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  1. 411 on Danielle

    No, stay away from this one. She is a scammer.
  2. 411 on smokkeshow

    I contacted her and set up a time and place. After arriving to the intersection I was ghosted. Avoid
  3. 411 on Nikki Nichole

    You should monetize your writing talents, but outside the forums please
  4. 411 Vivid Vivian

  5. Is Tryst taking over?

    I would like to provide further clarification from this post I made some time ago. The information I received was incorrect. My apologies
  6. Is Tryst taking over?

    This one!! . I’ve provided a reference for a potential new provider last year. It got to a point where she did get a profile created but because she couldn’t secure another providers reference her profile was taken down. Our loss, really
  7. Weird taste in ages

    You mean all ladies or those that deceive posting their age? 😈
  8. I had issues since Tuesday of this week with sharing references on TOB. I couldn’t send to phone numbers or email. Seems the issue was resolved and was able to share again today (sent them to myself to test)

    Not sure what this is all about or where is it coming from but reviews are everything BUT helpful on this site. We always had shitty reviews, but years ago I used to follow specific reviewers. You could trust their feedback and expect a similar experience when meeting the provider. From time to time they will post a negative review and you knew to stay away. Now is pretty much impossible to submit a bad review, and the gents that continue to submit reviews think as them as their opportunity to write their own fantasized/exaggerated version of the encounter and honestly it revolts my stomach to read them. You are paying for a fucking service for god sakes, these reviews are not the same as telling stories to your buddies about the hot girl from the bar you slept with..and trust me…we are not your buddies!!! It is pathetic honestly. Rant mode off
  10. 411 - Sofia

    To the OP, there was a post about this provider some time ago with more detail.
  11. I’m sorry!

    This has been the only post worth reading lately, sooo…. What’s the latest ? 😝
  12. Viagra and the ladies

    I took Macca for a week and I don’t remember ever being so hard in my entire life. It’s a nice natural alternative
  13. I failed

    Keep looking within yourself. You are on the right track. I’m pretty sure you’ll find what you are looking for. And as mentioned before, stay away from drugs and toxic relationships. Best of luck!
  14. Yeah forget it, man. I tried to delete my post but was too late. I better don’t get involved