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  1. Let's Talk About Switter

    The group might want to consider Dust, a text app that is heavily encrypted (by Mark Cuban). I use it for texting, especially if it's something related to finances/banking/real estate/etc. It's not Twitter/Switter as a public social app, but a good way to text. Just a thought, and it's free.
  2. Why even review now

    I was going to say perhaps there is a chance for something instead of a yes/no binary choice. Perhaps 1-5. 1 is no way, jose; 5 is DEFINITELY recommend. Either way, the reviews and positives still hold value. Also, perhaps a 'tally' for ladies with each review along the lines of Positive reviews: 82 Negative reviews: 0. That'd be for Laci.
  3. How long does it take?

    My opinion, the board is above all a place for people to learn things, figure out if someone is for real, and to mitigate chances of having a bad meeting. I DEFINITELY believe in second or third chances, and at the same time, if someone is lying about who there are (or were), this is worthy of being made known. I have no ill will toward her or anyone, but also think that knowledge is power. There's a way to say something without being vindictive - just stating a fact. At the end of the day, despite the awesome people, conversation, etc., that's what the board is here for.
  4. Your worst nightmare...

    To be clear - I didn't say CPR is a waste of time. At all. It is absolutely worth doing each and every time. My comment was really meant more to let Laci know that even in the best hands, it isn't successful very often, and that nothing is her fault. CPR is worth doing, and the latest recommendations make it even easier with 'chest only' CPR, not breathing. AED's are pretty simple, and some will walk you through the steps; however, I think having basic training is best, because doing something you've never done with a dying person right in front of you is pretty intimidating. Having practiced it before you really do it for real helps. We should all do our best in any life threatening situation. Hopefully that is more clear.
  5. Your worst nightmare...

    It is true, that CPR is worth knowing for anyone. And it's also true that only around 1% of people who arrest/heart attack outside of a hospital survive, even with CPR. This is for adults. Different for kids. Definitely agree about the enhancers, because they can drop blood pressure precipitously specifically if the person is on nitrates (nitroglycerin). I'm not saying that knowing CPR isn't a good thing - only that it isn't magical like on TV. 99% of the time the person will die. Chances improve with an AED, but most people don't have them lying around (they're expensive and require training). It just sucks all the way around.
  6. Reading between the lines

    I resemble that remark!
  7. Reading between the lines

    I think there's a difference between writing a 'bad' review which contains honest feedback about what wasn't great, and one that is mean, malicious or malevolent. (the 3 m's?) I definitely agree that we shouldn't write a bad review if something didn't click, or if the provider didn't rev your engine, etc. Just be honest about that, as in 'she was hot, but for whatever reason we didn't click'. Just my 3 pence.
  8. Friend Zone

    Hey, we all get to have our rational brain and decision making. Sometimes you choose to override what doesn't feel great, and other times, not. At the end of the day, we each need to decide what is best for us and then try to be content with that.
  9. Question for providers

    I think it's poor form. I HAVE, however, had someone reach out to me to see how I was doing after a personal tragedy. That was very nice. I mean, I guess if it was a buy one get one free discount...... jk
  10. Daylight Savings

    I have never accepted Spring forward. Fall back, yes. I'm in denver, and it's 7 am for me.
  11. Let's spice things up around here

    Wow. when I make it to vegas again, you're on my list Layla!!
  12. Hamilton

    YES!!!!! Was amazing. Was disappointed to miss Lin Manuel, but what can ya do.
  13. What’s your favorite season and why

    I actually love winter. Like, REAL winter. 12" and snowed in. Not that we get many of those anymore, but I love them. Then... 2 days later... SPRING.
  14. Pornstar

    I concur. I had an <unpaid> pornstar experience about 20 years ago. She was WAY gone on drugs or something. Hot body, but not much else. Laci is way better.
  15. Caution may make you spit your beverage!!!

    YEAH... docs cannot ALWAYS turn it off.