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  1. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    Forget that douchebag. Your last review talked about your awesome communication. Keep doing the right thing.:)
  2. Married guys and outcalls

    Actually, I'd skip the mirror, and look around the house. Literally.
  3. Guilty as charged

    I'm more of a 'White Cavalry'. Which is why I LOVE all the ladies here blah blah blah. Seriously though... appreciating women, respecting them and standing up for them is just the right thing to do. After all.... Women are soft and pretty.
  4. Who is considered Colorado's elite/upscale providers?

    I prefer downscale or mid-scale women. Wait, we're talking about scales, right? Not heavier than me, for sure. Or more hairy.
  5. Nervous but Excited

    Agree. Step 2 is easier, hence my comment above.
  6. Nervous but Excited

    Here's what we used. Step 1, study for 2 weeks. Step 2, two days. Step 3, bring a number 2 pencil. Worked for us.
  7. DILF’s

    Dude, you need some lotion? I can put it in the basket for you. ;P
  8. Caution Ladies!!

    I thought you could post here as a guest - at least you used to be able to.... hmmmmm
  9. Caution Ladies!!

    'Guest', one way to connect with women on here might be to actually create an account, see some people, do some reviews, and get a reputation as someone worth seeing? I dunno, just shooting from the hip here. That probably beats arguing with providers about how they should screen.
  10. Vegas Baby

    Wow. Nadia, I'll be in Vegas Oct 3-5. Will you be in town? Pm me if you don't mind! 🌀
  11. Pregnant

    I was just at a hospital, and they were all over the place. They were attending some sort of "OB" party.
  12. Cail

    Cail is awesome - I did some quintuple black triple-double diamonds there, and it was rad. Then I ate lots of food at good restaurants. That place?
  13. What happened to beautiful touch?

    Never went to that place, but am now on a mission to just make sure they're each doing ok. This should be fun.
  14. Disgusting text reply

    Sorry that happened to you (although I didn't see the text, I can infer). Unfortunately, life operates on a bell curve, and there are definitely people on the left side of that curve. Hopefully you see more in the middle or right.
  15. Fair warning to the ladies...

    I'm with you buddy. However, saying "mommy!" would be worse.