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  1. Texas Elementary School Shooting

    When I was growing up it was safe to go to school.
  2. What is YOUR KINK?

    I prefer Ladies in tights that would bring me to my knees.
  3. Who would you bring back?

    One truly would love to see is fiji she was amazing , greatest set of legs and awesome personality …..
  4. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    I seen her last sept I had a great time her photos are her she is I'm guessing in her 30's . She gave me one of the greatest message I ever had , she was quit at first but as the evening went on she was personable and very funny . the woman has a great body and personality to match.....
  5. 411 Chelsea Spankxxx

    it's been a couple of years since I have seen her have nothing but good things to say about her she is the epitome of awesome.