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  1. New Again!?!

    Not so much 'fall', but 'bounce' works great.:)
  2. 411 on her

    a Stretched Noodles escort? Have I died and gone to heaven?
  3. Small brested friend

    Let's see... my ex-wife, my neighbor.. hell, mine aren't that big. I mean, I workout a little. Does hair bother you? The nipples ARE sensitive. But seriously.... good luck.
  4. Ladies we have to do better

    My view - I don't think a 'play by play' is a good idea. I DO think something like "definitely the girl in the pictures! Was enthusiastic/fun (or was distant/not that interesting), and I will definitely repeat." I think that's more of the type of intel that most guys want (or rather, what I want). A simple 'yes' can still leave a wide range. So can a 'no'. A no could still be "she was super hot, definitely the girl in the pics, but we just didn't seem to connect". A 'yes' could also be 'super hot but we didn't connect'. Just my 3 rubles.
  5. Yeah, I had one with Laci. She kept saying how amazingly hot I was, and I didn't agree. I finally gave in.
  6. Getting bumped out of your scheduled visit

    One one hand, I respect honesty. And that being said, at the least this person should have said something like "I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to reschedule. However, I was really looking forward to seeing you, and would love to give you $__ off when I see you next. How does that sound?" Preserves the guy's dignity, win-win. Then again, moving because of a different client - kinda sucky. How about tell the super-duper-regular that you can't accommodate that time?
  7. Tantra is...

    So who are the 'real' tantra providers in the area? I don't want to be taught for self-study later, and don't want just a FBSM (I mean sometimes, yes, but not for this conversation). Something deeper and real. Are they around?
  8. What Fantasies Have you acted out recently

    You really want Mrs. Howell that badly, eh?. 😉 I had the pleasure earlier in life of spending time with Dawn Wells. Super nice person. PS hanging out, nothing more.
  9. Strange Thing at the AMP

    Next, it will be a Minority Report type approach where they use precogs to determine which men are thinking about having sex, planning on having sex, etc. Then those men will be collected, rounded up, harvested for sperm, and most men will be eliminated from humanity. All wars will cease, and women will literally rule the planet. That's why I NEVER think about sex, or heaven forbid, have it.
  10. BB

    Fair enough. I was making a mis-direction to horseback riding, which I've been doing long before any other kind of riding. Not a dig or dis to anyone. Ahem.
  11. BB

    The way I see it, if I want BB, I should be able to GET BB. What difference does it make to the horse if it's western, BB or English?
  12. Slower since the changes.... everywhere!

    Definitely not. But I can't stop laughing thinking about what that would look like. 😺
  13. Slower since the changes.... everywhere!

    Personally, I've taken up needlepoint. Haha. Or not. 😝
  14. 411 Alexandra

    2 absolute confirmations from 2 first time posters. Got it.
  15. Crypto currency to post ? Good idea?

    It's a public ledger, but you cannot see who the owner actually is. If you're VPN'd and anonymized, you're almost 100% safe. Why do you think Bitcoin is so prevalent for general malfeasance? I don't like it as an investment, but a same day exchange is not likely to waiver TOO much (although it has certainly happened).