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  1. Hotels/Motels

    I like quick trips, so I prefer hotels I can get early checkins and late checkouts. Less days booked, so I can hit the road. My pup Luna and I are inseparable, so it has to be pet friendly. Friendly staff is a MUST for repeat business.
  2. Sports Question?

    The same as before. I watch when I feel like it. Not a big deal if I don't. Watched the Cowboy game this week with my fam. Had a great time.
  3. What do you believe in?

    I believe nothing I hear, and only half of what I see. 💯
  4. Life and times; Notorious RBG and moving forward

    Might as well get used to it. Forecast is more shit/different year in 2021. 😂
  5. All Buildings Matter!

    "The victims of 9/11 were of many colors,religions , ages and genders. I was saying I'm not surprised at your perception. My perception was quite different. 3/4 were white. 3/4 were male. "1/4 of the Victims of 9/11 were of many colors, religions, ages, and genders." Perception?
  6. WR area

    Protect your weenies at all costs! We kinda like em around here. 🙏😋❤
  7. All Buildings Matter!

    Actually, the majority of people who died were white. Also, the majority of people who died were men. It might explain why certain groups of people have empathy for 9/11 victims and very little empathy for the black community and what they're fighting for.
  8. Crazy guy

    What an idiot making threats from a RW number. There are some fucked up folks in this world. I'm sorry you came in contact with one of them.
  9. When your sleep cycle is off!

    Thanks babe. I'll give it a try. Glad it's helping you so far. 💙
  10. When your sleep cycle is off!

    How was your sleep? Do you have any strange/vivid dreams?
  11. STG any luck boys?

    I'd rather have fun than deal with some of the bs from some of these other sites. That might change at some point, but there's enough bs to deal with from TOB, P411, Tryst, and PD and those are my favs. 😋 Sight seeing, playing with my dog Luna, visiting my friends, napping, supplementing with RW jobs...anything other than dealing with 70-90% bullshitters/gameplayers..that's what I'm about.
  12. Milking table?

    I like the way you think! 😈 Although with my girlfriends, they'd be doing more than a massage on their backside. 🤣
  13. Please Read and be Informed!

    It's unfortunate in this day and time with all the resources we have, that there needs to be a post like this. There are always risks in our industry, but please for the love of our community BE SAFE!! This is NOT the time to be pushing boundaries, and letting our guards down. Quite the opposite. 🙏🙏🙏
  14. Enhanced vs natural

    She probably did. She's a smart woman and never let on. 😂😂😂
  15. Enhanced vs natural

    Definitely not an offensive post. My natural breast size is 32A and they were perfect, however they didn't fit my appetite for big breasts. 350ccs did the trick and I've been obsessed with them ever since. Just like I love all different shapes and sizes of dicks, the same goes with breasts. As a woman who is crazy about them all, its hard for me to understand men's different preferences. Women and breasts in all their forms make me melt like butter. I know our brains work much differently than men though.