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  1. it seems I touched a nerve! Lol Relax Mr! Maybe you were one of the canceled appointments? That's why you are taking offense to my statements? As a matter of fact I never have canceled. Once I set my schedule, it is set on stone! It's my business what gives me the freedom to travel and experience different things in and out of the U.S. It's what give me the opportunity to meet wonderful individuals who are like minded, and enjoy the pleasure of my work! It's what pays my bills and luxurious adventures. For 10 years I worked in the corporate world I never missed one day (thank God I am a very healthy and energetic individual). How am I going to be canceling when my reputation, income and my business is on the line? I'm running a business here if you have not noticed! You obviusly have selective hearing/reading, so you missed a lot of my reasoning in why I am implementing this NEW policy. You (as everyone else) are entitled to your opinion; I am not looking to impress YOU. However, never judge a book by it cover! Upright is a good adjective Upright 2. (of a person or their behavior) strictly honorable or honest."an upright member of the community"synonyms:honest, honorable, upstanding, respectable, high-minded, law-abiding, right-minded, worthy, moral, ethical, righteous, decent, scrupulous, conscientious, good, virtuous, principled, of principle, noble, incorruptible"an upright member of the community" (of a person or their behavior) strictly honorable or honest
  2. Let me tell you something Keyser, A good customer to me has consideration of my time and the fact that my time is very precious and not only mine, but everyone's time. I don't live around the corner and even if I did, I expect consideration and respect. I take my business serious and the people who see me are very important to me. I am a woman and my word is GOLD. I don't say I am going to pay for a flight, a rental car and nice hotel, and don't do it. I don't end up getting to my destination a month later and call a stranger new client to give me a ride from the airport and take me to motel 6. What I say is what it is, and I'm a woman! I expect the same respect and same formality from the people who I choose to see. I never mentioned blacklisting anyone, did I? I reserve the right to see who I choose to see, I avoid aggravation, whoever is interested to see me knows well that I am spending a lot of time and money and if they don't have the respect and consideration to take me and my business serious, they are not deserving of my company. This business has enough aggravations and dangers for me to add more. I enjoy what I do. I love what I do!!! That is because I conduct my business as such, and the people who see me are wonderful, all are really wonderful! And I don't lower my standards. If I loose a few good ones, then that is part of the business. I loose a few good ones every time when they refuse to be screen anyway. Believe me, if there were more providers expecting respect and consideration there would be less aggravation in this industry, but I understand it is not easy to keep high standards. Lastly, a first appoinment is like a job interview, it's what sets you apart from the rest. When you build the connection and the trust, when you make the fist impression. CANCELING FIRST APPOINMENT, NOT A VERY GOOD IMPRESSION... I want to WOW you since the very beginning and I expect the same.
  3. I don't know how professionals the providers the gentlemen here are complaining about, but from all my traveling I have never experienced so many cancels as I did in Colorado. I was there for a week visiting, paid advertisement, hotel reservations, and all the expenses. I had prebooked appoinments for the last two weeks prior to my arrival. And I got 6 cancelations. I don't really know how serious the business men who hobby are, but I do know that I never have had so many cancelations in one week.... ever!!! My mistake was not checking/asking providers references and only taking work reference from this 6 individuals. I am very strict with my screening and I did spoke with the gentlemen before my arrival, so I don't want to think that we're providers posing as clients (if they have the time to do such a devious things then their business are really suffering). For this reason and in honor to the ones who canceled last minute, now I have a no cancelation policy. If you cancel once you won't be able to reschedule ever with me. Unfortunately, there are a lot of times that prevent us from following through with our commitments, but while then my time and money was already invested. Also I am not taking work references as screening, that can be added, but it won't replace the "two references from reputable providers" Last I want to add. There is a man who is also providing work references and playing games in the Denver area I'll provide the information to providers who are interested. He is a time waster and he is obviously targeting providers who screen with work information. I am sure he has done this before, but this was the very first time someone is telling me that he is outside my door when he is not. It is PURE EVIL! I also understand the ladies who put up with cancelations over and over and over from the same clients, but if we all raise our standards, maybe these type of situations would be under control. Thanks for letting me share. And contact me if you want the info of that client
  4. Thanks for this post. A good man to me is or possess this qualities Altruistic (all that defines this word and its synonyms)Open to communication LoyalKnowledgeableWise Admits when he is wrongPassionateNot afraid to learn EmpatheticTrustworthyWhen I am in relationship, I am monogamous and I expect the same. As much as I ask is as much as I give, equally or more. I agree with Kashmir, a lot of times women withdraw sex because other issues in the relationship are not being acknowledged. That is where all (or some of) the above take place. I don't know if these are the ideal ingredients, but I think these are the basics.
  5. It is always fun to get together with friends! Yes, Nikki let us know it would be fun to meet you!
  6. Doomsday Prepping

    I think all that you are doing is good, It isis important to have a presence online, where anyone who search you will find you just by your name (name and last ame), phone #, email address, and/or tweeter account. the name and last name is important because with only one name the search results will bring a bunch of different providers, but once you combine it with a last name it becomes more personalized. As a result easier to find you. Also, for the newbie providers the less common your name is the likelihood you'll be on the first large of the results. Obiously be in the major nationwide sites, and the largest review board. I know a lot of providers don't like it, I include myself there, but if you are there people will definitely find you.
  7. Death or Sex?

    I got 7, but I agree... it was bad acting, the men and women who were having sex, they look dead to me!
  8. I'm glad! I'll be coming back very soon!!!!. I miss you a lot!
  9. I am hopping and looking forward to see more quality people join in. I really like and appreciate the support and unbiased approach this site offers to the providers especially. It is very valuable and important to have a place where we all can express and share the things that bring us together. Thanks TOB for creating this space.
  10. WWYD?

    It's called integrity! Some people might tell you what do you care? . It is good to care. You'll get a lot of blessings because you care. These values are what define you as a person; principles and scruples are something very valuable to have and to cherish. And are also what a lot of people are lacking now days You are a good person and you should be proud of yourself!
  11. The people who are being judgmental don't realize that we all make mistakes and that is the way we learn. It is unfortunate, that some have the father figure complex who prefer to lecture and make judgment without recognizing that at one point or another in their lives, they have made mistakes themselves, even in the hobby. I know a lot of providers who work out of their residence and they feel comfortable by doing so. I have done so at times, but I am always scared because there are a lot of psychos, predators, and rude people who don't have respect for us or our time, even worse expecting to respect our home. We all learn by experience. And it is unfair to make judgement when you don't know the circumstances or necessities some may have. It is not cheap for us to have another place for incall and/or work out of hotel! In a way, I think providers are wishful thinkers because we want to trust the strangers we meet (which logically speaking might be an absurdity, for the once who are judging ); at the same time I think by being open to meet strangers we have the opportunity to meet great, wonderful, caring and loving gentlemen. I would like to give an example to those who are making judgement and take it to the opposite extreme to show how some clients make mistakes the same way, and sometimes worse than providers. Even the ones who think of themselves smartest and brightest of all. Some men look for unsafe services (all uncovered services are unsafe) "trusting" the providers they see are "clean" (without even knowing them at all). Just because they look "clean" don't mean they are "clean" yet they don't think of the "consequences" that going from one provider who offer unsafe services to another provider who offer unsafe services and another one, and another one can create an epidemic with "really bad consequences", yet they choose to do it anyway. If a man gets something (std, sti, herpes, etc) from a provider who offer unsafe services, he would put the blame on her and all the a-holes who look to blame others to excuse their mistakes will support the man, without realizing that he was the one who made the CHOICE and because what he chose, he got his CONSEQUENCE. Now you maybe argue that my example is very different to what the thread or the OP has encountered. When we are discussing choices and consequences, problem and solutions, judgement and lecturing-blaming, there is no difference. The world could be a better place if people can relate to you and be more compassionate. Instead of making judgment and blaming a person just because she made a mistake. if you can't say something nice, it's better no to say anything.
  12. Because it is your birthday....

    It is very refreshing to see a board where providers are not afraid to express themselves, where moderators support and understand the value of this type of threads and also where majority of the gentlemen are understanding and empathizing of providers. It is not ok to haggle, because we are not objects, we are people. It is not ok to haggle because this profession isn't like any other Whether you want to understand it or not. If you are not able to understand that providing is a very personalized service, (among other things). Then you are probably not going with the right provider, or you have always objectify women in general. @Mb, Why do you feel the need to attack Lucy, by quoting what she stated on her personal account? That is irrelevant to this thread. You need to attract her to support your argument? When clients who perceive us the same way you do start to understand that we are not objects and appreciate how valuable our services are, and ALL THE RISKS WE TAKE, then maybe we won't be discriminated and perceived as less than humans., and maybe society will start seeing us in a different way. I am glad to see the support of a lot of gentlemen here and I wish there was more of that in the hobby, perhaps this board will make a difference in our industry. I am glad to be part of this board! Thank you!
  13. Ladies and NOT giving references. I have a Rant!

    This is very sad, that even to get references it's a battle. The no replying back, no answer phone call or text to give a reference. How pathetic that is! But that happens every where. I also travel so my tours really rely purely on references. This will be my first trip to Colorado, so I can't say how bad it is., but it happens every where... A short story, A gentleman contacted me with his references. One of the ladies was on vacation and the other one had active ads of the same day I was contacting her. I sent her an email, text, left a voicemail. I got nothing. I then contacted him letting him no that he either had to change the appointment time/date or give me his job info. He said," that is strange I just called her and told her that you were going to be contacting her" finally he end up giving me his business info. I was a bit hesitant because why wouldn't she reply when he notified her that I would be contacting her?... He felt me apprehensive and asked me, " did you get a reply back at all?" I said no. He was very bother by it and called her in front of me "could you please reply back to give my reference. I have her in the other line" she then text me " he is a great guy" 7 hours after my first email/text/call. But she answered him right away every time... Smh Indeed he is a great guy! Who appreciates paying because there is no commitment in returning. But some women (jealous ATF believe otherwise). it really surprises me how we can be so against each other... That is why we are not able to help our industry, because some women are so envy and jealous to the extreme of blindness. This is the first time I hear that a woman is willing to take $100 off , that is desperate! I have had those days too ranting in my hotel room... it is absurd!
  14. Something I want to share

    Hello everyone I have only been a member less than a week, so I don't know what, or how it used to be the other site, but I found this article to be very helpful. Sometimes changes are hard, but changes are good too, although it doesn't seem like it at the beginning,. changes bring new possibilities!
  15. Positives about the new TOB

    I am new on this board, and I don't know how the other site used to be, but I really like the look! It's classy and clean. Although I have not been able to post my ad because it gives me the "Opps error message" I like it!