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  1. ...what I can say, dating lady chimpanzees that are better than you at pool can be quite challenging. Just remember this is just a hobby for them and gtfo before they go ape shit crazy and throw their feces at you.
  2. Singing in the Shower

    Both are environmentally sound options, wondering how a friend will react if you share a shower and go number 1 on them? Golden shower - shower?
  3. New Again!?!

    Please don’t leave, there are at least another 5 similar responses coming!!! 🤪
  4. How many more?

    I get your point on giving the clients the potential to misuse it... but there is a difference between poor reviews (recommend no and so-so) and rip-off , right?
  5. How many more?

    This is the first time that I encounter this situation..... so I thought I would ask... There is a person that frequently posts her ads and 50% of the time she gets a Rip-off review, and the other 50% a negative recommendation. So, question is.... are accounts banned/suspended/flagged based on reviews?? (Specially ripoff reviews) - I know YMMV but at some point several ripoff reviews are a good indication of someone you want to avoid...specially in this risky business.
  6. Hello

    Such beautiful pictures! Welcome
  7. Trip to Indianapolis

    Thank you both, I appreciate it
  8. Trip to Indianapolis

    Hi all, I will be spending a long week in Indianapolis next week. I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for the Indy downtown area. If you do please pm me. Thank you in advance!
  9. What should I wear?

    Is it wrong that I got a boner over this???
  10. 411 on Jordyn

    I met Jordyn once a couple of months ago. At her incall. Other than the last minute request to get some Dr Pepper, everything went fine. I still remember her, she is pretty hot and has a killer smile
  11. Dilemma

    I wouldn’t do it if I were you... your advice / referrals / recommendations have always been on point and that may not be the case if you start giving them for people you don’t know.
  12. The last thing I would think of, while being with a lady, is to start an argument...but I’ve been in that situation, where you don’t like something and just to avoid confrontation I didn’t say anything or waited after the main event to say something. To me is all about respect...and what I’m finding in this hobby is that a good provider will never make you feel uncomfortable. By the time you meet all details should have been covered and it should only be about enjoying your time together. Also, something I’m noticing recently (I’m kind of new at this still) is that the initial exchange prior to the actual meeting in person can really help set the mood of the encounter. My best sessions have always started with clear communication, followed by some joking / teasing over text or email prior to the encounter. Hope that helps!
  13. Best Cities To Tour

    If by ‘girls like me’ you mean super sexy and beautiful then any city will do, really 😎
  14. What should I wear?

    Haha, I should add this is mostly for an incall situation.
  15. What should I wear?

    Ummm, never thought of that. So, if the lady has a picture wearing something I like ... I guess will be ok to ask her for it.