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  1. Do BJ's cure colds?

    For the giver or the receiver?
  2. No matter where you go, take a lesson. You will advance and enjoy so much sooner.
  3. Which one?

    Trick question. Newbies dont do outcalls. Hell, I dont do outcalls (topic for a different thread....).
  4. Not responding to texts

    If you want to keep treating these lovely women like a mechanic you should expect to get the same (lack of) results. You are imposing your logic in a scenario where you dont make the rules. You typically dont have to convince a mechanic to make a highly personal decision take your business. Think Charles Darwin: evolve or perish. You have been given specific sound advice born from successful experience. Your move....
  5. Not responding to texts

    OK. In the interest of trying to help a newbie (we were all there) fellow hobbyist, lets summarize some guidelines: 1. Look at all the data posted by provider on TOB, or her website. All of it. I assume you don't have P411, but do your homework - including reading reviews and sending any questions to other guys via PM. Do all this BEFORE you decide whom to contact. 2. Reach out to her using her preferred contact method. If none is given (rare) give her a call or send TOB PM. 3. Be polite, respectful and friendly! You are asking for a date, not demanding a service. "Hi, this is Joe. You have great reviews and beautiful pics! I am hoping to please schedule 90 minutes at 10:00 on Thursday morning at your incall. If that doesn't work, please suggest an alternative. It would be great of you could please share with me the typical donation. Can't wait to see you! Thanks!" 4. If you have TOB references, share them. If not, be prepared to gracefully go through her screening. You might want to initially focus on those women who are well reviewed and advertise "Newbie friendly" until you have a couple references. 5. Show up on time ( not 15 min early or late). Bring a small gift or her choice of wine or even just Starbucks. Be freshly showered and have minty fresh breath. 6. Again, be polite, respectful and make sure she also has a good time. Her reference is valuable to you and, who knows, she may become an ATF who welcomes your return visits. I'm sure others will have additional suggestions. I have never had a local provider fail to respond to me.
  6. Serendipity happened today.

    Well, OP, I suspect that most of these answers differ from what you expected. If your ATF had volunteered the extra time then its unlikely you would be hearing much grief. Since you requested it, there is a sense that you took advantage of her when she was in a tough spot. True, she didn't have to agree......
  7. Self-driving cars

    "Im sorry, officer. I assumed that this self-driving car would allow me to more fully enjoy the mobile BBBJ from this young lady. Who knew...?"
  8. Puffies???

    I think forum rules would dictate that responses to the question would be in the form of PMs, not open posts on the the thread.
  9. Decriminalization will bring regulation, licensure and taxation. It will impose more paperwork and cost for providers translating into a possinle reduction in provider population and, depending on what happens with demand, potential rate increase. I am not sure I see much upside.
  10. Choose your hotel chain carefully

    You doing in-calls at banks now? Gives a whole new meaning to the term "direct deposit".
  11. Should I stick to one provider?

    ^This is how I roll.....
  12. Ten Important Facts

    Insanity is hereditary. You get it from your kids.
  13. Assuming you plan to stay in business I suggest a minor adjustment to your marketing strategy.....
  14. private or hotel

    I read the forums for education and entertainment. This topic has become painfully tedious and offers neither. Asian Lover: I am unsure what you are trying to accomplish, but I hope you get there. Out.