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  1. Low Volume Girls

    Now that should never happen! Although, I know some girls share incalls and I have considered this as well, but you guys should never be running into each other. That's horrible. That's a scheduling/communication issue.
  2. Low Volume Girls

    Thats kind of what I was thinking. Maybe 10 a week. But, I'm a provider, and this term really caters to clients. I can see why guys would want to see a a girl who only sees one person a day. But, are those the girls who generally charge like 400/500hr?
  3. Contributions

    I agree. If you screen well enough, where you only see true gentlemen, and weed out the assholes, it shouldn't be an issue. I'm with you. I just want to have a good time, and get lost in each other for an hour. I want to know you're a sweetheart and fun, and I'm not going to have any issues with you before you walk through my door. Trust me the last thing on my mind before the end of our session is money.
  4. Low Volume Girls

    There was a couple weeks after the new year when it was super slow. I added that I was low volume on my p411 acct. 🤣
  5. Low Volume Girls

    Yeah that's kind of what we came up with. Kind of like the GFE thing.
  6. Low Volume Girls

    How very insightful. Thanks for sharing Petey. 😂
  7. The Tip up front that's a tip you can keep. 😂😂😂
  8. Low Volume Girls

    I was talking to another provider not to long ago. I've gotta give my girl Amber720 a shout out. Hey girl Hey! Okay, so she's been somewhat of a mentor to me, and she told me no question is too dumb to ask. So guys, what do you consider to be low volume for providers? I'm asking everyone, but especially guys who only see low volume providers. Is it x amount of guys she sees a day? Is it x amount of guys she sees a week?
  9. The Tip up front

    I'm just speaking from my own experience. When I first started in Denver, I advertised FBSM. I advertised low rates, much lower than I do now. Still, I never asked for a tip. I just find it tacky.
  10. The Tip up front

    Providers shouldn't be asking for a tip period. Talk about tacky.
  11. More strange hooker math...

    Me too!
  12. BS

    And this is why I prefer older gentleman...and yes, good providers would never put it out. It's nothin but lovin every time every session.
  13. This reminded me of you...

    Um... can I be work????
  14. A little Help in the Highlands

    I've seen a few clients that took an Uber to come see me. As long as you pass my screening, I don't mind giving my address ahead of time. I'm sure there other providers who would do the same.
  15. A little Help in the Highlands

    Crazy/Funny uber stories...that would be an interesting thread with this group for sure!