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  1. How Old is too Old?

    Well then, I'm 21 !! ......okay, make that twice.🍀
  2. Ladies we have to do better

    I concur, however this is a post that is stating how spoiled we were when we could say more in our adds. Now to stay within the advertising guidelines- we are limited. So maybe your peckers will have to educate yourselves about reading between the lines when it pertains to your current lady lust(s). 😼
  3. Ladies we have to do better

    What? You mean we all use our big heads, and not our little guys and girls? What a concept. As much as I hate to say it often brain power thinking and what attracts our guys to us are not in the same category. So guys do have to start using there brains instead of just what their peckers think. Because we are very limited in our advertising. This is a one sided venue. Not much can be done to change the legalities involved.🍀
  4. Spoiled

    This posting was done on my sucky little 'droid phone. Which makes things like paragraph breaks, and other such edits next to impossible. So read between the lines and ignore the structure of this. I do know they are there.
  5. Spoiled

    Oh yes, the WiFE experience. Too funny ,this cracked me up. I needed a good chuckle and you came through. I also don't like the menu options. It just cheapens the whole experience. Most ladies in this business go well beyond the wife experience ,er, vanilla type event. In a true GFE event, many things can happen within the event. And with advertising being so limited these days as to how much info can be listed makes it hard for both parties involved to convey what they will do /and/expect in services. We are not spoiled anymore. You gentlemen really do have to make us comfortable in the knowledge that they are not LE before any services can be discussed.🍀
  6. Getting bumped out of your scheduled visit

    As I have said, this happens to the ladies also. Trust me, while some girls will not admit to it ,it is true.Rejection is a very real issue that cuts right to the core. It hits on that "Im not good enough" thought process. I have learned that there are some of the opposite sex from myself who will call a girl , so they can just be the one to reject. What ever it takes to make them fee!l betterment I have also learned to not dwell on ti ,or try to analyze the "why did they ask me" to the point that of being at their door. It labels tnem to me as a person who has had issues with a member of my see priorly. Don't dwell oni t. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure out their issues. It is their loss, not yours
  7. Another etiquette question for the ladies

    It depends on the situation .What I find mildly disrespectful is when the 18 -20 something wants to call me a some innocuous term of endearment without knowing me. But I do realize this is a situation based interaction. But as a middle- aged person, with the life experiences that come with people in my age group such terms are of familiarity are generally for use by people who know me well.
  8. Favorite Hiking trails

    For me the best trail is whatever one the hound and I are on at that moment. There are not any "bad" trails in Colorado. And for those who want to enjoy hiking in the nude- join AANR and visit Or become a member of Mountain Air Ranch . Which is here in Colorado and has various trails that are well laid out and maintained for maximum scenic views of Colorado's mountains. Skill level of those particular trails are from easy to moderate. You do need to wear appropriate foot gear.🍀
  9. For the curvy/chubby girls

    Even skinny girls will wear a spandex type slip when wearing a form fitting dress. Trust me on that one. People are for the most part ,vain. We all want to appear our best. Male or female.🍀
  10. HELP!!!

  11. Generations

    We are products of our environment. And our intellect is based on that environment. While I may have sucked at chemistry and algebra, ask me about training horses, or raising cattle. I also have higher education in my back ground. But I totally suck in those other two prior mentioned subjects. I hold title to being in the last class of the baby boomer era. The cold war was part of my upbringing. Do I think my generation is smarter then Gen X? No , I don't. But I do believe I put more thought into some parts of our political landscape.that other generations don't. Intelligence is mainly about how well we understand, and utilize what we learn. You can be well educated, but socially inept. And with that my friends, it doesn't matter what generation we hail from.🍀
  12. Truth in Advertising

    Admiral-your response is the posting of the month. Excellent and well written. You are my new hero May you get a extra helping of pussy. The op believes that there IS truth in advertising. Right. And I am 21 again. Advertisers in any realm have been known to use any means to stretch that truth. However, when ones clothing hits the floor, just how much a lady has stretched that truth will become evident. The op does not seem to know how to back channel. How hard is it to ask a reviewer about a lady's appearance?
  13. Friendships

    Every friendship has boundaries. The friends we have outside this venue, the friends we meet inside it, and the future friends we have not met yet. As these friendships evolve boundaries will grow or lessen. Each one is different, but there will always be boundaries in each one. So yes to the op, it is possible.🍀
  14. Dang, You're Beautiful

    Badboy, Chrissy, and several more who shall remain unnamed.... If you go before ol ' Jez does......she will drink a parting glass (only it won't Jager that this Irish lass drinks) to your memories.🍀☘️
  15. Guilty as charged

    Hey , I'm still waiting for someone to come on these forums as " Captain Save A Hoe. But as for your question tBB if you know Photoshop you can always insert a armored knight on a dirt bike for the rider. There, I gave you a idea on how to fix it. Then you can still be Bad boy, and a White knight too!🍀