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  1. Members you miss

    Last I checked CandiO and Ruby are Check Tryst for Candio, or just Google to get to her website. I think Ruby is still on TOB....
  2. Members you miss

    Last I checked CandiO and Ruby are Check Tryst for Candio, or just Google to get to her website. I think Ruby is still on TOB....

    Interesting that you would call that out as illegal on a forum that provides commentary on an entire hobby/industry that is illegal.... 😀

    Maybe. I believe most hobby websites are off shore, certainly not in CO. Does that make it out of jurisdiction for local LE?. Also - Colfax streetwalkers are easy, highly visible targets. Low hanging fruit for LE. Takes a little more work to find and bust a companion for pay from TOB. I have been lurking/ participating here for about 8 yrs. I don't recall any sting/bust activity that affected TOB companions or clients. Might have happened and I missed it. Anyone have different info?
  5. Etiquette question, booking

    So.... you had a confirmed appointment at a specific day and time and a specific location and all three companions disappeared? Or - was it the same companion three times in a row? If it was the same companion then definitely time to move on. If it was three different companions then, respectfully, it might have to do with where you are searching (TOB?) and how you are engaging with the companions.
  6. Etiquette question, booking

    After deciding who I want to see I reach out- using her preferred communication method (if known) 3-5 days in advance. Same day booking is a crapshoot with most companions and doesn't work for me. I confirm the day before and day of. Assuming she responds (most do) to the initial inquiry, I rarely have an issue getting a committed appointment. For the rare occurrences where I dont hear from her 24 hours after my initial inquiry I move on..... Hope this helps.
  7. Laci French

    Thanks to all....
  8. Laci French

    Any recent sightings? No reviews in a year. No ad listings in 6 months. I miss her wit and wisdom in the forums, not to mention her BCD entertainment skills. If she has retired/moved on, then I wish her all the best...
  9. Not another rate thread

    Nicely done! (there is a certification in Sexology??). At the end of the day, guys, it is real simple: pay the required donation or move on. Many good choices on TOB with a wide range of price points.
  10. I'm sure there are guys for whom hair color makes a difference, but I am lined up with the post above. As long as you have hair, the rest is unimportant.
  11. The debate

    Biden does well when delivering a one sided speech using a teleprompter with prepared remarks and no questions (yesterday's rally, State of the Union). He fails miserably when he has to think on his feet. Witness the debate and most of his rare press conferences. Extemporaneous speech is not the most important skill for a president, but what we saw Thursday speaks to a more serious viability issue. I doubt he will have a teleprompter when engaging with Putin and other world leaders, or when he is leading policy discussions internally. I don't like any of the choices. I am not sure what I will do in November. Maybe a write in, which will be a wasted vote. These are scary times.....
  12. The debate

    So, to be transparent about my bias, I have voted Republican in every presidential election since 1980. That said, I don't care if you are Republocan, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent or anything else - tonight was a sobering, frighteningy inept display by the leader of the free world. I have never been more concerned about the ability - and viability - of the oval office occupant. Our enemies are no doubt emboldened. For what it's worth, Trump didn't look so good either - but for different reasons. He made some good points, but was too often unhinged, off-topic, petty and unpresidential, and failed to take the high road and deliver something resembling a plan and a vision when that was so often an option. Paging Ross Perot......
  13. Time off from work?

    Well.....not my place to judge, but I wonder how your coworkers feel about you showing up sick? That's how my sister was exposed to Covid (small office staff, easy to track) and ended up in the hospital.
  14. So, pitydick (you might want to change that handle...), how's it going? Have you connected with any of the amazing TOB companions? If so, write a review! If not, what's holding you back?
  15. Time off from work?

    The formula I use says for everyday you are out it takes two days to catch up.