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  1. Not that you providers

    i guess I have to learn that providers do know wrong!! If the ladies post on here how the guys ghost them, it then begins oh how it shouldn’t happen, what double standard! I guess things will never change, 🤔
  2. Not that you providers

    Every instance has been communication till they got to the hotel, then she ghosted, so must of seen them and decided it wasn’t going to happen
  3. Not that you providers

    Not me, but referring to reviews, happened to a few different guys by same provider, same situation on those reviews
  4. Not that you providers

    Will admit to it but kinda wonder when you make a appointment and communicate till the person is at your incall and then you ghost them, my thinking is you get scared? If you screened him then should be no worries right? Or maybe not attracted to the guy, my guess, what ever the case it's wrong, especially when it happens multiple times!
  5. It’s been awhile

    If a guy has a good time with someone would it be to much to ask if the provider puts his name and number in their phone and save it so the provider can know for sure they are good to go next time? Of course if the provider does that kind of thing
  6. Would you rather? The game!

    Or have sex again 😁
  7. Pet peeves

    I agree a 1000 percent, they believe that it don't bother you cuz your so close like that and it don't matter
  8. Suggestion

    I see the same girl 2-4 a month because it sooooo convenient and yes she is just as flaky as any other ladies but she always makes it good when I see her
  9. Suggestion

    Lol if your not kissing the ladies ass in the forums you get beat up on here, so what I’ve learned today is less than 10 percent of ladies will ghost you and if it’s more it’s the guys fault
  10. Suggestion

    Maybe he does all that? Who knows I can’t speak for him but it don’t sound like he would? Most of the ladies here in t.o.b probably wouldn’t play these games, maybe they do and is never mentioned because you don’t want to be that guy who ruins their business, I know every appointment isn’t gonna be perfect. And if you a regular thing going on with a provider then yes they are probably gonna be more flexible with you cuz they can and know you will keep calling.
  11. Suggestion

    We men are the ones who pays your rent, bills, food on table etc.... why ruin a good thing you have, just be considerate to your date and give them plenty of notice, it happens more than it is brought up on this forum, when u ghost someone or cancel at last minute it will eventually catch up to you, remember that. Same goes for the men who do this!
  12. What do you think?

    There was a reason you posted This and I think it was more about the girls being paranoid? 100 bucks may not be a big deal to you but for others it's alot of money.
  13. What do you think?

    I’m sure someone with 200 plus reviews don’t get paranoid that easily!!
  14. What do you think?

    Let's say the session was 250.00 that is 84.00 for what he said was 8 min of playtime in which what can be done in 8 min? Not much probably! So why not give back all the money? In all reality it is not a rip off in some people’s eyes because she did give back some money so nobody probably mentioned if she has done it before, or he hasn’t read all the 200 reviews if she was for real about this she will give him a session at a discounted price, if not then it was probably a scam from start, hopefully he keeps us informed on the out ome
  15. What do you think?

    Just don't sound right, if that was the situation then why not just kick out the guy, they packed all their stuff and left, something else was going on