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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Thank You!

    You fellas really showed up for the coat drive, and my heart couldn't be any happier. I seriously thought I'd collect a few, maybe three or four coats when I posted about my coat drive. Nope. I have around 50 brand new coats!! Just wow. I'm practically speechless. I've always known that there are very kind souls among us, I guess I just didn't know how many. I can't even begin to describe how thankful and appreciative I am, so I'll just say thank you from the bottom of my heart. As it turns out, I attended the school I'll be donating the coats to and I didn't realize it while I was collecting. It so happens that the only year I went there, it was a particularly cold winter for me. Think socks for gloves. So, when I found out, it really hit hard just how much these coats mean to someone. And since you guys took care of the coats, I was able to purchase a bunch of warm gloves, mittens, sweaters, and warm layers. This was totally successful, and again, a HUGE thanks to you fellas for making it happen. I'll probably do it again next year. * Although I won't be actively promoting the coat drive, I will always accept coats and I know exactly who needs them. https://ibb.co/xgTKGFz
  3. Moves your soul.

  4. Moves your soul.

    More Pony because I can't get enough and he has fantastic taste in women.
  5. Moves your soul.

    I have to make this perfectly clear; WSP is my favorite band of all time and the lyrics to this song are so beautiful that I'm thinking of getting them tattooed somewhere. Phish is fun like going to the circus, but when I go to a Panic show, that's my church. JB's voice is everything perfect in this world.
  6. What is going on in city? Anything I should know?

    Yeah if you like Phish. I wouldn't recommend just going because it's cool or something. Tickets were $120 per night, all the activities and balloons might freak people out, and how many people outside of Phish phans would really appreciate Meatstick and Trey's noodling? And personally, I'd rather boogie with people who get excited if we get an Ocelot! You can always spot the first timers because they look SO uncomfortable and out of their element.
  7. What is going on in city? Anything I should know?

    That Tweezer πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  8. Ladies...

    I'm not going to read all that, however I will point out that I specifically called the ladies to read what I posted.
  9. Ladies...

    Well, let's see...everything I said was factual and the intelligent people who I've met would never spend their free time trolling hooker forums.
  10. Ladies...

    yw. I like your trolling. Keep that shit up.
  11. Ladies...

    Shut up.
  12. Ladies...

    This is bs, don't comply. Hot.com has been using my brand for free for two years, and in that two years, I've received one or two clients from there. Outside of that, out of pure principle, this is just plain wrong. If none of us pay, they'll reevaluate their business model. That's all, hope you're having a nice holiday.
  13. Ummmmmm Hi Old Friends!

    @Chrissy I got the pudding. Whenever you're ready.