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Found 13 results

  1. P411

    Who knows what’s happened with P411?
  2. Looking for advice

    Good evening! I am looking for some advice when it comes to getting approved on P411! Anything helps at this point XOXO, Lily Fox
  3. Adrianne Belle Colorado Companion Hello all. Anyone on TOB actually made a visit with Adrianne Belle? Would be interested in hearing from anyone who has! Please PM me if possible. Thanks!
  4. Inactive

    I had requested a appointment on P411 a week in advance. The provider had viewed my profile no less than 3 times.Then her account just disappeared (inactive) So ladies what does this mean. Educate me. Is she gone for good or like guested her account?
  5. I just discovered the Available Now function is back on P411. I hope that it is there to stay. May reconsider renewing my membership. Badboy this one is for you.
  6. Verification P411

    Hey, Im very new so please be patient. Been lurking a long time and have my eyes on a few high end escorts in the NYC Area. Issue is, I don't have any previous providers to verify me nor do I have a p411 set up, which one or two accept as a first time client. My issue is, I work for the state and my emails are monitored closely, getting caught would mean losing my career and being that p411 sends a confirmation email to your work email, that might not work. I know many go by a fake name and use a burner phone but if p411 has to send it to your work email how would an alias work? Also, if you do use an alias on p411 how would you pay for it if your real name is on your credit card? Also some providers do accept employment verification by either calling or sending an email, which means an alias would not work. Any info would be greatly helpful and appreciated.
  7. P411 has been good to me over the years, and I thought their "available now" listings were a good idea. Usually I book ahead of time, but there are occasions (like last-minute cancellations) where I've tried to contact one of the YLs posting an "available now" ad. However, my few experiences with this has been that the YLs have either been not "available" or not available "now". In other words, either no reply (even to an ad posted 2 minutes earlier), or a reply indicating they weren't available for another 1-2 hours. Guys--have you had much success with the P411 "available now" ads?
  8. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here. I'm normally okay with tech. And the title above, Who knows what I want to ask... I keep reading on various boards about using Twitter to make connections, but for the life of me, I don't know an easy way to tell who is in what city. I tend to follow ladies in cities I visit, but it's not always clear where they are located. Q. Ladies/Gents that travel, is there an easy way to determine who is in town that you follow on your twitter feed? I use the different regional boards and p411 for the most part. But I like to read into personality by scanning ladies posts and/or tweets. Maybe that is the only thing to do for now. Years ago I used Dopplr to track when people I knew where in the same town as me. Maybe I need to find an app like that.
  9. P411 recycle provider numbers?

    Does anyone know or suspect that P411 has recycled number IDs? A new lady has a low 5 digit number where many of others are in the 200000 range. Could it be a name change?
  10. Looking for P411 help

    Hey everyone, Josie here and I am wondering what does it take to get a P411 account. [snip] Any suggestions? Thanks! xo_Josie_xo
  11. Happy New Year, everyone. Sadly, one of my favorite providers is no longer available, so I'm likely finding myself back in the pool & hoping to connect with someone new -- unless I retire... For me, that means reaching out to a new provider via P411. Like many folks, I'm gratified when the provider has the time, inclination and is able to read my profile, but that doesn't actually seem to happen often. When it does, I take it as a very good sign. My question for providers (and clients, too) is: what information do you find most useful in a profile's "Client Bio" section and do you read the narrative section of that? For what it is worth, I have actually spent a lot of time on mine -- yeah, yeah, I know -- but now wonder if it is ever read? Three tabs over and scroll all the way down that page. Who has time for that....? But, if you do read it, what is most helpful to have in that section? If not, why not? Also, if a train leaves Cincinnati at 4:00 p.m. traveling 180 mph and a truck leaves Cleveland....
  12. P411

    Can anyone get to P411? I get Connection Refused when I click the link at the bottom. Using Chrome, tried Firefox and IE. No joy. Will reviews submitted before the "upgrade" be posted or do I have to resubmit it? Any help is appreciated since this new site is not user friendly. Sixtiesdude
  13. Postponement due diligence?

    What is the accepted protocol for notifying a provider of a postponement? I prebook with relatively long (5-6 days) lead times because my schedule is a #%$&! joke. (Maybe I should go the other way and just do same day calling?) Anyway, I emailed & P411 PM'd to postpone with three days notice and have not heard back. Other than keep emailing (no phone) what are my options? (I know aside from not rescheduling. ) On the other hand recently I requested an appointment and did not hear back until about an hour before the time with a polite "can't make it." No worries, just seems like the scheduling thing gets a little hectic. Do most providers like to use the P411 format? Seems like that is just a different mechanism for the same back-and-forth and back-and-forth. Thanks & hope this didn't devolve into a rant...