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  1. CMT recommendations

    you know how many times i wanna say that tob people, it must be difficult?
  2. Review clichés that make you roll your eyes.

    like we are gonnna treat them bad, come on now.
  3. Dudes be posting reviews like...

    i could care less about location as long as i know shes real, provides good service, and services offered, now price would be nice but oh well.
  4. well now that you posted on here youll see some business 😀
  5. Turning the tables

    some providers are picky who they see 🤔
  6. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    someones pissed
  7. Gray area

    thats the problem, some guys are ok with the ladies as long as their dick gets off, even if the lady is very Mechanical and dont provide good service, if the guys were real about their reviews some of these ladies wouldnt be around any more, if the lady has outdated pics i think should be considered a rip off. if lady tries to upsell its a rip off. with what we pay you ladies charge us you should give us all you got with in reason of course. and if you feel you cant provide your best or dont feel any connection then just turn the appointment away and say sorry.

    you havent looked hard enough, plenty of bbw on here.
  9. look at her reviews and tell me she has learned!
  10. have you seen your reviews?
  11. boyfriends,husbands

    do you ladies have a SO and still do this profession with out there knowledge?
  12. DWAI, DUI Prevention

    i will never understand, if you go out knowing your gonna drink then get a ride there and back, never take your your car to a bar and expect to make the right decision.
  13. A Male Fairy Tale

    thats what your for 😁
  14. A Male Fairy Tale

  15. My favorite grammatical error

    have you seen your name is spelled lately?