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  1. 411 on Belle La Me

    Saw her today. Review pending. Awesome time.
  2. Nikki Lovely on Tryst

    At that price I can’t help you out.
  3. 411 on melisahot

    First off Penorsword did you see her? There are a great deal of women traveling around the country. If I can get a locally taken selfie that is a good first step. Some use older pics. Check things like electrical outlets in photos. European plugs are different than our own. Also match tattoos, birthmarks. Etc. The fact she has some reviews on PD is also a good sign. Reviews on here, TNA, ECCIE, or TER even better.
  4. 411 on melisahot

    Always a chance the pics are dated, but she most likely is the real thing. Ask her for a selfie taken in Denver.
  5. 411 on Belle La Me

    Well I love trying to find some undiscovered jewel amongst a pile of rocks. Still a few red flags with Bella, but also a great deal of potential. Savior Faire we started this before many people on the board and remember the way things use to be. Now I’m sounding old.
  6. 411 on Belle La Me

    I’ve been talking to her for a couple of months now, but schedule hasn’t worked out yet.
  7. Escort

    Don’t mind TOFTT ever, but still have no reason to want to take the plunge with her. Pics are vague too.
  8. Escort

    I just shot her a text. Appears a little sketchy or a scam. We will see.
  9. 411 BanginBritt

  10. 411 BanginBritt

    I saw her a couple of years ago. Feel free to message me. A couple of her pics are dated, but she is the real deal.
  11. 411 on Eden Haight on Tryst

    Deposit? I don’t think so.
  12. 411 on Carinna

    Well at least you have good taste. I tried her, but between the donation and lack of text I wasn’t going. Try asking for a selfie of them with Denver in the background. At least then you have a good idea of who you might be meeting.
  13. 411 on (719)424-6078

    I did a phone number search. Really?
  14. 411 - Riley

    I saw her. She is the girl in the pics, but I’d pass.
  15. To Review or not To Review

    I need to chime in on this one. If you really have a bad experience or a complete no-show you need to post it. If you just have a so-so time then maybe do nothing. A couple of times I had a terrible experience with a couple of people who still post on here and decided not to write a review. The thing that gets me is that both of these people are still getting great reviews. Now I’ve seen a fair number of people over the years and realize that people don’t always have chemistry, but poor service, fake pictures, or a bad attitude are not excusable by either party. In both cases nothing was done to rectify the situation. Would you go on Amazon and rate everything 5 stars?