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  1. Apologies

    I still hope the mods remove this thread
  2. Fun in Austin

    Thank you guys for the recommendations. Love you all
  3. Fun in Austin

    Hi All, I will be in Austin the following few weeks for work. Does anybody has any recommendations for hobbying over there? Pls pm me. Thank you in advance!
  4. Greetings

    Welcome sir!
  5. Wow this can be fun

    I hope you share your challenges, we may be able to offer advice I can tell you some of the ladies here are the most beautiful/compassionate creatures you’ll ever meet.... so, It will suck if you are making that statement out of a few bad’ll be missing soooo much
  6. hello

    Eric, Agree with Savoir, definitely contact the mods if something is not working as it should. But keep in mind reviews can take time to get posted.... even a bit longer if you are new ( that was my experience ). For the issue of having limited windows of opportunity. That’s also my biggest challenge. Try going for the ladies that have their information available ( website ), also look at the entire ad description. Knowing specfic information such as if you can afford it and location is very important before you contact a lady and ask for their availability. Always be a gentleman, being in a rush is no excuse not to. Be ready to have ladies telling you they are never available on short notice. If that happens Respectfully move on, if you really like them I’m sure you’ll have an opportunity to meet with them in the future when you have more time. Depending on your location I may be able to provide additional information. Feel free to pm me if you want. Good luck !
  7. Looking for incall

    Agree with Bad Boy here, will be nice if we try to be a bit more helpful instead of just judging when somebody asks a question. I’ve seen providers that share spaces and I can see the pros and cons. Good luck Andrea, I hope you find something soon and I’m looking forward to meet with you.
  8. What do the black dots mean?

    How many I have? 5 ... what a rip off!! ... I’ve been working hard this year!
  9. A newbie for how long?

    Maybe you can try getting some references. Start with newbie friendly ladies, be respectful, show them a good time and ask for a reference when you are done. Having these references may help you schedule with other ladies that are not newbie friendly. At the same time, some ladies may allow you to schedule with them if you pass their screening ( which may not necessarily require references)
  10. The clients perspective

    I wouldn’t ask that question to a lady with enough reviews from gents stating their pics are real (pictures accurate? Yes). To me that will be a waste of time. when it comes to new providers or providers without reviews I very politely ask for a recent picture. If they can provide I assume is real, if not, I move on I think asking ‘are your pics real?’ may be perceived negatively by the other person, specially if that is the first thing you ask. First impressions also apply when messaging imho.
  11. Interesting Review Statistic

    I can’t believe this is being discussed so openly again and even with participation from the mods. ive been singled out before on the forums....and it really sucks! Everybody needs to remember that what is said here can linger in people’s minds (specially for those of you that have a strong presence oin the forums) ...To this day, there are still ladies that won’t see me for some of the things I had to say in my defense. I vote for this thread to be closed immediately 🙏
  12. Need some advice...

    Sorry this happened to you, Jenna. You may want to keep pushing the person to provide an explanation. Also, You said he had references and reviews.. maybe reach out those providers and see if they had similar experiences with this individual. IMO what he did is completely unacceptable
  13. Dick Pics for ID the New Me...

    May be the same one I saw a few months ago...I even asked “is that it? You don’t want to see my references!?....”no”, she said..”this is all I need”. She was a lot of fun!
  14. Just take the extra time

    I’m very sorry for your loss. It is clear this is still haunting you, but you have to stop blaming yourself. She made her decision. And really, who knows? Maybe the time you spent with her and helped her through her difficult times was the reason why she didn’t end it sooner. will never know... but she is gone and you have to let her go.
  15. Farewell Colorado ... Its Was A Nice Run !!