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  1. Football season is here

    I hope Russell Wilson gets it turned around this year. I think he was put into a offense that didnt fit him very well. Hopefully they can let him do the things that made him a star in Seattle.
  2. Football season is here

    Another impressive win by Colorado. It was close early but Nebraska figured out how to shoot themselves in the foot. And Colorado made plays when they had to. I think Colorado has a future NFL quarteback and he has some outstanding receivers to throw to. I hope they have a great season.
  3. Football season is here

    Colorado shocked the football world by upsetting TCU. The Coach Prime hype is through the roof. Its all you hear on Sports media. I personally think they beat a team that was overrated and will be exposed this Saturday against Nebraska but it will be an interesting and entertaining game. To all you college football fans out there i hope to hear your expert opinion. May the best team win!!
  4. Biden for 2024

    Does anybody still think that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation. This is the greatest political coverup in modern history. The mainstream media has ignored to cover this and more evidence is coming in everyday that Sleepy Joe is probably the most corrupt administration in our history. Just follow the money. We were and still are getting sold out. I know i will catch all kinds of backlash for this but i dont care. Hes not in charge anymore than i am. Hes been handpicked because they know hes a moron, corrupt and will to go along with everything for financial gain. If you cant see it you are probably blind or just refuse to admit it. At the same time they are indicting a political oppenent. Whatever you think of Donald Trump or any Republican candidate you should wonder if we are living in a third world country or where is this headed. Im done but i dont like where this is headed for our country.
  5. Lakewood CO

    Wow! I think theres going to be some fireworks here! Im popping the corn. I cant even remenber the last time you could get laid for 150. My advice is save your money and spend it on one of these fine ladies on TOB.
  6. Biden for 2024

    I dont blame anybody for not wanting to try defending this absolute disastor unfolding in front of our eyes. I would laugh if wasnt so serious!
  7. Biden for 2024

    I guess nobody wants to discuss all the great acomplishments that our leader has imposed on this country. Oh i forgot its all Trumps fault. Lol!
  8. Biden for 2024

    Biden has anounced he is running for reelection in 2024. Im just curious about how much support he will get. I think they are going to try the hide him in the basement stradegy again. Who is really running this country??? He says hes going to finish the job. That is scary!! Hope to hear other opinions. We havent had a open discussion on this forum for awhile.
  9. I totally agree with you. I guess we have nothing to debate. I think this country is in trouble unless we change course soon. You don't have to watch any new source to realize we are headed down a very dangerous path. But it's all being orchestrated by the far left, radical people in power now. It all started with Barry( I mean Obama). Biden was handpicked to be the VP because they knew he was a moron and was corrupt and would go along.. Trump was not supposed to be elected but it happened and have you seen such an effort to get rid of a president in our lifetime. No because as imperfect as he is, he was standing in the way of there of there objective. Keep up the fight!
  10. Is it me?

    I too see people struggling during these times. But it's not just the inflation and high gas prices. Every direction you look with this administration has been a complete disaster. Southern border, pullout from Afghanistan, declaring war on domestic oil production and I could go on. It's all being done intentially because even Biden isn't that incompetent. And look how the mishandling of classified documents is being dealt with in comparison to how the FBI and DOJ handled the raid on Trumps property. Does something smell funny to you!!
  11. Cum - sexy or no?

    Awhile back I had a very intense orgasm with a very attractive young lady while we were in K9. I pulled out and she said "That was alot of cum" It just added to the whole experience. Needless to say I have been back and she is on my favorites list.
  12. Christmas Miracle

    It just goes back to the old saying that "if you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns" And it's true. If you were worried about gun violence why would you release violent criminals without bail or release prisoners from prison because society has failed them. I know numerous legal gun owners who would pay the price because of repealing our 2nd amendment rights but how long would it take for a violent criminal to obtain a weapon. ???
  13. That's Enough

    I can't believe it! Lol! I totally agree with what you just said. I've always said that the only way you will stop the massive drug trade out of Mexico would take an invasion and takeover of there corrupt government and the cartels. But I'm not holding my breath for that to happen. Too much money involved on both sides of the border. We might be closer to being on the same page than we think.
  14. That's Enough

    Biden administration has filed a lawsuit against the State of Arizona because they were using empty shipping containers to try to shore up the holes in the border wall. Try to tell me that they are trying to stop this massive influx at the border because it's obvious they are not. Forget Biden. He is just a clown they have propped up. He can't even complete a sentence with out a teleprompter and then he is in trouble. The open border people in his cabinet are orchestrating this Travesty. I agree with Bit Banger that we have the same laws on the books that we've always had but they are either being ignored or not being enforced. I'm done with this topic but for crying out loud this has become a serious situation that we have not seen the results of yet.
  15. Colorado College football

    To those who don't knowK9 Primetime is "Deion Sanders" He was a standout defensive back in college and NFL for years. And he has a very entertaining personality. He coached at Jackson State and made a turnaround of that program though its not in the Pac 12