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Found 66 results

  1. Full bush?

    Just wondering if there are any providers in Denver with a full bush. Haven’t found any yet.
  2. Hi everyone! I’m new to this site and hope to make some new friends. I’m based out of Las Vegas but I’m touring 10 states for the next few months, including my home state of Colorado. I am in the adult entertainment industry and love taking my show on the road. My wanderlust is real. Feel free to reach out or comment below if you have any questions - I am an open book and would love to learn more about you, too.
  3. Just wanted to introduce Myself. My name is Summer and i am New to TOB. I plan to visit Colorado, Las Vegas and Az often. I love travel so much that I decided the month of September to take a month long trip through the Mountains. My tour schedule is on my website ! I hope to meet many of you. Summer
  4. Unbelievably Senseless random act of violence, one young woman killed for no reason. Completely innocent and crossed paths with some sack of shit The knowledge that someone out there has done this shit to someone ever; is so sad and scary. I really, REALLY--hope that the person responsible for this is caught and held accountable for this antisocial crap. I don't know HOW but they just have to catch him. There are some callous and cruel people out there and afaik, this one is on the loose still.
  5. Moving forward with my life without sex work I'm uncertain of who I really am anymore Escorting has been apart of my life for 10 years, it's how I identified myself n where I felt a sense of belonging Even with the good times n the bad I'm going to miss it I wonder who I am when I'm not a sex worker What will bring me fulfillment? What else am I passionate about? I still want to be apart of the community but I have to move on from working Is there any girls on here who gave up this kind of work n have felt lost afterwards? That is how I'm feeling.. This scene / community can be addicting n I feel like apart of me will be gone as I start living my life differently Maybe a few of you will have some encouraging words to chime in with I have much love for this community & hope that I can find another means of gratification in my life.. ・❥・
  6. Greeting everyone ! I’m Chanel and I’m newer to the area. lets get ready.
  7. Hello everyone! I’m new to the site and happy to be here.. I’m from Portland, Oregon. Any pointers for being in Colorado?
  8. Haven't posted here yet so thought I would say hi Im moving back to Colorado in a month I'll be happy to be back. This is my favorite escort board by far. im not working anymore just looking for some online interaction n entertainment cant figure out the resizing to tag a photo on here Xxxo
  9. Hi I’m lady Kayla new to tob but not new to boards on a couple of others…. any tips I should know or heads up…. I hope too make plenty of friends
  10. I failed

    I failed at being a sex worker... I never got myself anywhere with it. I started out with this girl introducing me to Eccie Worldwide ( a texas based escort site ) & that's where I got started. She showed me the ropes a lil bit but eventually she moved on n I stayed escorting on my own with zero guidance just me learning from experience. I got really bad on drugs and was in an on n off toxic relationship n sex working through out it all. All that money made could of taken me far if I knew what I was doing, was sober, n had the proper guidance with somebody who is financially educated. I didn't want a pimp taking my money though n I didn't want to work for one either. Been there done that. I gave it my everything especially when I moved to Cali to work full time. I made so much money because I was pregnant but I got involved with a working girl ( which I mentioned in a previous thread ) n that didn't work out. Now just looking back I wish I could of had a success story from working but truthfully I don't. I feel disappointed in myself when I see other working girls living so lavishly and so successful in this business. I wish that could of been me. But now it's just like I've tried so many times to make it work for me I have to move on from it. I should of already been somewhere by now n I'm just going to have to be okay with the fact that working in this industry didn't work out for me n I just need to learn to live my life differently. MAYBE an appointment every now n then but not full time like I was before. Once you get in this I find it hard to walk away. It's honestly a way of life. I admire those girls who made it work for them.
  11. So, two things

    two things I want to discuss. first topic: does anybody here use private delights? well.. I got banned from PD forum permanently because of some drama. they banned me saying I was causing dissent within the community. It's a long story but I got outed by some of the girls on there calling me a snitch saying I set a girl up then another girl said I sound more like an informant. A summed up story of why this is happening: I met a girl off humaniplex. She let me live with her while I was pregnant n working. She would throw orgy parties sometimes. Well the cops showed up at this party saying they had a noise complaint from one of the neighbors. My roommate was expecting me to lie to the cops but I'm an open book n a genuinely honest person n I ended up admitting that I was a sex worker n what I was doing at the party. I told le that I wasn't trying to out anybody out the party but just told a female cop the truth. I told her I wasn't comfortable staying at this apartment anymore since they got involved so they ended up getting me a room for the night until they could transfer me to a shelter. yes it was a trafficking shelter. they considered me trafficked because I was working to pay rent at that apartment. I know how all of this sounds but this is weighing on my mind. I didn't feel comfortable staying at that apartment with that girl n all her friends cause I knew I was probably the only one who told the truth n you know how people are towards le can be very hostile. So I'm getting bad ratings on humaniplex n even though my ad is still up on PD like I said they permanently banned me from the forum. All of this is weighing on my mind cause I feel like my presence on this board might be a problem if anybody eventually heard my story. So I'm just being upfront about it. Maybe I didn't know my rights as a sex worker. Maybe I didn't make the best move. I'll own up to that but I never set anybody up. Nobody even went to jail on the day I left. The only thing that happened was I left with le to go somewhere else. End of story. next topic.. ... about STDs. question was a lil bit nosey, opened up about it.. I wrote about me having a life long disease that I'm medicated for. So I have hpv but I am on treatment for it that I take medication for everyday which prevents me from passing it to somebody if I were to get intimate. I explained this to hobby hobbit n basically he told me that its irresponsible n wrong of me to be in the game if I have that. I know that there are women or men out there who have hpv n don't tell anybody yet I get criticized for speaking on it. Just like I got criticized for speaking up on PD forum about my side of the story of what happened. So basically I wanted to discuss these two topics because I want to know other's thoughts on this. Are y'all going to call me a snitch n ruin my reputation as a provider? Was I in the wrong? Do y'all think it's erroneous for me to be sex worker if I get treated for HPV? Is my presence on the boards doomed? i want everybody's thoughts on this because if my reputation is just run to the ground from being honest then I don't see any reason to stick around anymore even though the escort boards are the only place I feel I belong... also, this happened in California. the girl who let me stay with her did get evicted but as far as I know this happened later on down the road because she texted me to tell me that n ended it with a " PEACE SNITCH BITCH " maybe it's my fault but definitely wasn't my intention.. I've noticed that the girls on PD who basically run the boards are very hateful n negative n full of demonic energy so I feel like it was kind of a blessing in disguise to be banned from that board. I just don't want the same thing to happen on here but I'm sure a lot of you aren't going to be cool with me after reading this unfortunately I'm too honest of a person. It's in my DNA. Regardless what anybody thinks I will be respectful n not cause any dismay in the community so that I can stay on the forum. The only way I'm leaving is if I were to get banned. I've been a companion for 10 years n I've been thankful to be apart of the sex worker community. I hope some of y'all can relate n understand where I'm coming from n if not oh well. Much Love. Guys I meant HSV not HPV. My bad. For anybody concerned I'm no longer working. Just on the boards for fun. please be kind and leave useful feedback. thank u.
  12. Hi y’all, I’m hanging in the mountains for a spell.. was wondering if anyone might be up here in Leadville.. Cheers!
  13. Hello there. I'm a respectful, mature, super discrete gentleman interested looking forward to meeting like-minded friends from Pueblo to Lamar, particularly ladies. Surely there are more than what appears?
  14. Just bored

    Colorado - The Possibilities. Anyone else finding themselves alone on this freshly cool Friday night? Anyone down to chill? I'm 36, halfway handsome, intelligent and funny. No funny business needed, just tired of Netflix and dumb dating sites. ... Anyway ... thats all folks
  15. Colorado Springs

    Hey everyone! I’m Meurelle ! I’ve been around for a while, but am new to the forums! I look forward to meeting new friends, I am located in Colorado Springs and just saying hello.
  16. I’m somewhat confused about this. Every day about half of all the inquiries I get are unable because DTC is just too far away. That I can understand. Out of the other half of inquiries, half of them ask what part of DTC. I tell them and some say they can’t get to that side today. I think we’re talking a 10 minute difference.... maybe these guys are in a super rush? Or is DTC just really that widespread? I have never in any other city been asked to break down the location fractions even smaller.
  17. Luna 719-281-8843 Colorado Massage I was wondering if anyone has been able to get a hold of a massage provider by the name of Luna in CO Springs. Recent phone as of early 2018 719-281-8843 previous 719-252-1265 Link:
  18. Best Restaurants in Glenwoood Springs?

    What are some really good restaurants in Glenwood Springs?
  19. Namaste Darlings, Man I have I missed Colorado and all the amazing adventures this state has to offer. I hope everyone has and adventurous day XO Moni S
  20. Vegans in the Midwest

    Any Recommendations on great tasting Vegan food in town? Not sure how popular it is around town but it’s worth asking ! Thanks in Advance
  21. new in town

    hey I'm completely new here , to this city and this board . Where I'm from we use others . With that being said a few tips or pointers from some experienced users on location and other basics would be greatly appreciated xoxo Rebecca Snow xoxo
  22. Liz 720-650-9753 Colorado Escort Anyone know anything about this new provider up North? I'm super curious, since there's a huge shortage of cute providers up North.
  23. Holiday Ideas

    I’ll pose the same question to the TOB community 😊 Whay are your all’s favorite holiday dates? I love TSO and the Botanical Gardens. Zoo & parade of lights are always bright. Georgetown and the like. What are more out of the box ideas you have? I look forward to seeing the responses 😁🦃🎄🎁Xx Kae Marie
  24. Sasha or Scarlet 720-410-1062 Colorado Escort I'm interested, but want to see if I can find some reviews or recommendations Thanks in advance! ________________________________cached Ads cached Ad BP Boulder July 6, 2017 cached Ad BP Boulder Mar 28, 2017
  25. Avery May 720-623-8278 Colorado Companion So, I often cross check Provider phone numbers here with Back page and/or Google Here is what I found: (T.O.B) WomenSeekMen/hotel-friendly-sexy-100-real/44814292 (Backpage) Interesting. Not only that: Search Google and I find this: Go figure