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  1. 411 on Silvia Vogue

    Hopefully I can shed some light - I saw Silvia a couple of years back on 3 different occasions and she was definitely the girl in the pics and I enjoyed myself each time. I saw the ads pop up recently and got excited. After some back and forth texting, the person using her pics claim to be “her sister”. She sent over a couple of text pics, but I passed and didn’t go see her. Any appointment you set will be a roll of the dice.
  2. 411 on Katen

    Just go see her man. She is legit and her menu wasn’t limited. Will you have the same experience as me? Who knows? I received too many PM’s to respond to them all.
  3. Ruby Colorado Companion Ruby 720-687-8286 I’ve seen Ruby’s ads up on Eros in the past but I haven’t tried to connect. She has some new pics up now and wanting to give it a shot. I’ve googled her phone and email address before and have come across older ads with pics of someone that’s one red flag. For some reason I get a “Denver Ladies” vibe from this one, but not 100%. May just TOFTT, but would love to know if someone else has tried her out. Thanks!
  4. 411 Kylie Peyton

    She is 100% real, and is a good time overall. Did have ground rules, but nothing overly restrictive. Would have to disagree with gr8owl on the “shared” pics. In my opinion, the links he shared are two completely different people...not to proud to be corrected here if I’m wrong
  5. 411 on Katen

    Visited her yesterday and can confirm that she’s the real deal. Her rates may not be for everyone, but I left VERY satisfied. PM me for details
  6. 411 on Alex 12

    All good! I don’t understand the 12 to 1, and I find myself skeptical on a lot of reviews...not sure if the experience outweighed the fake pics or if they were satisfied enough with her looks that it didn’t matter? Anyhow, “Alex” now has an ad on Eros with totally different pics: which is one sign. But to answer your question directly, even though her face was blurred out you could still see some features lips, etc that were a give away to me. Also, her body shape was much different too. I know some pics can be photoshopped, but I could spot that it wasn’t her. All said, she was attractive but the activities were just OK.
  7. 411 on Alex 12

    I took a chance on Alex this last Friday. She is definitely not the girl in the pics and has some limits that aren’t worth the price IMO. She’s hot and has a great body, but her pics are inaccurate.
  8. 411 for Paige Mee on Tryst

    Curious why you think she’s TGTBT. Only $300 and her pics look like she’s “got some stories to tell”. I’d imagine she’d be the one opening the door
  9. Thanks for the sleuthing! This should tell me all I need to know. PASS!
  10. Kayla 702-530-8604 Colorado Massage Hi all! Wanted to see if anyone has visited Kayla. I’ve had decent success with Rubratings in the past...when the pics weren’t obviously fake. This particular one is hard to tell but seems TGTBT. Couldn’t find any hits on her images or phone number when searching.
  11. 411 on Vera Star

    I still don’t understand how everyone here is claiming bait and switch...even those that saw her. This link here: even shows the same tat on her forearm that I saw on her in person. Like I said in my earlier post: there were a couple of pics that were less representative but others that were more accurate. These are obviously “studio” pictures which may be touched up some...but unless the differences are completely obvious then what’s the harm? And, no, I’m not “white knighting” this provider but some of what is being said is incorrect.
  12. 411 on Silvia Monreo

    She’s the real deal and was in Denver a couple of months ago. English isn’t the best, she has a few rules but is an absolute smoke show. Will admit, the first visit was a bit “cold” but saw her again and she seemed to open up a bit. I’ll be going back to see her again soon. Lots of skeptics on the Russian girls here...I’ve almost always found the pics to be accurate with an a couple of exceptions but have never been disappointed with looks.
  13. 411 on Vera Star

    I TOFTT with Vera yesterday. I don’t have the link, but she does have some additional pics up. She is the girl in the pics you sent over, but they are “touched up”. If you can find the other pics of her (google her number) those are a more accurate representation I’d say. Either way, she is super cute, very fit and a lot of fun. I’d repeat.
  14. 411 Diana Rose

    I’ve met some of the girls on Matroyshka (or however you spell it!) before...Silvia Moreno in Denver who posted on Eros and Bella when I was in Oregon for work pre-Covid. Both were the provider in the pics but not both were as “friendly” with services. Both were smoking hot but one was basically a dead fish...not terrible but just not that much fun (Silvia). Bella, on the other hand, was incredible...basically PSE. I’ve visited several of the women on the russian sites (privilege, etc.) and have noticed this: usually the pics are of the girl you’ll visit but they’re almost always a bit “glamour shot-esque”. To that it could be a crap shoot, but if you find a good one on there it could be worth the $$$.
  15. Visiting (supposedly)

    I TOFTT today and had a good experience. Will say that the pics aren’t her, and are kiiiinda close I guess. Either way she’s damn good looking. Would say about 5’5”, great body, killer ass and either a full C or small D set of man mades....oh, and is in her mid 20s. Would review but I can’t leave one for someone that doesn’t have a profile created. She’s going to be here for another week...I might repeat