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  1. GREEK: GFE or PSE?

    are you bragging?
  2. Hottie at the King Soopers

    so many hot woman out there I wish they all would be providers 😀
  3. EEEEKKKKSSSS, I have a rash…

    if you shave down there can give you a rash
  4. My Rant…

    nothing in this hobby should surprise you, these ladies can NS you, have bad reviews, rip people off etc... and you know what, they will still get business because alot of people don't know about review sites and will still get call from the next horny sucker.
  5. Over texting

    can't blame him for wanting pics of you 😀
  6. Reviews

    wouldn't she be raiding her own party?
  7. Reviews

    what was your bet cuz if it was me contacting her we have messaged each other already
  8. Reviews

    if your referring me to message laci for it I haven't, waiting for her to message me 😍
  9. Reviews

    not ok with me!
  10. Reviews

    you said you love me and you and Sabrina is gonna give me a session at your cost for a review 😀
  11. NCNS in denver

    And if she has many good reviews this one review isn't gonna effect her to much
  12. Reviews

    yea please tell that to bad boy please! don't ask me how the quote got in her name? but laci did say what she did
  13. Reviews

  14. Reviews

    you have 4 bad reviews since summer of last year, one more recent as of 2/22/17 doesn't take a genius to think it might be your self your asking the question about or anybody else thinking that?
  15. Reviews

    this particular provider has many bad reviews, so it consistent with other reviewers so I doubt it was just one bad day?