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  1. 411 on Morticia Adams

    Yeah, I've been keeping my eye on her. She looks like a lot of fun.
  2. My 1st ever tat...

    That's actually a pretty cool tat! And a funny explanation!
  3. Condoms - Yes or No?

    I would agree with Lucy on this one Providers would be wondering what, exactly you are looking for and more importantly, are you safe to see based on your thread. I'm pretty sure you posted this trying to get a conversation on the subject going (I hope so) but if that was the case, you should have stated it as such. (good advice moving forward in your hobby choices) The beautiful ladies here want to make sure they are seeing safe and responsible men. That's the whole reason behind TOB. I hope you understand this. Take all the negative responses as a learning curve, and you will do fine. And never take negative responses as a personal affront. Take it as a learning experience. There are a lot of people here who have been around the block a few times and know a thing or two.
  4. Did I Ignore Your Request? Oh Jeez, Im Not sorry.

    Perfect. Just perfect. I really appreciate all you just said.
  5. I slew The Dragon today

    Dude, that is freaking AWESOME! Not too many people from around here get to have bragging rights on the Tail.... My group of riders like to call young men on "plastic bikes" "Future organ doners" has a nice ring to it, yes? I'm glad you had the chance to do the ride, very cool indeed! And for the "viewers" that don't get motorcycles, that right there was better than sex! (OK most sex!)
  6. What terms can be considered sex for sale?

    Take a deep breath.....So good, yes? Now, see the lady that fits your fancy, your fantasy. She will do you no harm and will show you a thing or two!
  7. Hello Denver

    Welcome and have fun, that's what all of this is for!
  8. Net Neutrality - This effects us all

    Oh, and don't forget the "fuck you" that the average person that pays good money to access the internet is about to get because the very smart and all seeing Donald who is going to make things better for all of the big business. The Trailer Trash has spoken and Donald was the answer. God help us all. Ok... Rant is done, sorry to have offended or shocked anyone. But anyone who might be paying a bit of attention is probably not surprised I'm thinking!
  9. Dinner with client for free?

    Could you imagine a Laci and Madison tag team? Um, I mean at dinner of course!
  10. Dinner with client for free?

    I have to agree with you on your point made. But you have to remember that they are trying to make a living first and foremost. If you are lucky to become a friend, then that's just a great thing. But remember you have too keep the client and friend thing very separate 99.9% of the time. I have no problem with this, but it seems a lot of people do. That's where the strange feelings seem to creep up.
  11. More on your opinion of what photos you prefer to see(:

    You know, as long as it is a true pic of ones self, that's what I like the best. All kinds of women are very beautiful.The fakes and flakes are very upending to say the least. I think many here would agree with me.
  12. What Do The Ladies Call It?

    "Throwing the man in the boat overboard?" Um, OK I'm done.........sorry folks! I admit, too messed up!
  13. Dinner with client for free?

    That's really a very great relationship!
  14. Dinner with client for free?

    In our adventures, I've had a few pretty ladies here that my wife and myself have become friends with. We've had them over for dinner.Nothing but dinner and some fine talking and good times. (no sex) Gone on long rides on the Harley's and at one time gave one of our friends a ride home when her car wouldn't start when it was cold out. (she was seeing another person at the time) I was glad to help out.... So, there can be friendship, it just depends on your personal level of acceptance. My personal advice to all, see the women that you think you might connect with. See the women you think you might trust. You might end up with a good friend. That right there is a really great thing!
  15. Dinner with client for free?

    That is not exactly a unusual thing....