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  1. No Honor or Integrity???? You be the judge

    you have worked with her so you know she is legit, why would she set you up? maybe you know she was caught up? why would you make those accusations why she did this because it doesn't make sense to.
  2. No Honor or Integrity???? You be the judge

    just Cuz she gave you one of her clients doesn't mean she was trying to set you up
  3. Backpage escort section gone

    I wonder if this is the most viewed topic and amount of replies? wholy moly
  4. Backpage escort section gone

    wait till you see the prices go up from the ladies on t.o.b , then you'll respect BP!
  5. Compelling TED Talk : Please Watch

    She doesn't go into all the reasons why woman do this, only that because they need to feed family or self or to live. Most people perceive that woman do this for other reasons, those reasons being illegal products. You can give many reasons why it is good to Legalize and why not to legalize, but will it ever happen? probably not.
  6. Outs Vs Ins

    I think every person and situation is different, whether you have a SO or kids, roommates etc... I can do both but some cant.
  7. Sometimes I Shit and Think…Sometimes I just Shit…

    Has any body ever thought that people who write that way might have a learning disabilities? we're not all geniuses like you all are.
  8. Newbie Friendly Providers?

    Then your not a newbie
  9. Do your nerves get to you?

    Gosh I wonder how many well known providers don't show up and flake out? you don't bash them like you are this guy, give the man a break
  10. New photos

    If you gain more than 20 lbs
  11. Reviews and price paid

    So if the price is on websites what is the difference between websites, ads, reviews etc?
  12. Massage Therapist with happy endings?

    Just remember if your or their insurance is paying for this theyear probably won't pay the whole amount it's gonna cost you
  13. Reviews and price paid

    Your still talking about money so if she is LE your busted or she may not like that question and kicked you out.
  14. Reviews and price paid

    Well not every lady is on p411, also guys won't have to discuss prices if they are in these fantasy reviews
  15. Reviews and price paid

    Sure do miss the price of admission in the reviews, at least we had an idea what it might be, helps with the decision making, to high or low instead of waiting for a text or call back from the lady.