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  1. Cum - sexy or no?

    Hey all! I have a question that I never thought about before: Is cum sexy? I had always assumed it was; kinda like a reward for a job well done by my partner. But I recently had an experience where my partner was kinda grossed out by it, which caught me off guard. In her defense (and mine), when I cum, it's a lot. I've had more than one partner say "Wow! That's so much!" I had always assumed that was a compliment, but maybe not? Just curious to get the opinions of professionals.
  2. DP

    I'm interested. Is there a sign up sheet? I can only contribute one of the Ps, so someone else will need to bring the other one.
  3. Is age really just a number?

    Oh yes, I'm still determined to somehow appreciate your eyes in person one of these days!
  4. Looking for Good FBSM with FIV

    I did some finger banging on 4th of July many years ago. Had to go to the doctor, but no permanent damage. 🤣
  5. Barbie Doll 720-603-7613 Colorado Companion Hi all, I've been seeing ads for this yl for a while now. I'm curious if anyone knows anything about her? She's in my neck of the woods, so I'm curious. I don't have a lot of experience with Tryst, so I'm not sure if I can trust it.
  6. Starving for contact!

    You are not wrong about that!
  7. Starving for contact!

    I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm just counting the days until the vaccine is widely available. I just want to make out with someone! (Preferably female, but I'm about to take what I can get!)
  8. Has anyone had the vaccine yet? Just curious how your experience was with it. I'm not eligible yet, so I haven't gotten one. But if a lady gets one, she ought to put it in her ad. It would totally increase my comfort in setting up an appointment!
  9. Reviews rejected

    So I've had a couple of reviews rejected for lack of detail. I don't get a real reason. They just tell me "more detail." It's not like I wrote one or two sentences... I felt like it was as complete a picture as I was able give. I don't have many moments to write a full essay, double spaced, in proper APA format with full citations at the end. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. Rising asset prices

    The way I see it, there are ladies out there sharing the most intimate parts of their bodies with us. It's not inflation, not a commodity, nor an industry. It's a person doing something very personal. She can charge what she wants.
  11. When to hang it up...

    50??? Geez, man. You've basically got one foot in the grave already.
  12. Asian Massage for Two

    Hey, so the topic came up recently about whether there are any AMP places out there that would offer a rub and and tug for both me and a lady friend. Is anyone familiar with such a place or ever tried it?
  13. CGI crowds

    If that's called during an appointment, that's probably not a good sign.
  14. Hooters

    I've never once eaten at a Hooters and walked away thinking "I'm glad I did that."
  15. CGI crowds

    I'm sortof hoping I will stop hearing that during a session!