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  1. Hungover

    Don't be discouraged. Many of us learn things the hard way. I know I have. It just reminds us to be more thoughtful when we post and comment. I hope you still share your thoughts and opinions. There are a lot of other members that will relate to what you have to share and your perspective. You definitely have some experience in this hobby. 😘
  2. Hungover

    There's a p411 board? I never knew that. That's cool.
  3. Hungover

    No that was last night or maybe the night before that. Black Hawk night. Whatever night that was. Lol
  4. Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!

    Hell yeah!
  5. A question for the ladies ....

    Laci brought up the Sybian in another thread.👏👏👏 I've never had one, but DAMN, I want one when I get back!😀
  6. Menu items....wanna hear from the ladies...

    I didn't know about this feature until last night. Megan schooled me on it when I read this thread. Unfortunately, 5 mins is not enough time for me to get my head out of my ass. Lol. But good to know anyway. 🙃👍
  7. Menu items....wanna hear from the ladies...

    Those damn scotch nights 😎
  8. Menu items....wanna hear from the ladies...

    This lady has no problem with that, AFTER you pass my screening and I'm comfortable talking to you. 😙
  9. "Are you circumcised?" (P411)

    😂😂😂 I'm just loving these newer threads. I'm so over the ncns/bad hobbyist/provider crap. More please! 💙💙💙
  10. How to be a provider's favorite...

    It does. 😍😍😍
  11. Time to hang it up ?

    "Time to hang it up?" My experience has always been, when I'm asking myself these kind of questions, I already know the answers. I'm usually looking for some sort of validation/confirmation. The truth is, this kind of stuff you are complaining about happens everyday in the hobby, with or without the added bullshit from all the changes. If you're unhappy hobbying these days, it's probably time to stop and focus on the things that do make you happy, or find a new hobby that will be more fulfilling for you. Whatever you decide, best wishes on your journey. Hopefully you will make it a positive one. 💙
  12. You're good Candio! Just keep it moving. Stay focused on your goals, friends, and family. The rest is bullshit. Much love. Sweetheart. 💙
  13. Eros Verified? Need Advice...

    I worked in Dallas at the time, and yes at that time, most of my business was from out of town. I wonder if Dallas Eros has the same reputation there now too. It wasn't all that expensive really, and might be a place to go again. I will say this, and its why I don't see many out of town gentleman. I screen from local reputable referenced only. Screening was MUCH MUCH more intense then, than it is now. We are talking giving up ALL your real world info. Full public data screening, employment screening, we got everything. The main difference was the girls who advertised on Eros then were ELITE. The Dallas Observer girls were a seperate category, the Harry Hines girls were a seperate category. The spa girls were a seperate cayegory. The Eros girls were completely seperate from those girls. We were trustworthy, would never in a million years do anything negative with that kind of info. Well established, well reviewed ladies. Now were all jumbled up together. The clients too. The Elite clients also get all jumbled up with clients they really shouldn't be. Honestly, when I come back from my hike, I would like to help lead the way to kind of get things back to the way they were. These times feel very similar to the times when internet escorting first started to me.
  14. Feeling Dreary Like the Weather!

    Great Recommendation! Thanks Bora Bora!
  15. Feeling Dreary Like the Weather!

    You can always come have a beer with me 🍻