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  1. Capital Peak

    Finally!!!!!!!. Sunday Feb 18th 2024 we Summited!!!! Three aborted attempts. Weather turned us back twice. One member of our party fell two years ago and twisted a knee. Fuck yes it was a challenge!!. Months of preparation. I would never have attempted this Peak without these four individuals. Even in the summer. Four of us. My forty fourth 14er. Probably my last. Me pouting. Most definitely my most rewarding!! Even above Mt Rainer. Yes, I am bragging. Not bad for an old fart.
  2. What to wear

    I let her choose her favorite Collar with Leash. A very short skirt that covers, maybe, half of her gorgeous round butt. Her wrist restraints on one wrist dangling, just needing to be connected to her other wrist. Hair lightly tussled, hanging over one side of her face. She is a vision! An incredible work of Art!! Priceless. A Treasure
  3. join date/original handle

    I made numerous attempts to retrieve my original handle and join date after a short hiatus due to overseas assignment. Never did achieve either quest. Good luck in your efforts.
  4. Hoosiers

    Flipping around and came across the movie Hoosiers. Will watch every second of that movie Hickory every time. I will get a lump in my throat and cheer for Hickory like it is real.
  5. Has anyone truly found their purpose in life…

    I am a dad, grandpa and considered a good friend by a couple of people. A very good friend by on special lady. I have people I love and who love me. I can spoil them. Pamper them. Challenge them. Protect them. Lean on them when need be. Pretty much keeps me fulfilled. Life is good!
  6. Fred Astaire/ Royal Wedding

    Always enjoy your thoughts and input Baby Girl
  7. Fred Astaire/ Royal Wedding

    Just finished watching. Damn, underrated. One of his best. Just saying. Life is good today!
  8. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    The one topic missing in this thread is the imperative need for communication between both individuals entering this kind of play. Talking to one another. In my circle, playmates discussing the activities, intensity of the activities, establishing break points, hard limits, in clearly defined terms, is an absolute requirement of any playtime. Nothing happens until all playmates are in complete agreement as to exactly, what is happening, for both, during the playtime. Another integral, vital part of our encounters is constantly checking one another during play. Unfortunately, another aspect of DOM/sub. BDSM play rarely discussed is After Care. Easing her back from what is often an intense emotional, mental high is Extremely important!!!! Any site that does not stress the importance of personal, intimate communication between all players involved, does not stress making that a priority, is a waste of time and, IMHO, dangerous. So much fun to be had in this kind of play. So much satisfaction. But you must be careful with one another!! Time for another cup of coffee
  9. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    Good afternoon. While there are several dozen BDSM sites available for perusal most of them, unfortunately, IMHO, are full of fakes, phonies, wannabes and conn artists disinformation, harmful information and just plain lies. Most porn sites, as well, that promote BDSM offer a very unrealistic, harmful portal of what DOM/sub, BDSM really is. Fetlife, at one time, was legit. It offered real profiles. It used to be a great source for honest discussion, and could provide healthy, useful information. In the 70s 80s, 90s and into early 2000s off and on, I had a profile on Fetlife. The profile generated several long term, fun, healthy relationships as well as short term encounters. I have not been active for several years as the site has deteriorated into what I described in the opening sentence. Granted, that is my opinion based on my experience I can offer sites that I routinely direct newbies, curious individuals too. These sites answer questions and provide a healthy, realistic insight to a BDSM encounter. DOM/sub and BDSM encounters can be sexually, mentally and physically fun, thrilling, exciting and fulfilling if both individuals are knowledgeable and careful with one another. Don't hesitate to ask questions.
  10. Lake Powell

    No, still closed. Spent time in Padre Bay and Warm Creek Bay. Most fingers off both bays are accessible now. Still very quiet on the Lake. Bookings still way down. Great for visitors but hurting the employees.
  11. Lake Powell

    I know several of you out there are Lake Powell enthusiasts. I returned yesterday from eight incredible days in a Houseboat on Lake Powell. Still awe inspiring!!! The Lake is UP well over 70 feet just since Jan this year!!! And still rising. Put in at Wahweap. Very first time that far south. Always before we put in at Bull Frog and went north. Been 8 times, never been to Page, never saw the dam. Impressive!!. Anyway, as usual a wonderful time. On this trip we had rain. Can't remember rain before. Hard to describe a thunderstorm on Lake Powell. One late evening a serious rain squall blew thru. Two anchors pulled loose!! Intense for a time resetting everything, but a great story now. You know it will grow over the years!! Good friends, cold beer, Margaritas!, houseboat, speed, boat, water toys, lovely ladies in bikinis, great food and the spectacular vestige of Lake Powell. Life is good!!!
  12. Father's Day!

    Happy Fathers Day to All the dads!!
  13. Father's Day!

    Only thing better than being called grandpa is being called dad.
  14. Love

    Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates wall to arrive at it destination full of hope.......... Maya Angelou Experienced that first hand today. A wedding. Most friends thought the odds of these two broken individuals ever finding happiness again, beyond impossible. The odds of finding one another, learning to trust again, love again, uncalculatable. And yet, they are now married. Life is good!
  15. Cynthia Weil

    Cynthia Weil passed last night. She was a lyric, and song writer extortioner!!! I am an old fart, growing up in the 60s. Of course, at that time, I had no idea who she was. So many of her songs and or lyrics were an interictal part of my life. As I grew and matured, I came to learn who she was. So many top ten hits across the board; Rock, country, blues, alternative. So many artists sang her songs. Her talent and creativity were as fresh in 2022 as they were in the 50s. My favorite of hers': 'Make Your Own Kind of Music' Always have always will.