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  1. Donation instead of tip?

    Working as a waitress in Texas I made like $2/hr plus tips, and employers still wouldn't let me get OT. Lol. I worked as a bartender for private events and I made $12 or $15 an hour plus tips plus overtime pay if I worked over 40 hours. Managing in Retail we had both salaried and hourly employees. There was a difference. Salary did not get paid for OT and hourly did. I guess we see things differently. 🤷‍♀️
  2. Donation instead of tip?

    Just because others have stated it, does not make it the BEST tip. As others have NOT stated, another booking is not always an option. Two examples are...gentleman traveling through for a one time visit which is a common occurrence. Another is some guys prefer variety, and choose not to see the same provider twice. Even when it is an option to rebook, some Gentleman ENJOY giving gifts to the ladies. Sometimes its cash, sometimes its picking out that special card, or special flower, or candle or scent, or an outfit they'd like their provider to wear, a gift card to their favorite place to shop, or as you give a DVD or toy. Toys are great gifts. ❤ It's something they look forward to. It's not always what happens during the visit. It's the before, during and after that's exciting for some. Not everyone is able to hobby often, and some gents really want to make that rare occasion a special experience. Some gents really just love spoiling ladies. I never expect a tip. I never think any more or less of clients based on tipping/gifting. I'm more than happy with my rates, and I'm an appreciative person. I just want both of us to have the best time we can, and if we do, I'm thrilled to get another booking. 😊
  3. I need in my life...

    Awww... this is too cute decaf. There are quite a few Genie's on this forum. Just rub the lamp. 😍
  4. Useless reviews

  5. I'm back "kinda"

    You have truly been missed sweetheart. I'm sorry for whatever you are going through. My phone and my inbox are always open if you need anything at all. I wish I could give you a big hug of comfort. Sending love to you.
  6. Donation instead of tip?

    My experience with housekeepers is they are hourly not salaried. My experience with salaried positions is if they receive a tip, they pass it down to their hourly employees. Just my experience. Also, I've met several independent contractors in other fields who gladly accept tips. The part in bold... I doubt you'll ever have an independent provider do this. Why? Although most of us don't expect tips, we graciously accept and appreciate them. It can be a cash tip, a small inexpensive gift, or showered with gifts. We appreciate them. This is an industry where having your individual wants and needs met or exceeded is not necessarily easy to come by. Some gents recognize and reward the ladies who go above and beyond for them with a little extra. Thank you to the sweethearts that do this. We truly appreciate you. ❤
  7. San Francisco

    Yes, and i was pleasantly surprised to see a PD friend join TOB 😍
  8. Donation instead of tip?

    Tips are for a salaried person?? That's the first time I've heard of that.
  9. San Francisco

    +1 Get on Private Delights for Cali. Won't regret it!
  10. Why is it so

    Love this!!!! 😂😂😂😍😍😍
  11. Enjoy Your VD

    Is there such a thing as it's too early for steak and BJ day? I think not. 😋😍
  12. Enjoy Your VD

    Thank you JR. I hope everyone has a nice Valentine's Day today as well... filled with blow jobs, steaks, chocolates and flowers. I made damn sure I am giving a blow job today. My gift to mankind on this holiday. 😋 For everyone who will be alone or sad on this day, I heard a poem this morning I'd like to share. Roses are Red Violets are Blue Tequila Hugs and Kisses to all you TOB sweethearts 💞
  13. Fake reference

    Every lady screens differently, not just here but everywhere else including where you are from. We all don't follow one protocol because what works for one provider doesnt work for another. That's because we are all independent, and we do what works for ourselves. Some ladies don't use references at all and think it's a poor business practice.
  14. What's happening in DTC

    Yeah hotels are usually cheaper in DTC especially compared to up north like westy
  15. Hi Me High and TOB!!! I missed Y'all!!!

    Yep, we're still crazy here. 😋 I'll continue to do my best to keep you entertained. I'm sure others will as well. Welcome Home. Glad to see you back. ❤