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Found 15 results

  1. Digital currency

    Help!! I'm trying to send to a friend. I got the money in coinbase. How do I send it?? Feel free to pm me
  2. I am having some issues with my account. Is this problem is something that others are having problems with also? I am unable to get to a profile page or even click on my own profile or listing. If someone could please get back to me?
  3. Fun in Austin

    Hi All, I will be in Austin the following few weeks for work. Does anybody has any recommendations for hobbying over there? Pls pm me. Thank you in advance!
  4. HELP!!!

    This industry can be brutal, and can take a toll on you. I find it isolating at times, and lonely. Remember we are all here to HELP and support each other. Reach out to others for support and encouragement. I am always a text away.
  5. Hi there! I'm new to TOB and I just posted a paid ad on the ad listing section and now my ad is gone. Can you tell me what I did wrong to have my ad removed please? Thank you. RenataDeRos
  6. hotels Denver Hotels

    Hey there Denver has been on my TDL for some time after researching some things online and I came across this site it seems to cater more to Denver then any other site I'm currently using so hopfully one of you ladies or gents can Pm of some hotel info Where to go and stay away from PM Me as I am aware we need to keep our community safe much love-Alexis Fierce
  7. Colorado Escort Hey I’m new here and need some help. I have no references or anything and was wondering if anyone knows how I can get started.
  8. Traveling to LA

    So, I am going to be headed to Los Angeles. I recently checked out the loss Angeles portion of advertisements on TOB and was not impressed at all. Not one provider had posted at all today. It's halfway makes me feel unsure about advertising out there. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations as to the best way to go about this? The last thing I want to do is stick out like a sore thumb to the wrong party or parties ...
  9. I am currently looking to get access to Eccie and I need an already verified provider to write me a verification letter. Can any gorgeous lady please assist me with that? You're more than welcome to look at my reviews and also reach out to those gentlemen for more detail. It'd be so much more than appreciated!
  10. So, I'm a new girl here and I wanted to get lots of really good, solid advice and help in this hobby. How do we stay safe in this business? How can I make in-calls as safe as possible? How do I screen clients? How do I keep from getting busted from the cops? This seems like a huge risk in so many ways, but it's a passionate hobby of mine too. How do I engage in a hobby like this and feel safe enough to relax? I don't ever want any trouble at all nor any drama of any sort. I'd like to hear from some ladies who have had this hobby for many many years. I don't want a bad record. How do I avoid that? I'm scared, excited, nervous, paranoid, horny, just everything all rolled into one when it comes to this entire hobby.
  11. Looking for P411 help

    Hey everyone, Josie here and I am wondering what does it take to get a P411 account. [snip] Any suggestions? Thanks! xo_Josie_xo
  12. Someone please help

    If someone else is posting under your name but TOB will not take the posting down... What do I do. ?
  13. Hello TOB new and need advice

    Hello TOB, I'm Pete, I'm glad to be here and hope you will be glad to have me. I'm from north Denver, co (why I posted here) I'm 30yo, and have been interested in being a hobbyist for several years now. I've been hesitant because of the risks but have done enough research to go forward with some advice. Firstly, and this seems really stupid, but I'm a big guy 6'4 and fat. Am I going to be rejected by a lot of providers? If so I might as well go to the bar and get rejected. Secondly, I would love some advice on providers who are first timer friendly, I'm a shy nice guy, and likely to be taken advantage of at first. If I'm going to make this a life style I have to get some references and it seems hard to find someone for first timers. other than that I'm glad to have found TOB, P411 etc. other legitimate website suggestions would be appreciated. I'm a bit nervous about my first time (as a hobbiest.....not a virgin), what would you veterans have to say. I'll add some pics and info to my profile soon if you are interested. Thanks a lot! Pete
  14. Hello my fello freaks, I'm new to the tob world, but not super new lol. Well my questions are what the hell do all these abbreviations mean? I kinda figured out a couple easy ones, but if someone has like a cheat sheet on that they all stand for that would be awsome! Thanks have a good night all u sexy peeps!
  15. I started a thread about this prior to the upgrade and I can't find it to add to it. Anyways, lots of great advice was offered on how to let this client (who is located on the East Coast) know that I am only available as a Provider and not an Emotional Therapist. Per many great suggestions I let him know that I wasn't available to travel to see him due to school and work. Now he's literally emailing and calling at crazy hours. This is an email I received yesterday: "my landlady tried to [take sexual advantage of me**] me last night. If you can find it in your heart to call, please do. It's all reimbursable." The follow on voicemails have been similar. He's on P411. I'm not sure if I should contact them and let them know he's gone "stage 4 clinger" or if they would even care. This is clearly a case where he is unwell and won't leave me alone. I feel as if any further contact with him would just fuel the fire or his twisted desires even more. Advice - please!! **note: I altered his words in hopes to avoid an infraction for forbidden topic. He used the actual word in his email and voicemail.