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  1. Negativity in the Hobby

    Honestly, I think some folks just live in the drama. They aren't happy unless they're miffed about something. Not my preferred way to live, personally.
  2. Denver is the best

    Seems to be it's regular state of affairs here lately.
  3. From the hoses mouth

    Ugh! Yuck. I'm awfully sorry! Speedy recovery and good results to you!
  4. What do you love/hate to hear?

    "Solid effort. Better luck next time!"
  5. Snowboarding!!

    Beaver Creek. It caters to the super wealthy, and they can't be bothered to get out of bed before 10am. Hit the lifts at 8:30 and you'll have the whole mountain to yourself!
  6. Denver is the best

    I also had not an awesome time in Cali. That's why I live here now
  7. Making friends vs. being a loner

    I'm definitely a relatively small circle of friends kind of person. Making it in the world as a complete loner it challenging.
  8. What are your hopes for the New Year?

    Finally getting the courage to meet you!
  9. Fuckin Broncos...

    It's all good... We can just cheer for the Buffs... Wait...
  10. Most desired toys?

    Sounds amazing!
  11. Creampie part Deux

    I love a delicious cheesecake!!
  12. Animal Parts

    She's super cute and cuddly, but can still rip your head off if you make her mad?
  13. Marie punch card?

    Hi all, I've decided to change my name to DecafMarie. Better late to the party than never!
  14. Creampie part Deux

    Did not anticipate a sushi place to pop up in the recommendations.
  15. Creampie part Deux

    So there was so much discussion of Cream Pie recently that now I really want one. In your opinion, what restaurant has the best pies around? I'm looking for that place that when the holidays roll around, you cannot help but head there for their delicious baked goods. I've always been partial to Marie Calendar, but I'm sure there's something better!