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  1. I need in my life...

    Of the two things right now for me? I'd have to call it a dead tie! Both sound GREAT! Bro, I hope you find exactly what you are needing! Happy hunting!
  2. Truly Bi Providers?

    My wife and I are looking for a very true Bi provider, we have seen a few (many women) in the past but are looking for a lady we can welcome into our home as a friend as well. Thanks in advance!
  3. HH vs HR

    Always the same goodies, just in a little less time babe! Sometimes one is pressed for time.
  4. RIP Kobe

    I for one, despite the allegations against him..many agreed..He became a very good man and father. Perhaps he had a second chance at many things in his life. I don't know what he might have done or not done in his past life, but I think all can agree that all of the life's lost in that senseless crash are heart breaking. RIP sigh....All!
  5. Best BBBJ in Denver

    I have never had a bad bj,,, Just saying!
  6. Boring Sunday Babble

    We happen to be binge watching "Board Walk Empire" after I shovel of of te white shit off my driveway...sheesh!
  7. Big Brother Is Watching

    I for one have enough drama in my life that I don't go searching for more. I understand what you are saying non the less.
  8. Big Brother Is Watching

    I want all you to know I have a REGULAR door bell. Ring it and either my wife or myself will answer and welcome you to our home..and have a lot of fun!
  9. Big Brother Is Watching

    On next door: OH GOD a man came up to my door and rang the bell Have any of you seen him???? Posted his video pic. I'm like...answer your door and find out for yourself. Is the world really that scary?? Are we really going in this direction?
  10. Big Brother Is Watching

    Big Brother is Watching you..
  11. V day! What’s your plans?

    I do that a lot, actually. It's so great when the girls have good chemistry! They have been friends for years. With me as well. Life is good!
  12. Any fun plans this week?

    Thanks babe!
  13. V day! What’s your plans?

    Good news, our GF is going to cum over to share a nice evening with us. We can't wait! YAY! Spoiler wife and her are ATOMIC! I'm just happy to be an innocent bystander. Yup Innocent...just sit there..yup. Me in an a nutshell. Taking notes. Sitting there, observing. All is good...Watching some more. Two beautiful women playing together..I'm a rock....watching...RIGHT! YAY me too!!!!!!
  14. Any fun plans this week?

    Something us 50+ men all should do! Lost 6 pounds in a little over 2 weeks! YAY! Trading in the pony keg for a six pack! HAHAHAHA! Ok for a smaller pony keg.....damn it!
  15. Stock Show Time Again