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  1. Killer B's

    Whoa. Now just don't know what to think!!
  2. Killer B's

    It seems like there has been an influx of B cupped providers in here. Which is awesome because the A's and B's are my favorite! Hopefully I can find some time to meet a few of you!
  3. ISO: Your favorites!

    Thanks so much, lovely Miss Megan!
  4. ISO: Your favorites!

    No joke!
  5. Question for the late nighters.

    Woohoo! It's 12:30 and the board is going crazy!! Let's make sure to delete our posts before Laci wakes up!
  6. ISO: Your favorites!

    Thank you!
  7. ISO: Your favorites!

    I don't even know how that place works. Is it a couple of hours? Overnight? Go alone? What's the skinny?
  8. Question for the late nighters.

    Nice thing about nekkid Crisco twister as a dude, you can cover 5 spots on the map.
  9. How much is too much description in a review?

    I think it's important for me to feel like I was in the room with you. Otherwise how am I going to get enough info???
  10. ISO: Your favorites!

    Can you believe it?? I have trouble imagining why it wasn't taken!
  11. ISO: Your favorites!

    Thank you kindly, gorgeous!
  12. ISO: Your favorites!

    So I think I figured out the crux of my post here. Ever been so hungry that nothing sounds good to eat? I think think that's where I am right now only with hobbying.
  13. ISO: Your favorites!

    My sexy bucket list is pretty vanilla. Hence seeking suggestions from some folks so maybe I can add a couple of new adventures I haven't thought about.
  14. Question for the late nighters.

    Having looked for late night entertainment here in more than one occasion, I can attest to this.
  15. ISO: Your favorites!

    Hi TOB! I've got my 45th in the next couple of days with no plans. So I was wondering what TOB related activities are your favorite for your birthday? I'm thinking duo or more-o. Is there one of those that I shouldn't pass up? Or maybe someone who you think of as a particularly indulgent experience? Or any ladies who think their birthday offerings are top notch? Let me know! I have my own thoughts, but in the spirit of broadening my horizons I'd like to know yours. I'm sure you all have thought of/tried things I haven't. Curious to maybe try some of the stuff I don't know. Feel free to respond here, or if you think your answer is against forum policy, send me a dm. Thanks! I look forward to your recommendations!