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Found 8 results

  1. Moving forward with my life without sex work I'm uncertain of who I really am anymore Escorting has been apart of my life for 10 years, it's how I identified myself n where I felt a sense of belonging Even with the good times n the bad I'm going to miss it I wonder who I am when I'm not a sex worker What will bring me fulfillment? What else am I passionate about? I still want to be apart of the community but I have to move on from working Is there any girls on here who gave up this kind of work n have felt lost afterwards? That is how I'm feeling.. This scene / community can be addicting n I feel like apart of me will be gone as I start living my life differently Maybe a few of you will have some encouraging words to chime in with I have much love for this community & hope that I can find another means of gratification in my life.. ・❥・
  2. I'm looking forward to reading and posting some great content on this forum.
  3. Haven't posted here yet so thought I would say hi Im moving back to Colorado in a month I'll be happy to be back. This is my favorite escort board by far. im not working anymore just looking for some online interaction n entertainment cant figure out the resizing to tag a photo on here Xxxo
  4. Hi I’m lady Kayla new to tob but not new to boards on a couple of others…. any tips I should know or heads up…. I hope too make plenty of friends
  5. I failed

    I failed at being a sex worker... I never got myself anywhere with it. I started out with this girl introducing me to Eccie Worldwide ( a texas based escort site ) & that's where I got started. She showed me the ropes a lil bit but eventually she moved on n I stayed escorting on my own with zero guidance just me learning from experience. I got really bad on drugs and was in an on n off toxic relationship n sex working through out it all. All that money made could of taken me far if I knew what I was doing, was sober, n had the proper guidance with somebody who is financially educated. I didn't want a pimp taking my money though n I didn't want to work for one either. Been there done that. I gave it my everything especially when I moved to Cali to work full time. I made so much money because I was pregnant but I got involved with a working girl ( which I mentioned in a previous thread ) n that didn't work out. Now just looking back I wish I could of had a success story from working but truthfully I don't. I feel disappointed in myself when I see other working girls living so lavishly and so successful in this business. I wish that could of been me. But now it's just like I've tried so many times to make it work for me I have to move on from it. I should of already been somewhere by now n I'm just going to have to be okay with the fact that working in this industry didn't work out for me n I just need to learn to live my life differently. MAYBE an appointment every now n then but not full time like I was before. Once you get in this I find it hard to walk away. It's honestly a way of life. I admire those girls who made it work for them.
  6. Paris 719-695-9048 Colorado Companion Seemingly TGTBT, she responded to an initial text with a location description that gave me the willies. Does anyone have insight to share?
  7. Alright. Am found new in these parts.Here's hoping one would show me the ropes, review, coordinate an eventful calendar; professionally speaking. Bless!