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  1. Moving to Denver from Laguna beach

    Hello fellow SoCal. Moved here a few years ago from Orange County and haven't looked back.
  2. What Fantasies Have you acted out recently

    Oh man! Just very recently I experienced one of my ultimate fantasies: I had a grilled cheese sandwich that featured both ham *and* bacon. It was a cbh 3way for the ages. I'd like to do it again, but I'm afraid the novelty might wear off.
  3. Icing the Vagina

    Perhaps she can benefit from that 55 gallon drum of lube on Amazon?
  4. Looking to prevent chafing?

    My favorite review is: 4.0 out of 5 stars Size: 55 Gallon As UPS discretely unloaded my 55 gallon drum, the driver accidentally spilled it into my driveway. Any amount of cars can now fit into the garage.
  5. Looking to prevent chafing?

    But 55 gallons of lube is a pool party!
  6. Looking to prevent chafing?

    Just in case you need the 55 gallon drum of lube, I'll just leave this right here:
  7. Ladies, were reviews an ego booster?

    Teach me Obi Wan!
  8. A Screening Conundrum

    From my point of view: screening is a hassle. It's a very welcome hassle that makes me feel safer as well... But it's still a hassle. So before I bother to jump through all the hoops, I just like to know if the date has any chance of happening. I'd like to save us both some time by removing the big barriers to the date right off the bat. For me, those are dollars and location. If those two items aren't going to line up, it seems like a waste of both of our time to go through the screening process.
  9. I shed a lot...

    Gotta manscape. If I don't I look a bit like Chewbacca. Chewy never got the girl in any movie.
  10. Ladies, were reviews an ego booster?

    Does such a thing happen?? Certainly not to me!
  11. ComiCon

    You bring a valid point.
  12. ComiCon

    Anyone going to ComiCon this weekend? I was thinking about going as Thor, because I totally have the body to pull that off. So if anyone has any dumpy old-guy Thor fantasies, let me know. I can totally help you out!
  13. Lady Friends

    Holy Toledo! I'm enthusiastic for you to get here! Welcome to CO
  14. Effects of recent legislation

    Wow... This has been educational and frustrating. I'm awfully sorry for the increase in the dregs of humanity that are crawling out of the woodwork!
  15. Recent text message-

    That's why I always try to text, "u available, sweet lips?"