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  1. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    Melissa hit it on the head, so to speak!
  2. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    I agree with pfunk. In all services, there is the cheapskate looking for the lowest price and the best "value" Run from them. You know what your hour is worth. That said, you ladies here know what your time is worth, what your advice and company is worth. And that is what the market will bear.
  3. I think one of the three might win her heart. Any guesses?
  4. You made me laugh out loud!
  5. Happy one year Hoversary..

    2006 I guess that makes me a youngster! YAY Me! OK, why do my knees still make that creepy creaking noise?
  6. Anyone know anything about Mel Bae, on BP

    Go Girl! On a lot of levels!
  7. What's your favorite horror flick?

    Does anyone remember "Motel Hell?" "It takes all kind of kritters Farmer Johnson fritters!"
  8. What's your favorite horror flick?

    Nope. I agree, leave the kiddos out of scary films!
  9. What's your favorite horror flick?

    I LOVE old Vincent Price movies! He was the best. Remember "The Pit and The Pendulum?" Classic!
  10. Geez, Can't Handle Rejection?

    Protect yourself Kali. Nobody is worth the risk this person offers. Please do this Sweetie. I don't want anything bad to happen to you! Luv you!
  11. Shower and GFE

    I have to agree with Lucy on this one. Find a lady you might be interested in and reach out to her as to your shower fetish or preference...... You might be surprised as to what awaits you! All of the ladies here love a man that's nice smelling, polite and squealing clean! Have FUN!
  12. Beaver Moon

    You know, only you and myself might know what you're talking about! I've said this before, you are truly a gem! Cheer's Sweet Heart!
  13. Never ever ever ...

    Oh, sorry I forgot that fact! Silly me! LOL!
  14. Never ever ever ...

    Aw crap.... I'm sorry sweetie! Nothing like spending hard earned money on something you're disappointed with!
  15. Beaver Moon

    Really? I love Beaver Liquors! And for all that have been there "And Lips too!"