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  1. How does this suggestion sound?

    Clicking is so haaaaaarrrrrd.

    You, sir, are awesome!

    Colorado Massage Hey TOB mind! I like massages. I like GFE. I want to combine the two. Something more than a rub, but less than full service. Any recommendations out there?
  4. Chicks dig scars - man I hope so!

    You bring up a valid point.
  5. Chicks dig scars - man I hope so!

    Just had my next round on my nose. Blah. It's all pretty miserable.
  6. Chicks dig scars - man I hope so!

    Aw, you flatter me I'll take it!
  7. So I'm finishing up with my fourth trip to the dermatologist in as many months. I'm working on adding some realism to my Frankenstein's Monster costume. But all this work on my face isn't making me any prettier. Makes me wonder, does the saying " chicks dig scars" actually ring true?
  8. What Are You Reading?

    Wait, there's reading outside of TOB forums??? Since when??
  9. Doubles show

    Thanks for the help, everyone! I'm feeling pretty good about my quest.
  10. Doubles show

    Thanks! It's always been a bucket list item to me to have double usual number of beauties disappointed in my performance! But tripling up??? That just might be spreading the shame too thin!
  11. Doubles show

    I assumed it was something like that. Thanks for the confirmation. Consider this post phase one of research. I put a lot of stock in personal recommendations/invitations.
  12. Doubles show

    So the ads don't list duos very often lately. Curious for recommendations.
  13. Killer B's

    Whoa. Now just don't know what to think!!
  14. Killer B's

    It seems like there has been an influx of B cupped providers in here. Which is awesome because the A's and B's are my favorite! Hopefully I can find some time to meet a few of you!
  15. ISO: Your favorites!

    Thanks so much, lovely Miss Megan!