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  1. Hottie at the King Soopers

    I met one of my favorite girl friends in a check out lane at my local King Soopers. We were both standing in line and I said "hi".. started talking a bit, we hit it off really. Suffice to say the two of us had a lot of fun together over the next few months! You never know, reach out and you possibly might be surprised at a new friend you might meet!
  2. Felony stupid

    Yea, I saw that too. Makes you wonder "who is watching the watchers" doesn't it?
  3. GREEK: GFE or PSE?

    For sure....I wonder what's up?

    That's messed up to say the least!
  5. Asia Kym

    I've had the pleasure to meet her several years ago. She's the real deal and a very nice person.
  6. Serious question

    Bella, you are a FANTASTIC, LOVING mom. Giving your child (and children) the love and support she needs at this critical junction in her life. I for one have NOTHING but respect for you. Thank you for being the great and understanding Mom that you are. We all love our kids, that is a given. I think sometimes people seem to forget that. I for one, undergoing so many challenges when my kiddos where younger tried to take it all with a "grain of salt" I had a lot of challenges (still do) but through it all at the end of the day I wouldn't change a thing. I love them and they love me. Isn't that really what life is all about? Thank you for sharing this with all of us.
  7. Any big butts in Denver???

    If you look and do some homework, you will be sure to find what you are interested in. BTY, stamp collecting is real boring! Good luck!
  8. Any big butts in Denver???

    I'd suggest stamp collecting perhaps?
  9. Does anyone else have this problem????

    You need to meet my wife...
  10. Guys: Take off your clothes in an elegant way

    I for one think my Bat Man boxers are a lady killer, I keep them on until she begs for me to take them off!
  11. My Rant…

    Kali, I've said it before, you know....You are truly a gem. Such a kind soul. Blesses to you Pretty Lady.
  12. EEEEKKKKSSSS, I have a rash…

    It's probably "swamp ass" with all the warm weather we've had! Of course I jest, get it looked into, hopefully it's nothing!
  13. Oh Maybellene ..........

    His genius will be missed. He was cutting edge for that time period. RIP Chuck, you used all the runway! All of us should be so lucky!
  14. Just read me

    Well said and thank you Sweetie. He has shown me a lot of things. Self forgiveness is the the most important lesson so far. I wish I could teach him something that reaching......
  15. Just read me

    Quoting Richard Pryor "if you had two more inches of dick, you'd find new pussy right here! Classic!