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  1. In the DTC

    Blech... Sorry that people are jerks...
  2. In the DTC

    I'm in the DTC, which is lovely lady central... But came here on short notice so I didn't get to book time with anyone. So bummed!
  3. Another weekly holiday

    I'm currently taking volunteers!
  4. Eclipse...

    Find a welding supply store and ask for #15 welding glass. Surprisingly inexpensive for a 1.5"x4" piece $3-$4. You'll be able to look at the sun during all the phases of the eclipse through that without hurting your eyeballs.
  5. We Vibe

    There definitely appears to be non app based models. Not much info can be collected by those other than temperature and relative humidity.
  6. A lesson the Hateful Ladies and Men...

    Is it just me, it is Jerene Dildine already an appropriate escort handle?
  7. Together we fall

    You are kind of a strange bird.
  8. We Vibe

    Anyone familiar with the We Vibe? I haven't been much of a toy person, but all the bells and whistles and mutual stimulation of it has piqued my interest.
  9. Any Denver ladies heard of the NFL

    Yes! Ballet and courtesans! Why is this combination not more of a thing?
  10. Taking suggestions?

    Or you could go with just to create a sense of irony.
  11. Trim your trees

    Yep, my Texas younger years remembers them as locusts.
  12. Retirement

    Bummer. Another good one goes down before I got the chance to introduce myself!
  13. I'm not sure what to do these days...

    You're feeling very limericky today!
  14. I'm not sure what to do these days...

    Wow... This is just like dating now. The pretty girls were always so jaded by the douchebags the couldn't see the nice guys. Now even in the world of pay for play the douchebags are finding a way to ruin it.
  15. So That's What That Means.....

    FS means Flatulent Slurping