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  1. PSA: Not all BP girls are low hanging fruit

    And you will get your chance. Most of us on here are honest and sincere and expect the same. Good luck to you, I for one hope you do GREAT! Welcome to the board.
  2. Overflowed with bullshit

    Kandi, Tell all of them to look on BP in the Women for Men posts. That's where they all went when BP shut down the escorts section. Sneaky, huh? lol. Hopefully this might save you a little trouble!
  3. Kicked in the gut

    My last word on this because I have to move on and that's very hard for very hard.... Our pets are waiting to meet us in Heaven, waiting for us, wanting to be with us again. They are that devoted, that loving.We should all be that deserving of their unconditional love. They have trusted us lowly and resentful humans with a great gift. Never doubt it, and try to pass it forward to people or animals that need you in your life. When you do, you will be a complete person. Love is all we have, really. Thanks for reading this.
  4. Sorry, but Water Sex Is Wildly Overrated

    I would have to agree with you on this , never a public hot tub EVER! I have my own and test the water twice a week, it's not hard to keep it where it needs to be and really enjoy using it almost every night of the week, but I can't imagine how nasty the water in a public hot tub might get....yuck.
  5. The Ultimate Body Rub...LOL

    Holy shit, it's longer than "War and Peace" and so much less interesting. "um I was looking for a body rub, not a manifesto about the world we live in and how to cope. LOL! Thanks but pass.
  6. Backpage escort section gone

    See my previous response.....Sheesh, I thought this place would be a little bit more understanding about "tongue in cheek" references. Nope, I guess not. I, in now way support trafficking underage or any persons for that matter. We're PC here too ladies and gentlemen!
  7. Backpage escort section gone

    When I said "church" I meant morals, a loose reference only!
  8. Backpage escort section gone

    And then be shut down like the others. Sad....
  9. Backpage escort section gone

    Agreed. But I think sites like TOB may not be too far behind...... BP is now dead, thanks to the people who think we should be in church every day. Remember, every time a law is passed, we lose another freedom.
  10. Kicked in the gut

    Awe.....I'm sorry to hear that Bit..My heart felt condolences. Blessings to you and your family. 3 years is not a long time to grieve such a lose as you have had to endure. I just can't imagine what you have gone though and still are going through. I'm very sorry bud.
  11. Kicked in the gut

    I'm so very sorry for your loss. It's so hard to say goodbye to loved pets, they give us unconditional love, they see the kind of people in all of us that we all try to be...They never judge, they just love us for who we are..... He was so young, not enough time to spend with a loving dog. I know how devastated you feel right now. I'm not even close to being over losing my Wonder Dog. Sometimes I think I'll never be over losing her, we had that kind of bond. If you need to talk, let me know. It's a bad pain and I understand. Take care of yourself.
  12. Fuck You 2016!!!

    I love a positive note against all the negatives out there. Happy 2017 everyone, I hope that the New Year brings all of you blessings, wealth and happiness!
  13. Kicked in the gut

    Very true. My cat is missing her dog now. Meows looking for her. Makes me feel bad. Aloof she is not. Anyone that has owned a cat can say they are very loving. She tries very much to comfort me while dealing with this loss. She KNOWS and understands. She is a lover and likes people and dogs.
  14. Kicked in the gut

    Oui... I'm VERY sorry for your loss. We love cats as well and have an "old lady" living with us 20 years old.She is so nice.... They are such great companions, a lot of people really don't understand. I get it. Sorry bud. Cats can be GREAT companions and become an important part of one's family. I'm sorry for your loss of a family member. Just be glad you loved him how he deserved to be loved in the years you had together.
  15. A dark cloud in The Force

    I agree totally. So sad...