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  1. Haha!

    My hero!
  2. Mans Dinner Menu

    The best man food is meat on a stick. Any meat. On a stick.
  3. So, What Really Turns You On?

    What?? I missed spirit animal day???
  4. New Game of the Week

    3 Minutes O'Heaven
  5. Hello from the Bay Area!

    Bay area is my old stomping grounds! I spend quite a few of my formative years in the North Bay.
  6. Haha!

    <insert Avengers scene where the Hulk slams Loki all around and says, "Puny God." > <Use your imagination because I sucks at the TOB and can't insert it myself.> <That last sentence was not a euphemism>
  7. So, What Really Turns You On?

    Melissa, I am pretty sure that you are my spirit animal! Chrissy.. I may be your spirit animal!
  8. Denver Night Entertainment

    I love live theater of pretty much any sort. It's been a mean minute since I took in a good musical. Last one was probably Kinky Boots.... Been settling for improv because it's quick and easy and usually good for a nice gut- busting laugh or two.
  9. just takes a second ...

    I accidentally said "I am better than everyone else." instead of I am better than everyone else I think putting all the words on one line with proper punctuation somehow diminished the exercise.
  10. Ready for winter?

    As a rule of thumb, I'm ready for winter anytime after July 4th. I'm just not cut out for hot weather, so winter is my time!! I'll take all the snow!
  11. Birthday tomorrow - suggestions?

    I like the way you think!
  12. Birthday tomorrow - suggestions?

    Just some brownies. If you'd ever heard my family sing you'd know why I'm ok with that.
  13. Ladies: Doubles - Am I doing something wrong?

    Shoot, I'd pay just to watch that
  14. Taking an extended " Break"...

    Take good care, pretty lady!
  15. OMG! So bored and stuck

    I feel you. I'm in Breck and was looking for a way to get into a little trouble. One of the few times I could do an outcall, and there is no action to be found way up here. None that I can verify and trust, anyway.