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  1. So I want to an Asian Massage

    Hope you didn’t use that 180 you saved up on a hand job at a Asian massage parlor?
  2. 2nd chances

    100 percent truth, if you can’t provide me a a good or great experience cancel the appointment, if it’s the looks you don’t like I would rather you cancel at meeting time instead of wasting my money!
  3. 2nd chances

    If she is having a bad day she don’t need to be working! I do agree tho there is a difference between a bad day and the two aren’t meshing
  4. 2nd chances

    Well sounds like you may see her on a regular basis or have seen her multiple times, maybe you have a connection and are comfortable with her, yes I have a few girls who I will see again even if it wasn’t perfect, BUT when you see a lady for the first time, she needs to give her all PERIOD!
  5. 2nd chances

    Just curious why someone would give a lady a second chance to redeem herself after having a bad experience or a so so experience? yes I get that maybe the lady could have a off day or something happened, but then she should re-schedule the appointment! We pay good money for you ladies and the only reason for the second chance should be cuz she was un expensive and that should be expected to have a not so great time. you should always do your best even if your having a bad day!
  6. Lakewood CO

    There is colfax, I believe they have risen their prices to 150, but it’s not comfortable in most cars anymore
  7. Bad Provider vs Bad Client

    Am I missing something? What does meeting me have anything to with this?
  8. Bad Provider vs Bad Client

    I’m sure the higher volume ladies are more apt to do that for sure
  9. Bad Provider vs Bad Client

    Hate when a provider rushes, keeps telling you to hurry and cum! And you still have plenty of time left. Such a turn off
  10. Increasing Threats, Harrassment and Solicitations

    Damn if I got that many phone calls a night describing what you said I wouldn’t do this job
  11. Did you know...

    Well I guess maybe that’s why there is no bad reviews then
  12. issue with provider

    Nope, but they just disappeared hmm!
  13. issue with provider

    His review won’t show up if he does write one, how many bad reviews have you seen in the last year, maybe 5 if that, and those must of slipped thru the admin some how.
  14. issue with provider

    You have to understand that this group of men think that these ladies on this site or any others for that matters do no wrong, they don’t like guys who try and bring the truth out or diss the ladies, you gots to like it or leave it, you make the choice
  15. issue with provider

    Bad review? Lol what site was it on because it surely wasn’t on this one, there are rarely any bad reviews anymore here