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  1. Valentine's gift

    I couldn't agree more! I got a card from my grand kids that had all kinds of cool flowers colored in crayon, best gift of all time!
  2. Even though I somehow don't like sweets very much, I buy 10 boxes of cookies from the girls in my area that are selling. Thin mints and the coconut ones. It goes to a good cause, which I support 100%! And......they happen to be yummy despite my earlier report....damn GS cookies! LOL!
  3. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    The Candy Shop was a great one, I've always wondered where she went off to.......
  4. On the mend!

    Glad you are on the mend Sweetie! Great news indeed all around!
  5. FBSM Only

    I for one look for the great massage, anything else is diamonds in my book! When I need a massage, it means I'm sore and grumpy, too many years of doing stupid things with my sore body. Massage first for me! Thanks much!
  6. How to find a woman for a couple

    I suppose so!
  7. I love mature women for one. Please be honest about your age and your pics be accurate. List your rates for hanging out for a hour or a half hour as many do not have the time to spend a full hour away. If your looking for new regular clients, this will go a long way. All the men on here know what they're looking for, cater to your clientele. Your screening req's and if you are available for in call or out call
  8. Flu bug

    Close, very close!
  9. How to find a woman for a couple

    Please don't let this be the "rule" there are a lot of couples looking for a nice lady to spend some time with!
  10. Made me smile

    Luv you sweetie!
  11. Backpage ads

    Do I sense a little sarcasm here? Nope, I'm probably wrong once again!
  12. Giving It Away For Free!!!!!

    Kali, Once again you prove yourself a total gem. I love the way you offer suggestions for people to be better people. I Love that about you! Mods, come on? Do we really need to be arguing about taxes on here??? Is there someone who can close this before everyone on here forgets why they are on here in the first place and gets even more STREESD OUT????? Peace and thanks in advance!
  13. Paris (dayum!)

  14. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    Melissa hit it on the head, so to speak!
  15. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    I agree with pfunk. In all services, there is the cheapskate looking for the lowest price and the best "value" Run from them. You know what your hour is worth. That said, you ladies here know what your time is worth, what your advice and company is worth. And that is what the market will bear.