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    Have to say I’m curious too.
  2. 411 on maddie eve

    She is awesome. Message me for details. Review pending.
  3. This is why I like being on top.
  4. Tomi or Amanda?

    I. Was going to write a review for Tomi, but got very busy and she left town a day or two later. When I saw this post I felt compelled to respond. While I didn’t match the pics exact to an exact tattoo or mole, I can tell you they are all very attractive and offer full gfe. Candy who was here about a month ago was a few years older than her pics although still great looking with a banging body. The few people who know me on here know I’m very selective. Haven’t seen Amanda yet, but I have a good feeling the trend will continue. Let’s all be thankful for a little choice.
  5. Tomi or Amanda?

    Awesome. Message me for more.
  6. Snow

    Nokia’s Hakkapeliitta studded 9 suv tires are the best in the world if you drive in snow and ice on a regular basis. Period.
  7. What’s happening?

    Reviews too
  8. Never have I ever... Hobby style game

    Alex I’d leave the ID behind too.
  9. Anybody sign up to Storm Area 51?

    I just escaped from there and don’t really want to go back.
  10. How to handle the life?

    Nothing worse than stoopid people. They should spend more time in skool.
  11. Getting started here

    First good laugh I have had this morning. Keep the name.
  12. Savana

    Stephania used to be with Privilege.
  13. Ladies from Matchless Beauties?

    Very legit. Some better than others, but professional and a great value.
  14. Privilege Escort Agency - Borrowed images?

    I just saw Victoria. I’m me.
  15. I like a good negative review

    I feel like Eddie Murphy in the movie Boomerang. I think I have just been doing this too long. In the beginning I found so many woman that I just had to call and meet. Now I’m finding fault with everything. Too far away, too much money, too short, too tall, too old, too unknown, etc. you get the idea. I’ve done a few bad reviews over the years and sometimes wish I had done more. I will see girls with a negative review or two, depending on why it was written. Bunches of “no shows” forget it, but maybe someone didn’t like a service or lack there of. We all have different wants or needs. Some days I’m an arrogant prick and other days I’m your very best friend. On occasion I’ll see a bad review as an opportunity to think I can do something better than the reviewer. 75% of the time the reviewer is right, but the one in four can be a big payoff. We all need to be held accountable in certain circumstances, but hopefully we can tell bad service from revenge. This hobby is supposed to be fun or lucrative. There is no need for all this drama. I have many people I’m me on here and ask about a certain person and I will tell them the truth. Some woman may not like me and I’m sorry for that(I’m. Thinking of one or two in particular). However, if I die tomorrow I’ve met a lot of great people on here and if I die thirty years from now I have memories that will last me forever. If you think about it you can only remember a small fraction of the days in your entire life, but many of those days are with people on here.