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  1. Accepted age difference?

    My ATATF is exactly 40 years younger than me, and we relate and communicate just great. My usual range is 20 to 40 years younger than me. In that range, I find that chronological age doesn't matter much. I'd be afraid of anyone closer to my age, might break her hip or something
  2. I take a short drive down Highway 420.
  3. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    Does a B.J. count? If so, then cresting Loveland Pass in a snowstorm in a 1961 VW Bug (no heater) when my companion decided that I need a bit of a distraction from the white-knuckle driving.
  4. Alternative screening ideas. I want to know.

    I used to rely exclusively on P411 OKs for verification, but recently have been building up my list of TOB Recommendations (by asking for them). Now that I have more than a few, I find that I rarely use P411 at all, indeed I may pull the plug on P411 before Gina pulls the plug on us. It seems, based solely on personal experience, that the ladies place as much faith in a TOB Recommendation as they do in a P411 OK. In both cases, I think it is important to get more than a few, and to obtain them from providers who are well-known and reputable. I think this may be a solution for the "but we can't join P411 any more" issue. In ten years in this sport, I have only had to bother one provider (thank you sweet Laci) for an actual "reference" (meaning the new gal texted her and got back an apparently acceptable response). For the other 150-200 initial meetings I was able to obtain an appointment with either P411 OKs or TOB References. I never have, and never will, send a photo ID. For those ladies who think this is unreasonable, bear in mind that even if we trust you to not come to our house and boil the pet rabbit, we certainly don't trust the dirtbag who stole your cell phone with all those photo IDs inside, and I really don't trust the Officer who seized your cell phone with all those photo IDs inside.
  5. Clearly you people know nothing about Mormons. Where is Demure Mormon to set you all straight?
  6. Not at all true. Indeed, it is against the law to post a sign to that effect. It is also against the law to discriminate on any prohibited bases. Good thing too, otherwise we would still have segregated lunch counters and gays would have to live in the closet.
  7. Stings, Always be on the Lookout !!!

    Although I agree that it is good to be cautious and screen well, this is all a bit extreme. I certainly won't try to tell the ladies how to run their business, but speaking for myself, I intend to be careful, but not celibate. It would be easier to stick to regulars if the regulars didn't keep moving, retiring, marrying, etc.
  8. Alternative screening ideas. I want to know.

    I once had a gal insist on a photo ID, too bad, I really wanted to see her. I don’t see how a photo ID serves to do anything other than screen out decent guys with a lot to lose. if I were a gal I would rely on OKs and recommendations from providers. Cops and perverts have photo IDs, but don’t have P411 OKs or TOB referrals.
  9. What If...

    What if the Dead had some misgivings?
  10. Any TS tops near GWS?

    Drive to Denver, or find a Denver gal that will drive to GWS.
  11. Guy's Do You Prefer Selfies Or Professional Pics

    That is why it is the classic selfie. It pops up every now and again, simply because it is a classic.
  12. I think I skipped a heart beat…

    So I am sitting in the hotel parking lot and she texts me "Room 502, come on up!" So I go up to the 5th floor, go down the hall to 502 and knock gently, no response. So I knock a bit louder (which I hate), still no response. I knock as loudly as I think prudent, still no answer. So I go down the hall into the stairwell where I have privacy and call her - letting her know that I was banging on the door with no response. She said that she heard nothing. I asked her to poke her head out of the room to check the number, and she got a bit salty, but finally did so, and came back with: "Oops, its Room 520." So I left the stairwell and walked down the hall and saw an older gal came down the hall towards me, who smiled, and I thought, "Shit, she looks nothing like her photos." But, she went right past me, stopped at 502 and went inside, and all I could think was that I was sure glad she wasn't in the room as I was banging on her door, she looked like the "call the manager" type. I gave her a nod, proceeded down the hall and met a very nice young lady in Room 520 - but my heart was pounding more than usual. Another time - a gal was staying at a really nice high-end business hotel near my office. She was on an upper floor, so I really needed to use the elevator, even though I much prefer stairs. I knew the place pretty well since I would often meet folks for lunches and conferences there, and really didn't want to run into anyone I knew, so I slipped in a side entrance, kept my face to the wall as I approached the elevators, and go on the first elevator going up. There were a bunch of folks getting on after me, so I turned around to face the back so they couldn't examine my face, and as the elevator went up, I realized I was looking face out, right out of the glass part of one of those glass elevators, staring right into the faces of all the folks gathered in the lobby for the free drinks at happy hour, who all appeared to be amusing themselves by watching the glass elevator, and its riders, go up and down. My heart dropped about 20 feet. No problemo, though, but another good adrenaline rush.
  13. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    I have been on that Skyride. Dude - it's 4 minutes, tops! Not really something to brag about
  14. Guy's Do You Prefer Selfies Or Professional Pics

    Thanks, Boink, let's keep a little order here. If you like, I can ask Andy to give you a bullet.