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  1. Couples

    Idk if we can promote providers on the forums. I feel like some of my friends have got warnings or points for this. 🤷‍♀️
  2. hobbyist Colorado Springs Intro

    Welcome to the forums. I hope you have fun in our special little place on the internet. Lots af fun and interesting characters to interact with. ❤❤❤
  3. Deal Breaker: Her/His profile said . . .

    It's no big deal 😂😂😂
  4. Deal Breaker: Her/His profile said . . .

    If anyone was going to post it, I thought it would be you! 😂😂😂 I actually thought i was going to open this and the pic be there. Lol.
  5. Deal Breaker: Her/His profile said . . .

    Please dont post the floater pic. I beg you 🙏🙏🙏
  6. Deal Breaker: Her/His profile said . . .

    I think if she doesnt mind the monitor in the pic, the toilet is not a big deal at that point right? Standards have changed. 😂
  7. What to do this weekend?

    I forgot about that!
  8. Deal Breaker: Her/His profile said . . .

    I like your thinking. It could just be an alcohol monitor. Lol. Be extra cautious, but if she's a always been a good provider but got into a little trouble maybe give her a break. It happens. Hey the judge trusts her enough to let her out of jail, right? 🤣😜❤😂
  9. What to do this weekend?

    Some playtime of course 😉 Some shopping for a friend, and Sunday Funday with the family. Have a fun and safe weekend everyone. ❤
  10. Remedies ?

    I really like that Miranda Lambert song 💙💙💙
  11. Some of you ladies need to hear this

    I am completely calm, and can provide screenshots of ALL your outing and craziness. Dont confuse realness with being upset. I can't imagine anyone reading what you have done and said and my responses to them who would ever consider me to be a bully or classless.
  12. Some of you ladies need to hear this

    All I know is I'm not going to get on the forums and try to ruin any memebers reputataion and say things that he/she said or did, that never happened that there is no record at all of him doing. I actually will come to his defense. I also never got on the denver womens back channel site and outed a ladies personal information or multiple ladies for ANY reason, much less for the reason given than they are not liked. Can you say the same? So when you say "well known ladies" wont give you a reference, even though I have know idea who you are talking about, my experience is I can see why. Call me a bully, but the only person I have experience with bullying for NO reason at all is you. I've defended male board members, my provider friend, and myself from your goofy accusations. The mods even asked you to provide the msgs against 2 members you accused stuff of right here on the forums, and you couldn't. This is why ladies don't trust everything they read on BL sites because some providers go out of there way to take people down for no reason at all. Luckily, some of us aren't afraid to stick up for ourselves and others we know to be of good standing.
  13. Some of you ladies need to hear this

    When a particular provider has a history of making false claims against clients and providers and when asked for proof cant back it up, or when they create male profiles to try and set providers up to take other providers down and make them look bad, or out where providers live, or outing them and their children, outing providers legal issues, you know over all being a horrible human being. Yeah I can see why providers dont give references to everyone.
  14. Some of you ladies need to hear this

    I'm out of reps dammit 😘
  15. Some of you ladies need to hear this

    I would give a reference to any lady whether I personally care for her or not, unless she has a history of ripping guys off, is dangerous, or has a history of outing someone or multiple people.