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  1. The Dark Side of Stolen Photos Part 1

    There is no way in hell any reasonable person would misappropriate someone else's photos/identity for clandestine purposes. If you accept the story at face value it certainly seems as though the victim was placed in a position of risk. Would you feel the same if the victim was your daughter?
  2. Totally Random

    My favorite = the Horizontal Mambo......
  3. New to Denver & TOB

    Based on the pics it looks like YOU would be a fun thing to do in the DTC.....
  4. 411: Audrianna Rosr bad..
  5. 411: Audrianna Rosr

    Audriannarose8 Colorado Companion Intriguing pictures and very active with her ads in recent weeks. Anyone have any data, or do the ace TOB detectives sense anything amiss?
  6. Full body O

    Just watched some porn which featured women having quivering, twitching, spasming orgasms. Looks like fun and seems like it would be hard to fake. I have been with one provider who had multiple 3-4 second spasms that seemed to involve most of her body. Any one else - especially the beautiful ladies on the forum- with similar experiences?
  7. Ideally

    90 min. Lots of conversation. GFE. Lots of kissing. BBBJ. Mutual shower. Mutual massage. MPOS. Very vocal. Several Os for her, one big one for me. There are several wonderful providers on this board who deliver exactly this experience. Life is good.....
  8. Deep thoughts

    Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?
  9. How Old is too Old?

    I surprise myself. I always assume I will be oriented toward the young hard bodies, but in practice I gravitate toward the 40+ group (with quasi hardbodies). Maybe it a subconscious push back about playing with someone who is the same age as my daughters......
  10. Dress Code for Men

    One of my favorite providers describes my stamdard. mode of attire (with a smile on her face) as "easy access". Tshirt....untied atheletic shorts or running pants...commando....unlaced running shoes or flip flops. My favorite attire for her is similar in function: short silk robe, nothing else.
  11. How about pink with blonde highlights? Or blue with pink highlights? This from a guy with the same haircut the past 30 years.....😊
  12. In search of

    Fair warning.....most ISO posts are met with an admonition to use the search functions available on the site. Also, the population of providers who have listings is, IMHO, small enough that you can view the vast majority of those that are active and current in a relatively short time. Its a fun and enjoyable read.....
  13. intrigued ...... or traumatized

    Maybe it's a limitation of my Samsung phone, but the link does nothing....
  14. Sexy Toned Melissa

    The Denver Post costs $2.50? Wow.
  15. Where to keep the supplies? You'll never run out, but it probably doesn't fit in the average nightstand.