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  1. Members you miss

    omg, I swear that guy (Demure Morman)had to be a fan of those pulp romance novels. That dude was hopeless....... I always liked reading Sexy Sadie 's posts. And Beverly Fisher is a incredibly talented writer and other things.
  2. First Impressions

    Well, we damn well hope he has a blue ribbon.
  3. What do you believe in?

    I believe that shit will always roll downhill.
  4. Be kind to your Animals!

    This will be my pup', Eli'a first 4th of July. He likes cbd oil. My late great hound Mollie didn't like fireworks much. She would tolerate them if I kept her happy on her cbd oil. If you have to stay at home folks oil is the way to go. It makes this holiday more bearable for our 4-legged babies.
  5. Out of Action

    Atta boy JR,! Can’t keep a good guy down forever. Glad you are on the mend.☘️🍀☘️
  6. Someone tell me WTF is wrong with me

    Two thoughts -A. Naught? B. Nil? 🍀jez
  7. Best and Worst Pick up

    Guaranteed you’ll go far in life with that line. As in “far to many lonely nights sleeping alone.” LoL!🍀
  8. Jez’s,s advice for the lovelorn- a forum such as this is in reality the wrong place to be looking for love. Lust, yes, love? No. What does love have to with a hooker forum.....🍀
  9. Taking a break...for now.

    Your right, looking your own mortality in the face is sobering ... But here is one thing that really helped me through a serious illness a few years back. I never once entertained the the thought that it could kill me. I knew it was possible, just not to me. So even when the medication makes you feel like death already came to you .... keep your attitude above ground Good , healthy optimism is sometimes the best medicine one can have. And stop by here once in awhile and let us know how your doing. Good luck sir🍀☘️
  10. So is it still too early

    Bah humbug!!!!!! I luv it Mr.Tide ! My sentiments exactly.🍀
  11. Monogamy to Polyamory

    Oh boy, "my house,my rules" H.H states. Sir, do you realize how totalitarian that comes across. I can only speak for myself here, but if both wife number one, and the potential wife number two are earning paychecks , and there for contributing to the household(s); the my house I make the rules bullshit is problematic. Tread carefully with that attitude.Both women could decide to put their brains together and gang up on you. And two pissed off wives would be far worse then one. As I said sir, good luck , you will definitely need it.🍀🍀
  12. Monogamy to Polyamory

    To the op concerning the future ,would -be wife number two. You need to remember that when you meet somebody in the beginning (as it was with wife number one) that there is that period of infatuation and lust. It passes with time. You also need to consider any age discrepancies between you ,wife number one and wife number two. Polygamy can work, I've seen this. But you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see what problems could arise in the situation that you are talking about. In order for a polygamist marriage to work, those who are involved have got to like each other. And I'm not talking sexually here I'm talking about in the human factor of personalities.and it sounds like you will have some real issues here. Your wife number one, sounds like her feelings are stepped on here. And you've also got your respective families to consider. I don't think I'd jump into this right away I think the I would continue to see your current lust on the sly. And really think this one through with your big brain not your little guy's head. You seriously need to put deep thought into this. Many guys have a hard time keeping one woman happy and you've already pissed off wife number one. So good luck to you sir, you're going to need it.
  13. There will be no more donations

    Well then, there will be no pussy for this dude either. Plain and simple. We ladiesdottend to warn our sisters. As it should be.
  14. Chicks dig scars - man I hope so!

    Scars are a fact of life. Both the mental and the physical. It is part of what makes us ourselves. They don't bother me on anyone. They just are.🍀
  15. New friendships

    This entire thread has me baffled. Maybe the op is looking for Ann Landers.