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  1. K this is stoopid...

    Dammit man, Read my solution! HAHAHA
  2. K this is stoopid...

    OK, I love hard boiled eggs for breakfast. One of my favorites! I add some pure butter when the're done and serve them on an english muffin, so good! Here's what you do.......Start out with fresh eggs. FRESH, get this? Not something that's been sitting in the fridge for a few weeks. Very important. Put the eggs in the pot and add a tablespoon of salt, boil for 15 minutes. The shell should come off in a nice big hunk, and you can then enjoy. Works for me every time!
  3. Waiting patiently

    Thanks for stating as much, it should go a long way on here. Honesty is a appreciated commodity on this board!
  4. Ok, I've seen it all...perhaps...

    The only thing I have every experienced for free my whole life is the love of a good dog. Anything else comes with a price. Period.
  5. "So you want to know why your SO quit putting out".

    Probably not appropriate but that last statement reminded me of a joke. "My wife is so frigid that every time she spreads her legs the furnace turns on" Thanks everyone for the applause, I'll be here till Thursday! Jez, Keep on doing what you're doing! You are a lovely lady to say the least!
  6. Gaining Knowledge from an other

    HAHA! I'm happy to hear that! I'm glad you're not bored! Good sense of humor though!
  7. Does the Hotel Matter…

    I thought it was Spanish for "next to Denny's"
  8. Any info on this 40 year old lady

    I've always wanted to see Marilyn Monroe! It's like a dream come true! THANKS BP!!!!!
  9. Pestering Prospective Providers

    It's funny here, you state a problem, ask for some answers, and then, you have a complete train wreck on your hands. I can't begin to answer your problem unless to say maybe she was tired, busy with family or her real job. I just hope beyond hope that one of the mods on here reads some of the garbage that has been posted to this and CLOSES the thread? PLEASE and THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!
  10. Fresh Face!

    Welcome Sweetie! Have fun!
  11. Scenic Drives & Historical Sites?

    Thanks Jez I've lived here for a LOT of years and had no idea how many potentially historical sites there were!

    No admission, just show up for the show!

    I for one plead for the board, PLEASE do not do this! LOL!
  14. 411 on Morticia Adams

    Yeah, I've been keeping my eye on her. She looks like a lot of fun.