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  1. Bar flirt game

    This reminds me of when I was in high school, working at the lake campground. One day, a guy in an RV rolled thru to pay, and told me his wife was hot as fuck, and wanted me to visit her when he wasn't there. This guy looked like he was from central casting from Deliverance. I didn't bite. 2 days later, when they were leaving, his wife was driving, topless, and leaned out the window saying "sorry you missed your chance!". She was incredibly hot. Win some, lose some. That said, I think teasing some poor schmuck on purpose isn't cool. If you like to be watched, then find some dude at the bar, tell him you want him to watch you and your wife, and be done with it.
  2. Longest Orgasm: 30 Minutes

    Eating bacon and then having an O or 2..... ahhhhhhh
  3. That's basically Peter North.
  4. You too can live the President's life

    Nah dude, you're thinking small. For 130k, you can afford to buy SEVERAL Stormy dolls - one to spank you with Forbes, one to watch you dance in your tighty whiteys, one for your 3"(if you're the Pres). Still have money left over.
  5. Ummmm. Gross........ ick.
  6. Never left a bad review

    to me, the honest review (which it sounds like you do anyway) is the way to go. Here were the pros (super cute, great body, etc) and the cons (intimated would do xyz and would only do bbj). Or 'maybe it was an off day' or whatever. I think that's most helpful. Good luck either way.
  7. What are your hopes for the New Year?

    To finally see you! Things have been crazy and sad and tough, but hopefully the new year portends a little more brightness. I wish the same for everyone here.
  8. role-play Looking for role play partner

    I'm not into Rolex play. Movado play? You bet! Or even Tag Heuer.
  9. Paris (dayum!)

    NO, that's illegal. hahahahha
  10. Animal Parts

    Well, for the Panda emoji, it involves olive oil and bamboo, but I really shouldn't say more.;)-
  11. Hello

    Dang! You are hot!! Yes, Denver is awesome - way better than Seattle imo. Especially the weather. Welcome!
  12. creampie

    Yes, once I went for FBSM, and I was SO looking forward to the flip.... then, she finally said "ok, it's time", and over I flipped, only to receive a cream pie right in the face!! We laughed and laughed, I paid her triple for the great laugh, didn't even get off and left happy. What a great marketing strategy!!!
  13. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    'locker room talk'. Bragging about sexual assault, more accurately.
  14. Haha!

    fuck him. literally.
  15. 411 Miss Marcie anything to worry about with this lady?

    I prefer reviews to be real-time. Streaming if possible.