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  1. Want a better retirement?

    OMG have we agreed on something! LOL! Agree to disagree is nice sometimes!
  2. Want a better retirement?

    We don't have shop stewards where we reside. My employees work hard or get fired. Plain and simple. The ones that get fired go to seek employment with a less paying employer like you, because they couldn't produce at an Union level. Happy to pass them on to you and yours. Country Club. Remind us what businesses are you in again? We're all curious. Really! I mean since you you are a MULTI MILLIONARRE at such a young age. Tell us your secret of acquiring such wealth....Waiting for your reply, Country Club. I bet you never fucked no one ever!
  3. Want a better retirement?

    Dear troll, I want to thank you for posting this. You are making SO many friends on here despite what you're opinions of exploiting workers in your "company" and I use this with MUCH digression, because you said you were a MULTI MILLINONARE but never mentioned your course of said riches were or what you business might be and are making SO MUCH MONEY! Fess up or shut up, Country Club, What have you to say for your wealth? Other than taking advantage of your employees? Do you have a lot of poor immigrants working for you? Tell us all about all of the benefits you pay to the people that work for you! Waiting for your lies on this one. Ball is in your court, Country Club. Dazzle us with your bullshit. If you are HALF as successful as you say, and that is very suspect, than you are taking advantage of other people. SHAME on you for this. YOU are nothing but a TROLL for dissing people like me that are trying to get a better wage for the average worker that's working for a rich douche like you! And yes, posts here matter, All of have seen people like you came and go. Nobody cares too much about a 35 or 37 post troll and passes them by. My advice? Move on to something or somewhere your opinion matters, because it doesn't matter on this board Mr Troll
  4. Want a better retirement?

    I disagree, let's this thread play out no matter what this Junior member says, or seems to profess.
  5. Want a better retirement?

    Thanks, I love this response dude.
  6. Want a better retirement?

    Well said my friend. Aside from everything else, what matters here is a person's character or lack of. We al on this board have seen more than a couple of trolls that want to tell us how things should be only to see them all get shot down for whatever reason. I for one agree with you 100% This person has 32 posts and not one is a positive post.
  7. Want a better retirement?

    Yep, it needs to be killed. Mods?
  8. OH YEAH!

    I tend to take the cowards way out. Wifey gets a nice present as she deserves for putting up with me and my attitude (saint material here for all of you that know me) Kids and grand kiddos.......Cash is king! I know that! HAHAHA
  9. OH YEAH!

    I'm happy to report, I'm almost prepared this year. ALMOST! That is...
  10. OH YEAH!

    It all goes by so fast, doesn't it? Soon it will be 2024!
  11. Want a better retirement?

    And everyone wonders why the homeless problem continuers to grow. Rich dicks like you don't pay employees a livable wage, while you have the audacity to brag about how much money you make. Shame on you! SHAME ON YOU!
  12. Want a better retirement?

    Sorry, you are right about one thing also, Union dues. I pay about 70 bucks out of my pay check per week and 78 bucks per quarter. But Union pay is over 45% higher than non Union pay in our sector, so the average worker is taking home a much higher pay, plus dental, vision, health insurance. And a very nice 401k, 4 bucks an hour paid by the employer and the Union retirement that comes out to about 6 bucks an hour. Pretty good wage package.
  13. Want a better retirement?

    Thanks Gr8owl. I have lived my life as "always pay yourself" first. Always. Yes it's very and unfortunately true some Unions have gone under. These are I hate to say 100% unskilled Unions, which I was not talking about in my previous rant. Everybody that knows me knows I love to rant. The Trade Union I belong to is very solvent 300 Billion in cash assets the last financial report I read. Regardless whatever your retirement might be. Gr8owl said it best: ALWAYS pay yourself first. Before you pay any bill, tuck something away into your savings or your retirement account. You can't go wrong investing in your future!
  14. Want a better retirement?

    Then why are you on here?
  15. This One Is Going To Sting

    I get that, thanks for your opinion as always baby girl! I always appreciate you and what you think!