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  1. When a person writes a review THAT NEVER SAW YOU😡

    if it's the review you just received on this site it was a good one so not sure why your worried
  2. One and done or multiple visits?

    how the ladies do it? Benjamins!
  3. Questions

    um how would you know your gonna work hard for any certain gentleman to charge extra, and besides if your charging what you do you should want to do most of the work.
  4. Questions

    you are so egotistical
  5. Questions

    funny how your the first to respond lol🤣😂
  6. Cabo -Puerto Vallarta

    actually if you go to any massage parlor, it's just the same
  7. Rant #1

    sometimes I think it's a game these ladies play, seeing how long us men will wait for pussy. Kudos to the ladies who don't make you wait!
  8. Cabo -Puerto Vallarta

    if you ask any of the cab drivers there they will direct you to a female, they have clubs or they know girls personally who will probably treat you better than the club girls
  9. Just Curious

    so for the price of admission couldn't a provider take a chance and see if the gentleman is a good kisser or not? it wouldn't hurt to back off of it if she don't like it right?
  10. Provider privacy safey alert

    mine comes up as another name so I don't have to worry 😂
  11. I REALLY need your advice about making a service transition

    I wouldn't be surprised if you lost a little bit of business because of the change but don't be surprised if you do
  12. Client Etiquette

    if she's not a cop your ok
  13. Client Etiquette

    I think if it's first time seeing a provider and that's the first thing out of his mouth, yes probably not a good idea, but soon enough he will know wether it's covered or not, so when she's going down with out cover then say hey can I c m in your mouth 😀
  14. Uber Driver Distraction

    there's still a few girls on Colfax, cheap
  15. FYI Paige Birgfeld

    exactly why I don't understand why they would even try to rip you off, all the crazy people out there makes them twice as likely to get hurt.