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  1. What to wear

    would you mind sharing her handle? Would LOVE to follow her. Otherwise, I agree with the no perfume. I have allergies and it's always a trigger. As far as clothing? Whatever makes the lady comfortable.
  2. Colored Contacts

    No, I care about the eyes - but it's the quality of the eyes - not the color. It's the vibe.
  3. READ!

    I've been here a while, and I didn't even know that. Thank you.
  4. Cali Rose *

    OMG. This is heartbreaking. Of course my thoughts on mainly on her, and prayers for a complete recovery. Does anyone know if this dirtbag has been arrested??
  5. Colored Contacts

    Honestly, colored contacts would be the furthest from my mind. Connection, great body, conversation... those are more important.
  6. Incall vs. Outcall?

    I would consider an outcall with a few of my faves, but honestly, incall is far superior in my mind. I would think the lady would be more comfortable - and definitely me.
  7. Sting Seriously, how dumb can ya be?
  8. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    I've done this a couple of times - for business. Never for playtime, or shall I say 'not yet for playtime'. It worked well when I wanted a shower before heading to the airport and it was just a day trip.
  9. 411 on Nautica

    Typically FBSM implies a happy ending (but nothing more, unless it's on the menu). At least that's been my understanding.
  10. Increasing Threats, Harrassment and Solicitations

    That sucks, and I'm sorry it's happening.
  11. FishnDude

    Very sad to hear...
  12. Actual Massage Skills?

    I'd say Lovely Raquel and Lira Autumn are CAN'T miss.
  13. When will we stop shooting our youths!

    I'd also like to add that this is a very charged topic. I try to keep it civil while disagreeing with other viewpoints. Nothing ever changes, nor does compromise typically happen, without that.
  14. When will we stop shooting our youths!

    1) so why not tanks? ATACMS? F-15s? We have crossed over the line (clearly) of what society can handle. 2) I have purchased a gun several times. The last time it took 10 minutes (the background check took about 2 minutes, was surprised it was that fast). I've NEVER done anything at the DMV, including first getting my driver's license (which requires two kinds of tests), in under 30 minutes. 3) Of course it's not the fault of gun owners. It's the fault of society and legislatures for a severe lack of funding to truly address the mental health and educational gaps (or canyons). It's more of a comment on the refrain that I often hear "It's not guns - it's a mental health issue", and then little to nothing is done to address the latter. The pandemic has amplified, as you pointed out, every type of dysfunction. Alcohol, drugs, suicide, depression and other mental health issues. We haven't stepped up nearly enough, and there was already a HUGE gap before the pandemic. I have been a gun owner, and I do believe in some limited rights to guns. I don't think any civilian needs to have more than a handful of rounds in a magazine, and certainly not 30, 50, 100. No hunter I know uses more than a 3 or 4, if that. I'd add a 4th, which is red flag laws. We need to bolster them and add enforcement, since we obviously can't/won't get rid of most of the guns that currently exist. I don't want to take away guns, but I think it's a reasonable response to what's going on in society to limit guns/ammo/magazine capacity further than we have. We can still honor the Constitution and set reasonable limits, just like we have with the other Amendments.
  15. When will we stop shooting our youths!

    I think it's pretty insane to suggest that 'guns aren't the problem'. No other industrialized/modern nation has anywhere NEAR this issue, and mental health is an issue everywhere. Buying guns here is easier than getting a drivers license in most places. And IF mental health is the whole issue, why haven't the gun advocates (I won't name groups/parties) REALLY funded improving mental health? There's a lack of services everywhere, and especially so since the pandemic. It's patently obvious that guns are a problem, since they're the tool that so many are using to kill themselves and others.