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  1. Majesty, Ft. Collins STG

    See my review on Aletia (she also goes by that) my only so-so review. She is a little nuts, I would not go back. 970-820-7491 Majesty-Aletia
  2. 411 on Winnie

    Do a little research on your own. She has many positive review, and is on P411. Not sure what else you are looking for. And to reply to your PM, she is not LE...
  3. 411 on Cally-3191

    I saw her about 2 years ago, her P411 was inactive for a bit but appears to be active now. She is real.
  4. Thankful for TOB

    Thank you all for responding, I kinda thought it might be a cheesy first post, but ya gotta start somewhere right? This hobby has treated me so well! I wish I would have found out about this hobby sooner though, so many beautiful ladies I have missed out on! I do feel bad for the newer guys though. P411 no longer taking any new clients, they were my first start and have helped me tremendously. I was always worried of places like BP and CL, and P411 put me a little at ease knowing the providers were vetted. Thanks again, I always enjoy reading the new content in the forums.
  5. Thankful for TOB

    Hello everyone, I have been a long time lurker on here, and this site and all it’s wonderful members have been amazing! I’ve been in the hobby since 2011 when I was in the Marine Corps in San Diego. When I moved back home (NoCo) in 2013 I was so pleased to have found this site. The members of this board are so much nicer than those in California, and this community I can’t say enough about! I really just wanted to say thanks to all of you that review and comment on here, and I thought it was about time to start participating and come out from the shadows. Anywho...thanks again, TOB is awesome and I’m glad they were able to withstand all the changes and stay afloat! J