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  1. Happy Birthday Olgunn

    Hey, better late then never.😎so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🍀Hope you got your piece of pie!
  2. What should I wear?

    And bear in mind that walking into a hotel and going by the front desk wearing cum fuck me stilettos and a skintight short dress screams "hooker" to hotel staff.☘️
  3. Careful with screening boys.

    Screening has always been a touchy subject for both provider and hobbyist . And I agree with Daniel Ray taking a complete strangers word as a reference can be a crapshoot. I think one of the best references you gentlemen could have is to have a name onthese forums .If you're contacting a lady who frequents a place like ToB, then why notuse your board game? I am amazed at how many gentleman do not want to give out their boardidentity to us . It is a great screening tool. That is unless you're a troll. And in that case you have every reason to want to hide. All I am looking for in a screening is I want to know you're not a cop. I don't care if you're married. I don't care if you have a girlfriend. I just want to know that you are not a vice cop. And that you are safe. So it is up to you guys to make us feel comfortable enough to play with you. So when you call one of us - be prepared to identify yourself some how.🍀
  4. -b added to some provider's handle

    The easiest way to be labeled, of course ,is to be scamming when advertising. No problem then. But a none of us are so naive as to not realize this does happen. So I like this way of warning the general population who frequents here. And bless all of us ladies who are arrogant enough to post our own pics.Who would want to admit they don't look good enough to stand on their own merits? I guarantee not myself,as I am fully confident in my appearance, and personality to be able to put myself out here,or I would not be doing this.
  5. Mon Chalet Guest?

    The Mon Chalet's rooms have always been clean any time I've had the occasion to visit. But the room decor screams vintage 1970's. It is used by a diverse crowd. Swinger types, young millennials out partying, people like us here, and there are always a few lone rangers (guys)hoping to get in on free pussy.☘️
  6. Recent text message-

    I totally agree with you on that Cecilia! And I can't help but crack up a little bit whenever I get this type of text. My first instinct is to reply back with "pussy ain't free". I don't, but it's funny being asked that when any an male that contacts us knows that pussy is a commodity that we capitalize on .. 🍀
  7. Dolores O'Riordan

    I too, had a true passion for this songstress. She had a unique way of throwing her voice out there all up and down the musical scale. And much of her stuff was based on the lives of those who we're raised in the volatile land called Northern Ireland.I was truly saddened by the loss if this woman. And she and her band had long been on my bucket list. As is my ancestral Northern Ireland itself. Having both sides of my family emigrating from there. Peace to you Ms. O'Riordan.🍀☘️
  8. Your GPS location on your selfies

    Even in this capacity,it seems to hint at narcism with all the selfie pics that one sees on social media daily. I prefer to see you in pictures that are the real you. Instead of one that you have staged . ☘️
  9. BYOK - Bring Your Own Kit

    Cgrey, you state here in your posting about guys poking a hole in the condom. I can only say," THAT" would have to be a imbecile. I am living ,breathing, proof that condoms with holes in them create the pitter, patter of little feet. Anyway, that is what my dad told me.🍀
  10. Or their baby daddies- you forgot that one.
  11. To sweat or not to sweat?

    And a big ol'plus 1 ! That is exactly what I was going to say. When the dude is sweating so badly that the lady is in fear of going blind cause he is showering his sweat into her face ,causing her mascara to run also. Or she is drowning underneath you- then that is too much. If you sweat profusely when fucking, then as a courtesy to your lady lust, ask for a towel before the festivities begin. And kinda keep tabs on where your arm pits are in relation to her face. Good ol' lusty sweating is expected. But dripping it like dog slobber is just ..ichhh!☘️
  12. How Old Am I? Lemme Tell Ya...

    Santa Fe was two lanes and I -25 was/is called valley highway. And the i-25 and 6th was a clover leaf interchange. And who can forget the mousetrap at I -25 and i- 70.
  13. summer coming ... what do you look forward to

    Riding motorcycles,horses, 4 wheelers, and men! And swimming naked.🍀
  14. Recent text message-

    This is a recent text message. TEXT: Are you available (no question mark) ME: Who is this? TEXT: My name is _________ (name removed by me) TEXT: Donation (again ,no question mark) ME: I need a little more information then this _(name)_. Your asking me for classified information, and I don't have a clue as to who you might be. TEXT: What do you need (no question mark) TEXT: ok ME: References.....incall, outcall Something about yourself....age? That's it. How the hell am I supposed to know if I want to see you guys based on that ? Gentlemen, it is up to you to make the ladies feel comfortable that you are indeed a good guy. And text messages such as that one (it is an actual text I received) do not make me feel anything but get my hoe-dar up. No one wants to get busted. I for damn sure do not need to add this to my list of accomplishments on legal paper.
  15. Male butt,oh hell yea

    This turned in too a topic by accident. Stupid me was not paying attention. So I apologise to Bora Bora as I was trying to reply to his topic on that wonderful piece of male anatomy.☘️