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  1. Taking chances with secret encounters

    If you think there is any chance you won't be found out, you know nothing of women. Your wife will see and smell the lingering aura, and any tangible confirmation will simply seal your doom. If you want adventure, PM me and I will arrange to have you flung out of an airplane at 18,000 feet. It's a whole lot safer.
  2. Well, well, well, welcome to the brotherhood. Forget about the first time you got laid, the day you pop your real cherry is the day when you fall for a provider. Happens to a lot of us, and it is not the fault of the lady. We hire them to be really good actresses, and some are so good that we actually believe that this gorgeous, young, sexy woman really does care about our homely old selves. That fact that we want to believe them certainly exacerbates the situation. And then, one day, you slam into a brick wall of reality and realize, ".... she didn't really care about me, it was all a business transaction." Aw shucks, broken heart, boo-hoo, back to cold old reality. Been there, more than once (but no more), I feel for you. But that's what happens when you hire a great actress and forget that she is an actress. Don't worry, you will recover, you will move on. If you are lucky, you can look back and smile at how happy you were for a few days, and learn to thank her for that gift of delusion and happiness. BTW, this is not a criticism of the ladies, not in the least, they are wonderful, and tremendous actresses. Just remember that you are on a stage.
  3. Quiet during BCD activities

    OK, I can’t believe I have waited all this time to ask: What does BCD stand for?
  4. No show

    Dude, you have got to go to Montana. No person should go to the great beyond without experiencing the great right here, right now. Amazing place, deserves its nickname of "Big Sky Country." The fishing on the Madison and several other rivers is beyond belief - and you can rent an honest-to-God fishing cabin right on the river for about 1/2 of what a motel room would cost here. Or, and this is much better, the camping alternatives are plentiful and beautiful. Yeah, I like the place, nearly as much as I like Hawaii and Alaska (OMG, the Salmon fishing in Alaska, Wowsa).
  5. Shy guy

    Wrong, sixties dude, we love to share. Here's one of my faves: Go up to Georgetown, and go around the lake to where Clear Creek flows into the lake, hike up Clear Creek for as far as you wish, and start fishing. The water might still be a little high now, but once it comes down and clears up, it is a great little stream. Advantage here is that when fishing slows down in the middle of the day, it's just a hop, skip and a jump into Georgetown which has wonderful restaurants, bars, and a couple nice little parks to just lay down and catch a nap in. Another: Waterton Canyon - the draw here is how close it is (a couple miles past I-470 and Wadsworth), where you can hike as far as you like and fish the legendary South Platte at any point you wish until you get to the dam, which is quite a long way. This is a controlled release stream, so it might not be as high as the other streams in the area. The fishing is surprisingly good because until you get to the first diversion dam, it is an unobstructed swim for the fishies to go down to Chatfield Reservoir, and some real hogs overwinter in Chatfield's depths and swim up the river in the summer, looking to eat bugs and little fish (or dry flies and spinners). Keep going and there is terrific fishing at the base of the dam which rewards those willing to hike 4-5 miles (or you can ride a mountain bike to move it along a bit - great roadway). You will likely be rewarded with a view of wild Mountain Sheep - in fact, if real lucky, you might get within a few feet of a herd of wild Mountain Sheep (the ones with the big, curly horns). For a visitor, that is a once in a lifetime adventure. As to the wild rivers (Colorado, North Platte, Arkansas, etc.) the water is just plain too high right now. As to ponds and lakes, I have no idea at all. I don't like to fish in anything but rivers. Ooops, except the little lake at the base of St. Mary's Glacier, which is a stunning hike in its own right and is surprisingly good fishing, especially if you want to catch the legendary "Tiger Trout" which occur only in that lake. Finally, once the water comes down, Clear Creek above Golden and below Downieville is surprisingly good fishing, although you are only a few feet from I-70 so it isn't exactly a pristeen wilderness experience. I usually stop and fish this section only when I am going up to the mountains anyway. Smaller fish, but lots of action. I usually park near the zipline park. Have fun!
  6. Exxxotica 2019

    Bronco Vibrator!!! Holy crap!!! Have you ever seen the size of a horse's dick? You would need both hands to pick up a bronco vibrator and it would need a 240 volt motor to vibrate. I know you girls like a thrill, but a horse-dick sized vibrator? WOW! Wouldn't want to follow that act.
  7. Some people are more affected by high altitude. Garden of the Gods is about the same altitude as Denver, so go for that. Also, this time of year the Botanical Gardens are wonderful. Go early, while it is still cool, and stay for lunch at one of the great little cafes. No altitude problem, it is right here in town.
  8. How to get started?

    I have no idea how that happened! Totally unintended. I have reversed it as best I can. Damn these fat fingers!
  9. Romi Rain

    TOFTT, be sure to write a review.
  10. Thing you say when

    "Look there, that's the hospital I was born in." Or more likely: "See where that 30-story apartment building is? That's where the hospital I was born in used to be. "
  11. How to get started?

    Too bad for the newbies, let 'em figure it out, like we all had to. Why, when I was a newbie I had to walk uphill to the incall, both directions, for miles, in four-foot deep snow, only to get NCNS. These kids nowadays don't know how easy they have it now.
  12. Have you watched "Ask an Escort"?

    You do realize that this description fits quite a few of the ladies you might hope to encounter, including quite a few of my favorites, don't you? I love a fucking great actress, or wait, is it.... I love fucking a great actress. Actually, I'm pretty sure they aren't acting with me, but they probably are with the rest of you guys.
  13. 411 on ChelseaSpankxxx

    Saw her once, years ago, OK FBSM, she’s legit and you won’t leave with blue balls.
  14. How to handle the life?

    Get a job that involves working with a smarter group of people.
  15. Thing you say when

    I sure miss Laserium....