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  1. How Old is too Old?

    I surprise myself. I always assume I will be oriented toward the young hard bodies, but in practice I gravitate toward the 40+ group (with quasi hardbodies). Maybe it a subconscious push back about playing with someone who is the same age as my daughters......
  2. Dress Code for Men

    One of my favorite providers describes my stamdard. mode of attire (with a smile on her face) as "easy access". Tshirt....untied atheletic shorts or running pants...commando....unlaced running shoes or flip flops. My favorite attire for her is similar in function: short silk robe, nothing else.
  3. How about pink with blonde highlights? Or blue with pink highlights? This from a guy with the same haircut the past 30 years.....😊
  4. In search of

    Fair warning.....most ISO posts are met with an admonition to use the search functions available on the site. Also, the population of providers who have listings is, IMHO, small enough that you can view the vast majority of those that are active and current in a relatively short time. Its a fun and enjoyable read.....
  5. intrigued ...... or traumatized

    Maybe it's a limitation of my Samsung phone, but the link does nothing....
  6. Sexy Toned Melissa

    The Denver Post costs $2.50? Wow.
  7. Where to keep the supplies? You'll never run out, but it probably doesn't fit in the average nightstand.
  8. 411 ON TiffanyKC

    I saw her last fall. She is real and fabulous. At the time I was posting reviews on TER but not here. I would definately repeat, but there are many, many great providers on the board with better rates.
  9. How is this possible?

    PM sent.....
  10. How is this possible?

    There is a provider who lists regularly who I know was a frequent BP provider. She has 10 reviews here dating to 2015. Two are "yes", one is "so so" and the other 7 are either " no" or "rip'off". How does this poor girl stay in business?
  11. It must be me

    Apologies if I missed this detail, but did you research either provider to see if they are "newbie friendly"? With no reviews or references, the pool of providers willing to see you is much smaller. In today's environment, most ladies are very cautious. Not trying to be overly critical, but your approach did not have a high probability of success, even with "several hours advance notice". So, I guess the point of your postings is "two providers did not respond to my request with several hours notice." Not an unexpected outcome given the circumstances. Take the opportunity to learn and adjust going forward.....
  12. It must be me

    Are there facts that you left out of your original post? If so, please share. If not, I think you got a pretty good perspective from multiple sources on how the hobby works. Listen and learn, Grasshopper....
  13. Wording in Listings

    I'm guessing she is referring to Allstate's tagline: You're in good hands with Allstate. Apparantly a bit oblique for some.....
  14. Lucky photographer

    A question for the ladies: Other than the obviously professional pics, who takes your pictures? Another client? Another provider? Next door neighbor ?
  15. Just Wrong!

    Ok. I'll take a slightly different (and probably unpopular) view. Chrissy states that this is a well-known gent - not some random newbie or lurker. I assume "well-known" means some combination of reviews, board posts, and references (no, it wasn't me....). That being the case, how about pointing out his poor approach and giving him a chance to acknowledge/apologize and do the right thing? By simply hanging up, it killed that possible appointment and possibly any in the future. Yes, he was wrong/made a mistake. If he was unwilling to acknowledge/apologize and do the right thing (full rate appointment) then he deserves all the name calling in this thread.