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  1. Oklahoma

    if your in oklahoma why would you want to pay for ads? men are not going to drive there to see you 🤔
  2. Exchange info

    would it be smart contacting the guys? some have SO to worry about, surely guys will save your numbers now because of all this going on. only contact ones you know for sure without SO
  3. new people

    it would be nice to have a introduction and info page on here.
  4. new people

    looks like were gonna be flooded especially by ladies on this board saying hi and introducing them selves ugh.
  5. Red light district

    just like mexico, you walk in and all these beautiful ladies trying to get you to pick them, sounds like fun to me 😀
  6. BackPage SEIZED

    plenty of fish may be an option
  7. Escort license.... ive had one in the past

    I believe lakewood you can get a license
  8. BackPage SEIZED

    pig might be a new option for everyone?
  9. Marketing

    they do promote themselves every time they ask what is your fav restraunts or place to stay etc
  10. How long does it take?

    damn is she paying you guys for these posts lol
  11. How long does it take?

    she rebuted them so must be real, my assuming is gonna say that Sabrina didn't know those unlucky guys knew about tob.
  12. How long does it take?

    trying, bullshit!! if she was trying she wouldn't have any bad reviews!! all the complaints are the same, don't tell me she's trying lol
  13. How long does it take?

    lol!🤔 point proven
  14. How long does it take?

    they defend her because they're white nights and no woman can do wrong in their eyes
  15. swingers clubs?

    damn you pfunk 😐