whiskey. No one can accuse you of being cheap or having bad taste.

  9. msog in an hour

    I'm firmly with you, BitB, and it is my firm opinion that if you do it right, you only need one (although I do my darndest to make sure the ladies have more). But, hey, remember when you were young? If the younger fellas need a second, more power to them.
  10. Literacy Rant

    Well said, and I stand corrected. Always a work in progress
  11. Literacy Rant

    As I am plowing through some of the semi-literate postings on this and other chat sites, a question often pops into mind: doesn't anyone still enjoy the skill and artistry involved in creating a well crafted English-language sentence, correctly punctuated, correctly spelled, with capitalization confined to those words that are properly capitalized (and perhaps with the occasional parenthetical thought, correctly punctuated), all words and phrases concentrated on conveying an actual honest thought, utilizing sparkling adjectives, applying apt similes like razor-sharp arrows to make the point, or perhaps even good, old, bread-and-butter metaphors; moreover, don't you think that every person has the right to an education that allows them to enjoy the ability to create such a sentence? LOL, u may thnk I m so lame ; ), u r rite
  12. FS QV

    The problem isn't that you are wordy, but the fact that the volume of words carries so little comprehensible meaning. As I read this, I am thinking to myself, "WTF, is this guy drinking and posting again?"
  13. Vail

    Dude, you only need one gal! I just checked "Western Slope" and "Rockies" and there are several really nice ladies advertising for Vail - how much bigger of a selection do you need?
  14. msog in an hour

    MSOG? Gosh, only if she begs.
  15. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    You are truly a legend in your own mind. Bill Gates did not make a cent with his cojones - he made billions by offering a higher quality product than the alternatives, therefore people would pay more for his products, since they were better quality. More importantly, you confuse fungible widgets with personal services. Sure, if you are shopping for a Kia, you want the best price. On the other hand, if you are shopping for dinner, and if you are like me, you want the best food, and it won't be cheap. Furthermore, if you plan to return, and also want good service, you better tip nicely on top of it. I am also in the personal services industry, and I charge about 3 -4 times what most of my "competition" charges, and you can't get an appointment with me until February of 2018. Why? Because personal services are not fungible widgets, and if you want the best, you gotta pay for the best. Which is why I understand how the ladies think, and am willing to pay the donation to meet with only the best of them as well. So, yeah, you are cheap. There is no sanctimony here (at least on my part), just pity for those who don't understand the ultimate value in fine cars, fine food, or fine women. So enjoy, if you like, the "joie de vivre" that comes from being chased by street pimps, or your beloved FS QV - more power to you, have fun, enjoy the Big Mac. Just don't pretend that those of us with taste are fools. Since you asked, here is the cued music: