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  1. Living with the pandemic can life go back to normal??

    Whoa! I get you girl. I hate all of this shit as well. Let me tell you something here. My "middle" Grandson" (I have 9 grandkids) Was in a Christian School and was exposed to covid 19 due to his teacher that was pursuing her Master's at CU. She was teaching his class and tested positive, putting the rest of our family at risk. Now, all of their immediate family is in at least a 2 week isolation through no fault of their own. This thing is real, and it affects more people than most of us want to admit. If everyone followed the "stupid mask" and socially distancing rules this shit would be gone in 2 months TOPS! Nope "it's my God given and constitutional right to not wear a mask! I for one am very worried about my 9 Grandkids. If we, the older adults fly in the face of mask wearing, I ask you this. How many Kids do you want to infect, That might bring it back to their fathers, mothers, grandfathers or grandmothers? By the way, we all are washing our hands and still our old relatives are drying.
  2. What do you believe in?

    40 Caliber, and if that doesn't do the trick a nice .45 caliber, but that's only for someone wishing me or my loved one's harm.
  3. Hello To Colorado

  4. What do you believe in?

    You know, I really believe that as you treat others that's how you will be treated. It doesn't matter if you happen to be the President of the United States or someone trying to live on minimizing wages. Please treat all the people in your lives with kindness and welcoming. You will be AMAZEDING on how happy it will make you feel. Giving is so good, just saying.
  5. Members you miss

    Good reply. I agree with you although I hope the two of us are wrong.........
  6. Question for the Grill Masters

    Good for you. Happy hunting.
  7. Question for the Grill Masters

    Dude, you are missing out. See my latest post. Get your GRILL ON! haha. Hope I might have helped you! Any further grill questions, feel free to hit me up!
  8. Question for the Grill Masters

    Wait till the burger in question seems to "bleed" while you are cooking it on top of the burger....Then flip it over and cook it for 2 minutes maximum. You should get a medium well burger most of the time. Steaks are another story. Searing them on both sides is the key here. Add something like "Chicago Steak Seasoning" and some Mesquite wood chips that have been soaking in water for a half of an hour or so, add them to the grill 5 minutes or so before you add the steaks to the grill and you won't be sorry. Cook up some mushrooms as well....One package of mushrooms with one table spoon of real butter, one clove of fresh crushed garlic, one shot of good whiskey like Jack Daniels or Maker's Mark and fry until they are carmelidesed (sorry not sure of the spelling here) But I'm sure you will like it very much!
  9. Question for the Grill Masters

    Whenever I grill, I scrape off the grill when it comes up to temp. Other than that I clean the underside once or twice a month. Perfect steaks. Perfect burgers, perfect chicken. Everything is great!
  10. Helping each other...what do you need/have

    I haven't discovered anything that those Japanese beetles don't like. They are killing my plants and it makes me mad!
  11. Helping each other...what do you need/have

    I'm hoping that the incoming snow might help as long as it doesn't kill our trees? My trees are still under stress from the late Spring hard frost we got. So hard to keep green things alive here in CO.
  12. Hobbies Outside of :the HOBBY"

    What kinds of aquariums have you had?
  13. Hobbies Outside of :the HOBBY"

    I, too have a lot of collections, from coins to native American artifacts. I also have some silly comic books and love wrist watches.The one I love best is a dive watch that is no longer made.I wear it every day..Reminds me of my diving passion.. Please share your passions here. I'm sure it can't be more "nerdy" than raising corals and tropical fish! HAHAHA!
  14. Hobbies Outside of :the HOBBY"

    I love to mountain bike as well! I've had a couple "magnificent" crashes! haha
  15. Hobbies Outside of :the HOBBY"

    So cool... You are doing a lot. Thanks!