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  1. Sigh, I miss BP

    I think a separate section is a great idea.
  2. Love

    Love has always been an action, and not a feeling for me. It's easy to say the words I love you, and it feels good when you hear them, but the proof is always in the pudding. Who's there with you through your struggles, through your celebrations, when life really matters. Who are the people you can count on, that put in the time and energy regardless of what's going on. That's real family and real least for me. Great topic. Cant wait to hear the input on this one. 💙💙💙 P.S. I also love Beer 😂😂😂
  3. Sigh, I miss BP

    It's been rough for my fbsm provider friends. I wish the word would get out about TOB for that market. Sorry sweetheart.
  4. Sigh, I miss BP

    If you're having a few visits a month, I'd say your doing great! Older or younger, that's a healthy amount of visits. 😁😁😁
  5. Black mail & Being Outted

    I agree it can go both ways. It's wrong either way. I don't have any experience with this the other way around, but you are correct.
  6. Black mail & Being Outted

    A client of mine told me a little about this story. Thank you for sharing it again. It's an empowering read.
  7. Black mail & Being Outted

    This is so common in this industry. Men preying on ladies who are on the outskirts of society. Unfortunately, if he's reading this, he's getting off on it. There are some twisted men out there who feel inadequate in their own lives, so they torment women they find as easy pickins. If they were confident and happy, this wouldn't be an issue. Support is key in this situation. I mean REAL support. It's scary as hell, isolating, and lonely dealing with this on your own. When it happens you're afraid of losing your income, where you live, where you work, worried about you're safety, worried about the pain and suffering this will cause the people you love most in this world. It's the worst. I'm so glad you reached out for help. If the providers here haven't gone through this themselves, there is a provider they love dearly who has. We have experience in dealing with these situations. Put your armour on, and stay strong. We've got you. If you need advice, if you need to cry, if you need to scream and shout, if you just need someone to sit with you while you breathe through it, we are here for you. I am here for you for sure. I'll send you my number now. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm sending a lot of love your way. 💙
  8. question for ladies: P411 PM

    I get the jealousy feelings part, the acting on the jealousy part, not so much But, hey if you two dig it, 👍😁 She's probably watching this thread right now😳😂
  9. New provider in town

    There are a lot of game players unfortunately, and it's very hard sifting through the riff raff. I feel your pain. However, I met 3 new, respectful, absolutely wonderful gentlemen just today, so to paint "Denver men" with that brush is not true, and unfair to them. I love you Denver guys!! 😘😘😘
  10. question for ladies: P411 PM

    There's no room for jealousy in this hobby. We've got to spread the love around. That's what keeps it fun and exciting.😁 Boink, will you accept a CZ? I cant afford real diamonds. 🙃
  11. Wonderful group of people

    We do have a good group here. I'm glad you are a part of it. 💋🤗💋🤗💋🤗
  12. New provider in town

    True. Great guys in both parts of town. Splitting time between both north and south works great. A few days in each.
  13. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    That's really unfortunate. Safety and comfortability on both sides is so important in order to have a great session, and that's completely out the window at this point. Cut your losses, and move forward. We all make mistakes. I'm a firm believer in your reputation, will speak for itself. Hopefully, you've learned a few things from this experience as well.
  14. References

    Absolutely for me this is the case. Quality, open, and genuine references carry the most weight when I'm deciding to see a new client. I understand different ladies have different views, and there are still risks 100% of the time regardless of a providers screening practices, but for me, this has been how I've avoided problem clients this last year. I've missed out on seeing some quality men who were either unwilling or unable to provide references, but we all have a to make the best decisions for our own selves. There are quality providers and hobbyists with differing comfort levels when it comes to screening. Everyone can decide whatever works best for themselves.
  15. Musings of an old man

    By info, do you mean a hobby name, hobby contact number, hobby email, and references that say you are a gentleman who will be respectful during your session??? Wow, yes I can see why you wouldn't want to give up this very personal information that's says absolutely nothing about who you are. Geez. Dude, you are so negative. Seriously gotta love the members who hate how this hobby works, even though it really is set up for you to be successful the majority of the time. We all have inconveniences, and deal with bs. Entitled much???