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  1. Awesome joke

    You're talking CRAZY! Maybe something like that will available 50 or so years in the future when there's flying cars! In the meantime, always carry a check book my friends. That'll get you out of all kinds of these uncomfortable financial situations for sure!
  2. Is there a BMW mechanic in the house?

    Sorry Sweetie, that really sucks about your car.......Great news you have good credit, that helps a lot!
  3. Just saying Hi

    Hi and welcome. Happy hunting!
  4. A question for the ladies.....

    Made up by the greeting card makers. If you don't treat your SO or your GF like she needs to be treated (or how you really should be treating her) the other 364 days a year, then VD (no pun intended) is a really big deal for you. I wish you all a lot of luck, you're going to need it!
  5. Happy Valentine's Day

    Yes, I hope everyone here had a nice day with their lovers!
  6. State of play

    I'm sorry to have to tell you my friend........for obvious reasons!
  7. Best provider for UTF

    Right, but damn! You might want to tone it down about 8 notches. Just saying.....
  8. Blacklisting?

    He will never divulge this, ever. Sweetie, I understand your frustration, but people like this do NOT deserve your response. All of us know the kind of person you are and we appreciate you for the gentle soul and the nice person you are.
  9. Puzzled about a massage I had tonight

    The next time that happens just say "yes" and then hang on! She is def offering you a happy ending.
  10. Spring is around the corner

    I know how you feel. I guess it's just the luck of the draw. Having fun outside really depends on one's health overall. Everyone on her knows about be fuc**d up back....I'm fighting it ll thw way and winning I might add! But I just spent over $300 on shoe inserts. I hope they help because it's getting harder to walk on such sore feet! No matter what I'm not going to give up being outside! I love the Spring!
  11. Spring is around the corner

    Yes, but we'll take it! YAY for Bipolar weather!
  12. Spring is around the corner

    Damn, that's a buzz kill right! HA! Good for her though!
  13. Ok, pop quiz hotshot...

    I'd have to say your GF and I had a great afternoon....But I still have a lot of gas in the tank for you as well!! This has happened to me more than a few times! God bless bi and not jealous women!
  14. 411 on Hailzgrazia

    Run AWAY!
  15. Night out on the town

    I used to love Tarantula's!