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  1. Question for providers as well as gents.

    I’m conflicted but appreciate the thread. I hope to play covered safe but can’t quite think straight when in in the moment. My thought process is something like one of these scenarios: My companion slips a cover on for cbj. I’m thinking, awesome, safe as this can get and wow. My companion asks if I prefer cbj and I reluctantly say, yes, I prefer to play safe. I enjoy the hell out of the experience. My companion doesn’t suggest a cover for oral and I enjoy the fuck out of it. So both options are fucking great to me. If I was asked every time, all would end up covered, but then thankfully I’m not always asked. Confusing, I know!
  2. P411

    Thanks for the info. Realized I should setup a verification backup plan in case anything truly catastrophic happens to p411. I haven’t used the TOB reference tool before but will do so moving forward.
  3. 411 ZaraHadid

    Thanks. Guess I just need a little push and was hoping for a review a little more recent. Really only one review on there that isn’t four years old. I texted her looking for an incall appt which she couldn’t do without more notice than my schedule allowed. I’m sure I’ll try again at some point.
  4. 411 ZaraHadid

    Colorado Companion Anyone have an experience with ZaraHadid? Limited info out there and being that she is supposedly local to Denver, hoping for someone here with experience. https://preferred411.com/P261822 https://zarahadid.com/ https://tryst.link/escort/zarahadidxo https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/zara-hadid-6123677172-330446 Thanks
  5. Members you miss

    There was an agency back a ways where the ladies used location names. Some of my ATFs worked with them at some point. Norway- unreal natural body. I’ll never forget how she loved strawberry lube so much. Athens- probably the hottest I’ve ever seen and a sweetheart vancouver/mercedes/Megan- my ATF spinner Hope a few of you out there remember them.
  6. BBFS

    I read every one and can't find it. Could someone drop me a pm please?
  7. P411-What is recent activity?

    Fixed the issue with a nice visiting lady that needs a local review herself. She was well reviewed on other boards and fantastic. Review to follow. Damn, I feel better.
  8. P411-What is recent activity?

    I'm frustrated. I've been a p411 member for almost seven years but only have 13 okays. I've seen quite a few other ladies but I haven't thought to have them ok me or have used a few agencies that do their own screening. Mostly I hobby very infrequently or when I travel. Anyways, my last ok was in December 2012. Apparently 13 okays, seven years and that gap make me a risk? I'm completely striking out here contacting ladies due to the gap. I used to be able to just pick up the phone and be playing in 30 minutes, damn it. Any help or suggestions? My afternoon is disappearing in frustration.