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  1. Which path are you on

    Laci, I understand where you are coming from I for one person would like to thank you for all that you do to keep us "normal Peoples" normal??? And Happy.. I for one love your positive attitude which you have always showed on here!
  2. Which path are you on

    St Jude's is another one of my favorites as well as the little sisters of the poor...Great organization in my book!
  3. What Fantasies Have you acted out recently

    Such a bad girl.....I think you need to be spanked!
  4. Which path are you on

    Sign me up for the Pulp Fiction Path as well! I have a weak spot for giving to all kinds of charities. My fave is St Joseph's Indian School. An amazing place to be sure! Dude, how do you remember this stuff? Just wondering!
  5. Happy Monday...

    This Sunday. Grand Daughter's B Day Party! YAY!
  6. How your mood effects your day.

    A perfect question..... Very insightful......
  7. There goes the neighborhood

    So, do you agree with Boink?
  8. There goes the neighborhood

    Damn Baby Girl... I've know you for a long time and have never seen you pissed off until now. It makes me mad that someone would ever treat you with disrespect! Guys, really? OK, NEW guys REALLY???? This isn't some kind of trap shoot where you can be vulgar with these lovely ladies. You must be respectful and well mannered if you want to meet someone. Respect, Politeness, most of all, back off a little and get to know someone and you might make a really good friend. Not a meat market here, if you're looking for that, try one of the text fuck sites and leave the lovely ladies on here alone!
  9. Icing the Vagina

    Hey Sweetie, you really need to tell us what you are really thinking about and stop being so cryptic! Bam! Straight to the point!
  10. Careful with screening boys.

    Run, don't look back!
  11. Help about losing the erection

    My advice when you're with a beautiful woman from this site is a follows: Laugh it off, perhaps some "watering of the vine" is needed and would be given in the best way! All of the ladies here really understand and would be more than happy to help out. If you are nervous, let them know, they will put your mind to rest so you can have a good relaxing session! Hope this helps.
  12. Effects of recent legislation

    Damn! One hour at you place. Please provide the major cross roads. My name is Mr. X. Would you like to see me???? Guys it's not Rocket Science! Really.....It's some easy stuff, please make your preferred provider feel like she might know the man that visits her. Is that so hard?
  13. why is there so many grey areas

    To the Whisperer........ Um.. Why exactly are we, in this day and age, are supposed to welcome the "noobs?" With all as been going on lately in or community. I do not have to remind people what's been going on to say the least..... I have not read a credible post form a noob in months. Maybe I'm being to over cautious....Possibly. No never me! Nope!
  14. Dude, you have to be kidding here, like most of your posts! HAHA
  15. How's everybody doin"?

    Me? I'm doing good! My new pup is 18 months old and has FINALLY figured out not eat the whole house when his mom and dad isn't home! Anyone with a Cane Corso/ Italian Mastiff in their lives can appreciate what I'm saying! Very good dogs. Very dedicated! Very LOVING! Needs a lot of direction, A lot of love and and a lot of SO much more love...HAHA!