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Found 44 results

  1. Holiday Ideas

    I’ll pose the same question to the TOB community 😊 Whay are your all’s favorite holiday dates? I love TSO and the Botanical Gardens. Zoo & parade of lights are always bright. Georgetown and the like. What are more out of the box ideas you have? I look forward to seeing the responses 😁🦃🎄🎁Xx Kae Marie
  2. Anyone seen Sasha/Scarlet?

    Sasha or Scarlet 720-410-1062 Colorado Escort I'm interested, but want to see if I can find some reviews or recommendations Thanks in advance! ________________________________cached Ads cached Ad BP Boulder July 6, 2017 cached Ad BP Boulder Mar 28, 2017
  3. 411 Avery May

    Avery May 720-623-8278 Colorado Escort So, I often cross check Provider phone numbers here with Back page and/or Google Here is what I found: (T.O.B) (Backpage) Interesting. Not only that: Search Google and I find this: Go figure
  4. Ready for winter?

    Are you guys ready for winter? On my side of the state, it looks like winter is going to come fast and hard. We literally went from upper 90's to 40's & 50's within a couple days time. I believe we hit the 30's the same week that we were in the 90's. Gotta love Colorado right? At least it keeps things exciting Personally, I am so so done with the outrageous summer heat that we get on this side of the mountain(s).( I miss living closer to the rockies I wasn't made for the desert. ) Plus, the cold is a good excuse to cuddle up & warm up
  5. Kyra of Denver, responsive???

    Kyra 720-509-9677 Colorado Escort I see that she has good reviews but she's been very difficult to communicate with. Anybody else have the same issue? Is she worth the trouble?
  6. 411 - Mya

    Mya 480-360-2778 Colorado Escort 480-360-2778 Any info?
  7. So, I'm a new girl here and I wanted to get lots of really good, solid advice and help in this hobby. How do we stay safe in this business? How can I make in-calls as safe as possible? How do I screen clients? How do I keep from getting busted from the cops? This seems like a huge risk in so many ways, but it's a passionate hobby of mine too. How do I engage in a hobby like this and feel safe enough to relax? I don't ever want any trouble at all nor any drama of any sort. I'd like to hear from some ladies who have had this hobby for many many years. I don't want a bad record. How do I avoid that? I'm scared, excited, nervous, paranoid, horny, just everything all rolled into one when it comes to this entire hobby.
  8. Tantra w/ Vanessa and Ariel

    Vanessa Ariel 240-676-0305 Colorado Body Rubs Any info on these girls? also I usually just go for a standard fbsm and have no idea what tantra is. I'm expecting a new age rub and tug haha. Thanks for any help. ___________________________________cached Ads cached Ad BP Denver body rubs Sept 26, 2017
  9. 411 BP - Brighton

    720-507-2778 Colorado Escort I was curious if anyone has seen her or know of reviews? ___________________________________cached Ad cached Ad BP Denver Apr 12, 2017 cashed Ad BP Denver Mar 12, 2017
  10. 411 on Tiffany

    Tiffany 720-829-3802 Colorado Escort Tiffany @ 720-829-3802 Definitely new. Nothing on Google for the phone number. Nothing on Google Images. Nothing on TOB. Any other information out there? Thanks ________________________________________cached Ads cached Ad BP Denver June 25, 2017
  11. 411 on Brittnay 5592163720

    Brittnay 559-216-3720 Colorado Escort Saw thia BP ad, and wanted to run it by you guys to see if anyone's seen this lady? _________________________________cached Ads cached Ad BP Denver June 20, 2017
  12. two posts at different cities

    NALA 720-689-2002 Colorado Escort The same provider posted two ads nearly the same time in different cities: Posted: Friday, June 23, 2017 11:50 PM June 23, 2017 9:41 PM 832-869-7450 / Barbie is this a scam?
  13. 411 on kitty

    Kitty Colorado Body Rubs Any info on this girl? Anyone seen her? No number just an email. thanks! ____________________________________________cached Ads cached Ad BP Denver June 14, 2017
  14. 411 BP Bella

    Bella 256-274-1480 Colorado Escort Anyone seen her?
  15. Jazzyj. Any info

    Jazzyj 917-274-7625 Colorado Escort Has anyone have any info on this lovely lady from the springs of Denver or Pueblo. She does seem to work all over the state Would love to hear if anyone has seen a revues or know anything on her 917-274-7625
  16. Has anyone met Dulce?

    Looking for any info on: Dulce 303-406-8416 She posts all the time on BP, I'm surprised there isn't a review. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  17. As a photographer I've always wondered if providers would be open to working with one of their clients if a provider genuinely likes a clients abilities with a camera. Would any providers be open to this idea?
  18. 411 Brooke

    Brooke 402-819-1600 Colorado Escortєlιтє-σмραηιση-ѕωєєт-lιρѕ-and-ѕєχу-/24447279
  19. 411 on Kendra

    Kendra 720-276-8839 Colorado Escort I've seen her on here for about a week now but cannot find any info on her. All of the pic searches has not brought up any evidence to suggest she is fake but in my opinion its TGTBT. Should I just TOFTT?
  20. This insane weather

    Anybody else losing their mind with this back & forth weather? I can't seem to bring enough clothes with me anywhere that will accommodate the weather conditions in a single day. I will literally go from booty shorts & a sports bra to warm pants & a winter jacket within a few hours. Not sure if things are as bad over on the eastern side of Colorado, but in the western slope it's nuts.
  21. aspen Greetings from Aspen-New to TOB

    Hello All! I'm Phoebe Blake, new to the board.
  22. Hello everyone! I am a new member here. I was told to come check this out as I am planning my first visit to Colorado the week of [Snip}. I will be staying in the Aspen area. Any recommendations on the best places to visit and must see attractions?? Also, is there a category on this board for posting an Ad in the Aspen area? The closest city on this board seems to be 3-4 hours away Any feedback/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million! xoxo
  23. Good morning everyone, I'm Hala!

    Hey everyone I'm Hala Adeela and I wanted to introduce myself since I will visit Denver for the first time and so excited to be in the Rocky Mountain region! Hope to meet you guys soon! Have an awesome day! Hala
  24. 411 on Zoey Ryder Boulder, CO

    Has anyone seen Zoey recently? She well reviewed through 2014 then nothing in 2015 which can't believe no one has seen her, please Let me know if you have, thanks! T-Head.
  25. Monica BP

    Another BP 411. I guess I'm in that kind of mood... Denver, CO She goes by Monica - Phone 216-367-5906 Did tineye on one pic - no matches.. Pics seem legit - phone pics -not pro... If anybody has any info - much appreciated - thanks