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  1. Bat shit crazy!

    your getting all these phone numbers and pussy pics and your on here to pay for pussy, I say your just a bunch of talk!
  2. off the clock time and extended dates

    I always wanted to take a cruise with a beautiful provider but didn't want to spend a few thousand dollars extra on top of the trip to bring her, and of course it would have to be some one I am comfortable with
  3. off the clock time and extended dates

    i would try to get to know my customers so yes if we got along and connected
  4. off the clock time and extended dates

    damn lucy you need to chill out!!!! do you charge your friends for your time? I bet you do! many ladies on here always say you meet some awesome guys in this business, so why not hang out with them if they please? your getting the activities paid for more than likely unless your fishndude, and your with good company, it doesn't always have to be about money! imagine how much more fun you could have lucy if you just open up your horizon a little.
  5. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    there is no reason why a man and a provider can't be friends and do things outside the hobby, now if the provider is asking to be paid the hourly rate for these activities then it probably isn't gonna happen unless your rich and have money to blow.
  6. Who's Hiring?

    don't depend on this profession is the only advice I can give 😉 go out and have a second job, lots of companies hiring our there.
  7. Can we just agree on this?

    I beg to differ

    like I said before she was probably very turned on by you and super wet? maybe the next few times you have sex will be better

    OK, so you have a bigger penis than the average person and you still have this issue, you probably want to find a different lady if that is bothering you. just saying

    I'm sure if the lady was well aroused then she was probably super wet in which made junior slide right in, now you said your quick to explode so when her wetness starts to dry up a little you'll probably feel her more if you were last longer

    how big is little John? either your really small or she has a big vagina.
  12. Deposits

    MR white night himself comes to the rescue. 🤣
  13. Provider diatribe against this site

    Maybe that's why she's on BP?
  14. "So you want to know why your SO quit putting out".

    have you ever thought it takes 2 to tango? if one isn't into it anymore then the one isn't gonna try to make it a good experience! jmo