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    Outdoors, good single malt whiskeys and scotches, my hounds ......reading writing.......and getting laid as often as I want too! Oh and did I say riding my motorcycle? LoL! Ok, ok, I know it hardly qualifies, ( 1969 Honda Mini-Trail
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    Little-town, Colorado
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    A hard pecker to play with, my pups, life,liberty, and the pursuit of sex!
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    job? this is a-job? your bullshitting me, right?

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  1. Contributions

    My preference is to take the donation after the fact. I think I am quite good at what I do and have only had this issue rear its ugly face 4-5 times in the past ten years. I try my damndest to follow my hoedar sense and accept only the clients whom I deem worthy of visiting with. It seems to work for me. But I do stay pretty much under the radar so my client base is small. Hell boys, I am in this for the fun.
  2. I am a Golden God

    Sounds like Mr. Rock has his panties all in a wad. What happened? Someone took a crap in your cherio's and you thought it was chocolate? Sorry bud, no one gets the red carpet rolled out for joining. Put your big boy pants on and be a man. This is actually a fun place to visit if you know how to play well with others. Just sayin'........
  3. pictures

    Pictures in a forum such as this are meant to put our best "self" forward. We have professional pics, and there are also some very good amateur photos. Unless you are going for really high dollar you are not going to get the model types showing up at your door. Denver market has many of you gentlemen bitching over the going rate of 200 to 250 dollar bills. But, we really do need to use our photos that represent us as we look now. If we have put on weight, then our pics need to reflect this. If we've lost weight, then ths too, should reflect this. This isn't rocket science., its truth in advertising. But then truth in this illegal business is a misnomer, now isn't it. Stevie, you will always have people who don't put there real self's appearance out there. That is life. Speaking for myself only, sometimes my word is all I've got. And when I show up at your door you can expect me to appear as I put myself out here to be. And many times my word is all I 've got. So if I tell someone something, you can take it to the bank its true. If I say I am 107 lbs. then it is true. If I say I am 56 years old, then it is true. If I say I've worn a size 5 jeans since high school- then it is true. So really Stevie, is not this thread really about truth in advertising?
  4. Greek.... I don't get it.

    Thank you Mr. Reindeer for that reminder of the esteemed Beverly Fisher's wonderful analogy of anal sex. With that said, some may throughly enjoy it. And some of us do not. And if you are a male who is well endowed it can be quite painful for us ladies. . Hardly how I equate pleasure. To each their own.
  5. Welcome to all cowboys , farmers, and stock show salesmen. May you all enjoy this Cow town and all it has to offer. ;-D

  6. Have not written an add for quite awhile. But am getting ready to do so as want to add new clients as regulars. Need some feedback on what information you want to see in a mature lady's add. This information is something all of the ladies can use in their adds , so keep that in mind. Thank you so much in advance. ""We luv you long time"".
  7. So this happened

    You did the right thing. For various reasons we ladies can be flaky about the phone. If her communication level was not par for you, then make other plans and tell her that (since you want to see her) you require a complete confirmation from her in order to see her. She will either comply or not. It is that simple.
  8. Tis the season for giving.

    Max Fund and Dumb Friends League can always use help. And so can the wide variety of no-kill shelters.
  9. Significant Others

    My SO is my hound,does that count? She is who I answer too. And somehow, I don't think any of my clients care to hear me gush over how great and wonderful she is. Beyond tho effecte basic , "So Jez, I hear you have a giant breed dog. That being said, sometimes you guys want to talk about SO problems. You'd be surprised at the regularity of this. At that time we become the therapist. And then the HIPPA goes into effect. We are after-all , role players so whatever you want us to be( if we agree too)!
  10. What do you love/hate to hear?

    Love: Damn Jez, you are have a hot little body. Hate: just kiss it some more It will get hard. (this is after sucking dick for 45 min.)
  11. "Embellishing" Providers?

    Unfortunately, there are ladies that will lie about weight, age, etc. There are also some who don't. I could say that I am one who does not lie about her weight, but why even bother with it as I am wearing the same si ze jeans / slacks that I wore in high school. Which is size 5 . and that puts my weight in the 105-110 range tops. And as for my age? There is no way I am going to add 5-10 years on to it. Oh hell no. That would put me in retiremant age. I have always stated the decade I reside in to my prospective clients. And I can damn sure wait for the next one. That being said, maybe you should start back channeling. PM a few guys who have seen your choices and ask them. But remember to that YMMV also. AND just because a gal advertises 400 bucks a hour does not make here pussy any better then a gal in the 200 range. Above all , keep in mind that you are dealing with real live human beings., so please be respectful and honest about your expectations when you contact one of us. There will always be dishonest people in every venue . You want a consumer report on us then ask the gentlemen who use our services. It is NOT that difficult.
  12. Giving It Away For Free!!!!!

    Excellent topic. If I might add this: Keep your boundaries firm. Work on networking with sister providers. We are all full of knowledge where this business is concerned. And no one can understand the issues that can happen but another provider. 🍀
  13. From the hoses mouth

    Melissa, dammit girl. This shit is NOT supposed to happen to any of us. Let's hope and pray that it isn't the big c, or any of the other many issues that can happen with female plumbing. And with luck this procedure will take care of this ever happening. I am a believer in getting rid of parts we don't need anymore and it wouldn't bother me to get rid of mine. The bright side of this is once it's gone, no more periods. Ever. Hoping you have a short recovery. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. It's going to be tough for awhile.🍀
  14. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    It is as always a ymmv depending on you and the client. I do this often. I do this with the guys I have met. Not with a brand new client. These ":dates you do with people whom you have connected with. I have one client whom when we travel together we are like a couple who have been together a long time. We quickly fall in sync. We have a great time together, break bread, sleep, shower , fuck, etc. When we get back to Denver , or I hit the airport we both quickly and easily slide back into -single me. You can't do this with the 1st time client. You don't know if they fart alot. Or pick their nose, or any other sort of human foible. Night owl, or early bed/ early rise. For over night, or extended stay/trips you damn well better be liking each other as people . Definitely for extended dates. The dynamics involved are there. As are the boundaries. My longest "date" was 6 weeks. It was a vbery successful , fun time. But as I stated, I would not do this with someone I had only met once.. And you cannot possibly charge by the hour while doing this. There is not a pussy in the world that is worth a six week paid for every waking/ sleeping moment. Get real. about your fee. And negotiate.
  15. Girl, it takes alot to gross me out, but the snot fetish did it. OMG! You just never know what we may run into.