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  1. Heterosexual women have fewer orgasms.

    but I thought all the ladies here loved having sex with us? I've been miss lead, damn it!
  2. Lost my contacts last week😟

    should you be keeping contacts of John's?
  3. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic

    if there is no talk of money, what the LE bust you for? sure they will make your life suck for a minute but it's not gonna hold up in court.
  4. Are We Covered?

    of course she would lie to you anyway whether she was or not, she doesn't want to lose your moneyou. same as if the lady asked us guys are you clean? well yes I am.
  5. Sugar Daddys

    you better have a lot of money to blow
  6. What's everyone doing ?

    do you feel the need to advertise on the the wrong forum?
  7. Question for the fellas.....

    OK that's you, now some guys only like skinny girls so it would be nice to know if she has gained weight, but pictures should always be accurate in the first place
  8. Question for the fellas.....

    I bet you don't mention the excess weight she gained either in the review, too many guys don't want to be hard on the ladies.
  9. Going Silent- What happened to honest communication?

    nope, gives me an error every time
  10. Going Silent- What happened to honest communication?

    I can't write reviews from my cell phone and don't have a computer, I'm sure other men have same problem? Why is it every time we have a problem with the ladies you guys come up with some Bullshit saying it probably are fault, we did something wrong? Even these ladies on tob are flakes, just cause they pay more for advertising doesn't make them any better than the rest. If you call or text a lady and she don't call or text back is OK but when you set up appointment and get to her place and she goes silent is crap
  11. Going Silent- What happened to honest communication?

    I've gotten the same thing,, business must be good the ladies
  12. Etiquette with "the shot"

    You can take it Pryor to appointment
  13. FYI: My Phone was Stolen Last Night

    Lot of phones hAve lookout on them and you find its locAtion, maybe you can find out?
  14. Need Advice on Proving income

    ok fine I won't, I'm just wondering why the new landlord wants proof? If she paid on time every month then why does it matter to him? Landlords are always wanting good tenants who pay on time and who won't destroy the house.
  15. Need Advice on Proving income

    But I remember a lot of the ladies years ago saying on this board that they pay taxes, I say bs !