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  1. USHER has Herpes?¡?

    and dumb ass will probably win, our court system sucks! I wonder if he didn't have money if she would be suing
  2. Who Watches LivePD

    I've seen a few shows, I don't like how they jump from city to the other just as one is getting good, makes you have to wait ugh
  3. I'm soooo happy to be back....

    where did you go? your getting reviews didn't know you left
  4. Lack of pricing

    i doubt it will, it was a plus when trying to choose a lady, now you have to do extra work and making it more difficult.
  5. Tips for buying a home here?

    the denver market is just crazy right now, you can talk to a realtor and they have listings available from many different realtor that you may not see, they all work together, but I think cheap is out
  6. DAAANNNGGG…That Girl Can Eat…

    SO what is you point? she likes to eat, maybe your jealous? or maybe you didn't want to buy her 2 burritos?
  7. Don't think reviews are important?

    what does bad boy know anyway?
  8. Don't think reviews are important?

    she has probably have ripped off hundred other guys already. not every one knows bout this site
  9. Hello Beautiful California!

    well she's saying hi to california 😁
  10. Hello Beautiful California!

    um wrong state 🤔
  11. all shapes and sizes?

    I'm not whining, I have no problems with seeing any one! I was looking at a rebuttal where she used an excuse of over weight being a reason why they didn't connect, adding the races in there probably wasn't needed so sorry, it was a harmless question your trying to make into something else. I understand the ladies can see who they want but they should let them know ahead of the payment is all im saying
  12. all shapes and sizes?

    You ladies see many different kinds of men, small, fat,skinny, black, Mexican etc... you get my drift I hope? The question is should you discriminate against any of them, sure you may not be attracted to them but it's your job to make them happy even if you have to fake it! as long as they are clean it should matter should it? After all we are on here buying pussy for a reason right? Not every one can be Prince charming. If your not attracted to them or don't want to continue the session wouldn't it be nice to nicely say you don't think this will work and save the guy some money? or just take it and be distant from the guy?
  13. Only good reviews going through???

    there isn't very many negative reviews any more, makes me wonder if they don't go through or people just don't want to post them?
  14. STD testing

    not free unless maybe you have none to little income to show, i was charged 150 bucks
  15. STD testing

    not sure if I've seen them complain about std's doing oral before? it's alot harder to transmit through oral.