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  1. Low Volume Girls

    well first thing is it's not are business to know that info and second of all how is any one gonna know unless you tell them? it's not like you have a counter on yourself.
  2. Strange Thing at the AMP

    they can't bust you if you only went in for a massage, unless they walked in on you or just the door down and caught you then your fine. paranoid yes
  3. TOB for male providers

    has to be men for men 😂
  4. Really crazy!

    my phone has lookout installed In the phone, so I can find it when ever, if it's a smart phone maybe you have it too? if you have to get new phone then download lookout app, it's free and it will tell you exactly to the foot where it's at
  5. Okay, What Is The Deal-io?!

    same goes for court, if you show up late they put out a warrant, but you don't see the judge for at least an hr
  6. Okay, What Is The Deal-io?!

    ain't that the truth
  7. wow are you a kiss ass to the ladies!!!! it's true and you know it!! yea sure it happens on the our side to but were the ones paying! so stfu!
  8. the thing is the ladies can see who they want and when they want, we have basically no control if they want to cancel, they will get calls.
  9. Visual turn ons

    I have a chest and arms 😂
  10. Black Hawk Providers

    what are the signs that would let a hotel personal know that a lady is working besides the obvious, are there certain clothes hoookers wear that make them stand out?
  11. that's why you need hold your mouth open and try to catch it 😂
  12. family friendly or under the radar...?

    I'm not paying for the sex I'm paying for her to leave 😁
  13. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    why didn't you just tell your mom that it was some weirdo that was trying to pick you up and you have him wrong name on purpose?