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  1. Best/Worst Experience

    Never had a really bad experience. I've had 3 or 4 less than great though. The best was with a non-pro out of work school teacher. Found her on Craigslist. I was interested because she was 6' tall. I probably wouldn't have called, but she had a review on TOB by a known reviewer. He said she wasn't particularly attractive but when she was having sex she became the most beautiful woman in the world. I said the same thing in my review. She didn't know much about the business or any of the acronyms, but wow!
  2. Best DATY in Colorado

    Any gal who is shaved smooth, squeaky clean and truly enjoys it so much she squirts.
  3. What is YOUR KINK?

    I love squirters.
  4. Obviously in porn squirting is faked. It's a movie. All movies are fake. Having said that and being somewhat of a connoisseur of DATY I've tasted girl pee and girl squirt. Pee tastes nasty. Squirt tastes good. There is definitely a difference.
  5. Trust No One

    Cash is king. That's why there are ATMs.
  6. Where's the bush?

    I like hair on a woman's head. Other than the that less is more. I love smoothies.
  7. Stood Up

    Write a review
  8. Grooming preferences

  9. Will the Bush ever come back

    I love it smooth.
  10. Sexy, Naughty, Kinky Senior Citizens

    Old guys tend to have it easy finding partners their own age because women tend to out live men.
  11. I met and chatted with George Benson for a while. I had no idea who he was, just thought he was a really cool guy. Someone told me later who he was.
  12. Do you remember?

    I don't remember oil bath carbs but everything else anyone mentioned is very familiar. My folks used to go for Sunday drives, and I would lay on the shelf behind the back seat.
  13. Guess I'm lucky. I never have.
  14. Vaccines are sexy!

    I got both Pfizer shots. Just a little sore arm the next day.