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  1. Seasons

    Aww, shucks! Maniac? I am flattered! Maybe between the sheets! *wink wink* Hunter, I like the way you think girl! Yes, after much to do and many months on sabbatical, Badboy. What a long strange ride... but that is a tale for another day...
  2. Seasons

    An off the shoulder sweatshirt... (think Dirty Dancing) My workout clothes make it through the seasonal clothing binge every single time. Also my hiking boots seem to be all seasons, as well.
  3. ECCIE coming back????

    That would be a blessing even in a limited capacity.
  4. Western Slope Issues...

    This is Colrado's most popular board. The western slope is just hit or miss. Good luck and welcome babe.
  5. Babygirl! OMG, I really hope you find all the joy the South has to offer you! I am sure we won't lose touch but I know you'll be extra busy getting settled.
  6. Colorado Springs

    The incline in Manitou is a great workout.
  7. https://www.wikihow.com/Be-an-Escort's-Favorite-Client There seems to be some confusion on the matter with the influx of "newbies" Help yourself to some free knowledge. May it enlighten and illuminate your path to successful interactions, fellas.
  8. Post Your Funnies

  9. Vacation days (or daze)

    *Throws panties at Badboy's head....* You sure can make a girl swoon, can't you? Such skills!
  10. Vacation days (or daze)

    Ohhh girl! I am gonna call you I simply got to get the scoop! I am happy you had such fun!
  11. Vacation days (or daze)

    Awww thanks babe! You sure know how to warm my heart.
  12. Vacation days (or daze)

    Germany, Belgium, Holland
  13. Vacation days (or daze)

    This looks like the quintessential Corona advertisement. What a view! Perhaps my next trip should be more tropical...
  14. Vacation days (or daze)

    I almost cried to be honest. I know it seems silly but I really do love Colorado it seems.
  15. Vacation days (or daze)

    After an extended vacation in Europe (I know this may sound spoiled but) I am really happy to be home. I missed so much while I was away! Did y'all know they don't have green chili? I was appalled. I saw some amazing sights and met some amazing people and was fortunate to make it there and back safely. All in all, it was wonderful. I was curious if anyone else has a sincere appreciation for home after long sabbaticals?