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Found 10 results

  1. "Treat her right"

    "Treat her right." Thanks for that. My plan was to be an @$$-hat but now I'm not.
  2. IIm fairly new to this site but have been getting my feet wet in a short amount of time. My question is I have contacted other guys for info or details and I have not have much success. Is it because I am new and people are being cautious or I'm asking wrong question? Would like any feedback or advice. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. AirBnB vs Motels

    Hi there, I'm new to the area and a little nervous to try a new market. I've been considering going to the Airbnb route to help clients feel a little more comfy vs motels. My ONLY concern is I'm afraid that some places might have nanny cams or hidden cams in the main living area. What is your advice and opinions about Airbnb vs Motels when it comes to visiting a well reviewed provider?
  4. So, I'm a new girl here and I wanted to get lots of really good, solid advice and help in this hobby. How do we stay safe in this business? How can I make in-calls as safe as possible? How do I screen clients? How do I keep from getting busted from the cops? This seems like a huge risk in so many ways, but it's a passionate hobby of mine too. How do I engage in a hobby like this and feel safe enough to relax? I don't ever want any trouble at all nor any drama of any sort. I'd like to hear from some ladies who have had this hobby for many many years. I don't want a bad record. How do I avoid that? I'm scared, excited, nervous, paranoid, horny, just everything all rolled into one when it comes to this entire hobby.
  5. Pestering Prospective Providers

    You're sitting in a conference room with an Architect, an Engineer and a General Contractor when your phone vibrates in your pocket (good thing you remembered to put it on silent). It's the YL you reached out to earlier in the day returning a call from the voicemail you left her about setting up an 'afternoon side gig'. Knowing you can't answer while the Architect is trying to explain to the Engineer why he knows more about building and construction than any of the rest of us, you let it go to voicemail. Missed connection #2. As I type this, it sounds a bit like one of those 'guy walks into a bar' jokes is about to take place, but in reality it's what happened to me earlier this week. I let the call go to voicemail. An hour and a half later, meeting is finally over, I return the call. Big suprise.. it goes to voicemail. Left message (Sorry was in a meeting. Would love to set something up. Maybe for Saturday? Call me back when you can. Thanks!) Missed conection #3 I wait a couple of days. Nothing. I try again. Leave another voicemail. (Hello this is ..., tried a couple of times this week to reach you. Sorry I keep missing you. Call me back when you can. My number is ....) Crickets.. So, my question is: At what point does it become 'pestering'? Did I inadvertently piss her off? I've been wanting to meet with this YL for some time now. Love her profile, reviews, demeanor on the forums, services offered etc. I understand she is probably busy with her own day to day and such. I am not offended that she wasn't waiting next to the phone for MY call. I don't want to be a pestering ass for sure! Ladies, what sets you off when a client is trying to reach out to you? How many missed connections before you think he's jerking you around (even if he's really not trying to jerk you around)? Some of us try to be good clients, but a fucking Architect ruins our chances!
  6. Hi there and thanks for reading this... Boy do I NEED some advice and feed back would be very much appreciated . I've made a service transition a few months ago for personal reasons. I've went full on fun to fsbm fun. It HAS created SOME confusion. Happily, I've been able to make things clear before I've had a gent come make a visit. So, in your perspective, what can I DO to make things more clear in my ads about the change and fun time we would have? I value and respect hobbyists time and money, and I would HATE to have misunderstanding of any sort. I've got a GREAT reputation in Dallas and I would love to earn one here in Denver as well. Thank you in advance. Kaylee
  7. Hello TOB new and need advice

    Hello TOB, I'm Pete, I'm glad to be here and hope you will be glad to have me. I'm from north Denver, co (why I posted here) I'm 30yo, and have been interested in being a hobbyist for several years now. I've been hesitant because of the risks but have done enough research to go forward with some advice. Firstly, and this seems really stupid, but I'm a big guy 6'4 and fat. Am I going to be rejected by a lot of providers? If so I might as well go to the bar and get rejected. Secondly, I would love some advice on providers who are first timer friendly, I'm a shy nice guy, and likely to be taken advantage of at first. If I'm going to make this a life style I have to get some references and it seems hard to find someone for first timers. other than that I'm glad to have found TOB, P411 etc. other legitimate website suggestions would be appreciated. I'm a bit nervous about my first time (as a hobbiest.....not a virgin), what would you veterans have to say. I'll add some pics and info to my profile soon if you are interested. Thanks a lot! Pete
  8. Something I want to share

    Hello everyone I have only been a member less than a week, so I don't know what, or how it used to be the other site, but I found this article to be very helpful. Sometimes changes are hard, but changes are good too, although it doesn't seem like it at the beginning,. changes bring new possibilities!
  9. A small rant- Guys, just because you email a request to see us ...... Does not mean it is quarenteed that we will see you. Recent case in point. Email arrives, request is made. The email is dryer then a popcorn fart. Nothing that even hints at a red blooded , American male personality. I ask for a little more information. I get a one line email in reply-"what do you wanna no"? Excuse me, but is this guy really that dry? I want to know that there is more to you then your dollar bills, ok. How about showing some of your personality. If you want to play with me, I need to determine if you will be able to connect with me in a way that is conducive to having good, great, or fantastic sex . I tried to explain this , and the next email there was a mention of interrogation. Some how I just don't think this guy would be much fun while nekkid. Probably just lay there, or want me to just blow him . Without any reciprocation of any kind from him.... The point being..... Just try to offer a little bit of yourself when you contact us, alright ? And I don't mean your real life info, just yourself, your personality needs to shine in these kind of ventures that we have. Otherwise, unlike with us ; in our advertising, with the wealth of information that offers,.Or you can do back channeling with our prior clients to find out how we are. But we have nothing to tell us about you. Nothing that makes us want to be with you. Just the fact that you have those Bens, that is all. And surely, there is more to these guys then their cash flow.
  10. last year, the wife hired an escort for my b-day, for our first 3some. after the escort called w/ a last-minute cancellation, the wife and I had some fun time together in fancy downtown hotel. a friend is getting married this summer, and wife says she wants to stay home. I said, "i want you to come, but if you don't, I'm getting a date" she said "ok." i said, "wedding dates are for fucking", she said "ok" a particular young lady (about 25, i'm about 10 yrs older) of my acquaintance has somewhat struck my fancy. The sexual tension between us is palpable. on several occasions she's admitted the desire, but has declined on account of "i don't sleep w/ married men" despite my wifely permission to do so. she's agreed to come to the wedding (chicago) w/ me I think i'm in like flint, but any suggestions on how to seal the deal?