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  1. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    what kind if job would you ladies have if there wasn't horny men out there? why dont you charge your SO to have sex so there extra income for you, charge what you want and if you get it great if not better think of the best ways you can, you dont think us men have bills like you ladies do? for what you charge now can make you a fortune unlike most people out there working a 9- 5 job, working 2 jobs to survive, living with roomates etc... you make great money tax free. spend your money wisely and you shall succeed.
  2. Giving It Away For Free!!!!!

    why i believe abolish the irs, raise the taxes on things you buy, give someone their whole paycheck and charge more taxes on things you buy, then everyone has to pay taxes, to many people work under the table and dont pay, works in other countries
  3. Nearly made me tear up!

    and how would you of known he was a cop? did he tell you ahead of time? just curious.
  4. Fuckin Broncos...

    lets hope they lose alot more so hopefully they can get a high draft pick thats worth a shit
  5. Nearly made me tear up!

    im sure if it was an oversight she would of made it up in some way.
  6. Advice please before court.

    every crime there is a up to time in jail or fine.
  7. Advice please before court.

    all they gonna do is give you jail time, suspend it and if you get caught again they impose jail time, had a friend in same situation, dont know what a lawyer can do for you, maybe a plea bargain? public defender
  8. Hey how are all you lovely ladies?

    shes probably on your phone now reading this lol 🤣
  9. Review and being reviewed

    well if the men shave then they think its bigger
  10. Gentlemen , is this necessary to wait......

    this seems to be a recurring thing for you jez? isnt the first time you brought this up. yep it sucks im sure but thats why you dont rely on this for your only income
  11. Review and being reviewed

    so it is possible to date after a session, sweet 😁
  12. Review and being reviewed

    i know i saw a lady review before, im not that senial yet?
  13. Someone you know in real life

    not in this business, my daughter was a stripper for 4 months before she told me, just in case i walked in there and i saw for myself, she told me at a funeral knowing i wouldn't get mad lol.
  14. Review and being reviewed

    maybe destiny? i believe i saw a review of her reviewing another girl, pfunk would no this one fir sure?
  15. creampie

    dont know if the poster is a man or woman? mans handle with a female picture