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  1. Time?

    When the reviews are consistent the no it’s ladies
  2. Time?

    Like I said I was asking a legitimate question and some one else brought her up not me! I don’t believe it has been asked before but could be wrong?
  3. Time?

    I was asking a legitimate question, and someone else brought this other person in the thread 😁
  4. Closest Calls with LE

    Have been told by many ladies I am cute, even had them turn other dates so they could rather see me 😉
  5. Time?

    Why would you stick up for someone who does this? Do you have a crush on her?
  6. Closest Calls with LE

    I met a lady off Craigslist pretty damn hot, I pulled in the parking lot of her hotel when I saw 2 cop cars in the front, I called her and told her what was going on so she told me she would come done and meet me, then she called me told me what her room number was and to just go up there and wait, so I see her walk out and start talking to then cops oh my heart was racing after seeing that! So after about 10 min she comes to the room by herself and we go inside and all I could think about was her talking to the cops, I even checked all the rooms to make sure no one was there, everything was good but scared me a lot, we laughed afterwards
  7. Time?

    If you schedule a date for a hour, should it last an hour? I believe if it’s really close to a hour no big deal but what if it lasts 10-15 min? Is that acceptable even if you got what you went there for? If the ladies can’t stretch it out to the paid time then maybe they should only schedule for what they can like 30 min or even 15 mins.
  8. There will be no more donations

    When they are regulars and seen a quite a few times I would assume there has to be a lot of trust between them

    He probably paid off the lady in order to keep quiet, the cops just don’t let one who is violent walk away!

    if this was you or me or any person really, we would have been to jail! Cuz he has money means he can get away with it? B.S and why is it only going live now, why not when it happened?
  11. Regulars

    I would bet most ladies would like regulars, lot less work to do.
  12. No you don’t have to deal with it!!! Ignore them period! Do you honestly think your gonna educate all the men out there how to contact you correctly? I doubt it! Thousands of guys trying to find ladies and different websites to find them, so you have a choice ignore them or see them, and maybe educate them during the session? Get as mad as you want, it’s your business to run as you want.
  13. this subject comes up quite often, I think you ladies are just gonna have to either deal with it or ignore them! When they don’t get reply’s back they will realize how to contact you correctly.
  14. Strippers make lousy escorts.

    If you been to a dance club that would of given a clue
  15. Now its time for Cowboy Christmas

    If I was in Vegas I might go