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  1. I'm up to no good

    That'd work!
  2. Animal Totem

    Wolf all the way for me........
  3. I'm up to no good

    I'll go with you to do the deed! Only if you promise to do the deed with me in the ladies dressing room when we're done!
  4. Wanna play a game??

    Melissa is a very good friend who I know has my back, she's a class act all the way. I have nothing but respect and admiration for her. She's a very beautiful person. Kali is such a sweet heart and never has anything but good thoughts and good vibes to share about others. Such a great quality woman! I appreciate her very much! Jez.....She get's the attitude that comes with a woman that's been around for a while. Her posts are drop dead honest and to the point. She is a pretty lady and has been through more than most of us on here would ever have the courage to face. I love her for this....Plus she happens to love BIG BREED DOGS! My new Cane Corso would love to meet you Jez!
  5. boyfriends,husbands

    I'm kind of an imperfect dog walker. Love to walk dogs but kind of have a limp most of the time due to foot pain.
  6. boyfriends,husbands

    LMAO! You HAD to go there, didn't you!
  7. When I think of weird, feet come to mind, but that really takes the cake so to speak! Damn!

    I'm no ladies man or smooth operator, but I do have one endearing feature that a lot of guys in this activity don't seem to have: respect for the providers. And that is key in MHO. That will get you far and make you friends no mater what your social skills might be.
  9. Why do you do this???

    I think they might like the silver bracelets that are given complimentary to all that show up there!
  10. Why do you do this???

    That's messed up on so many levels. If I didn't know better I'd hope you were joking! I hope you find better clients that deserve you.
  11. Why do you do this???

    Gods and fishes Melissa, you always make me smile! Umm...Have you told everyone about the dog tat that I have on my butt?? I thought that was going to be our little secret? LOL! Seriously, I understand your post. Fellas, listen...... OK New fellas listen. These women on here have real lives apart from what you might be thinking about. Real lives with people who love them and depend on them much like you do as well. Respect on this board is paramount if you want to have a little fun. Without respect on your part you will get next to zero on your end. Have some PROPER MANNERS. None of the "hey babe" or as Melissa stated "coming to town, what's your schedule" If you want to contact a lovely lady here, please state your introductions, no BS. A time that works for you and a brief summary about yourself. If you have been striking out lately, try this and see what happens!
  12. Dog Bless You…

    Me? I'm and old soul. I love my family, my friends, and anyone that knows me trusts me to tell the truth. I love to ride my Harley.... Scuba diving is better than sex! Sorry everyone, I'm a Dive Master! I stand by my previous statement! NOTHING like dropping into a 60' reef and being in Zen......Nothing. My wife, my kiddos and my big old dog mean the world to me. Animals have a spot in my heart. I used to be a hunter in my younger years. I can't bring myself to do that anymore. If I'm looking for animals I have my camera with me. I can't bring myself to hunt anymore. If I happen to consider you a friend of mine, take it to the bank so to speak because.. I'll have you're back as I know you will have mine as well. Love to read. Eddings, Tolkein Feist Donaldson are a few of my favorites!
  13. 411 on kittykatt

    I have a simple solution. RUN. Run fast, run far away. Do you listen to yourselves trying to talk one another into seeing a very questionable provider? It's laughable to say the least. Listen, there are so many reviewed providers on here that there is no way you have to play Russian Roulette with someone who is playing games with fake pics and email addy's if you spend a little time paying attention to current events. Let the big head do the thinking and let the little head do the fun stuff after you do just a little bit of homework. Trust me on this, you will not be disappointed.
  14. Anastasia Bliss?

    Boink, please issue the "kill shot" Thanks from everyone who might read this in advance!
  15. For the love of...

    Dammit.. I loved SOA, but I have to admit to the whole board that I'm totally immersed in Naked and Afraid! LOL! LOVE that show! My new addiction!