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  1. Just Wrong!

    Ok. I'll take a slightly different (and probably unpopular) view. Chrissy states that this is a well-known gent - not some random newbie or lurker. I assume "well-known" means some combination of reviews, board posts, and references (no, it wasn't me....). That being the case, how about pointing out his poor approach and giving him a chance to acknowledge/apologize and do the right thing? By simply hanging up, it killed that possible appointment and possibly any in the future. Yes, he was wrong/made a mistake. If he was unwilling to acknowledge/apologize and do the right thing (full rate appointment) then he deserves all the name calling in this thread.
  2. New Again!?!

    Is "golden pussy" a searchable provider attribute?
  3. WWYD??

    Perhaps he didn't forget, but he is hoping YOU did........
  4. Post Your Funnies

    A man was on a beach in California when came across a bronze container half buried in the sand. He picked it up and rubbed the sand off and a genie appeared! The genie said congratulations! I will grant you one wish! (cheap genie....). The man thought a bit and said " I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, but I am deathly afraid of flying and ships cause me to get horribly seasick. I want you to build a bridge so I can drive to Hawaii!" The genie looked horrified and replied " do you have any idea what that will involve? The ocean is thousands of feet deep. Building the support system impossible. Storms will make the bridge impassable and unsafe. I'm sorry, but even a genie has limits. Please make another wish." The man thought a moment and replied " OK. I a want to understand women!". The genie reflected briefly and replied, "Do you want that bridge to be two lanes or four?"
  5. Question

    I think OP is a provider, not a client who would write a review. WhiIe I 100% support providers needs to feel safe, I am glad that my experience is not open to public display unless I choose to make it so by writing a provider review- where I control the content.
  6. Questions????

    I dont even take my phone. Envelope, keys, Starbucks for the two of us. Wallet and phone locked in the truck.
  7. Reviews

    Posting a review and requesting a reference are two separate and unrelated activities. The review is for her benefit. The reference is for yours. I am guessing that there was language in your review that caused a problem for the moderators. I can't help with any suggestions about how to resolve that. The "request reference" button allows the provider to essentially let other providers know that you are a good guy. References are important for you to have, just like reviews are important for the providers.
  8. What should I wear?

    I have rarely been asked. I typically request - not require - that which I would prefer to see my date wearing when the door opens, even on the first visit. If it doesn't happen, no big deal.
  9. What's your Unicorn?

    Mine: 35 yrs old+. 5'2" or less. 110 lbs or less. Extremely fit. Natural gravity-defying D's. Extremely pretty. Very friendly. No inhibitions. Loves to please and be pleased...... It has been my extreme pleasure/privilege to find a couple women on TOB who are VERY close to this description.
  10. Today

    Wayne- A few suggestions 1. Read the posts on General Discussion and Colorado boards to gain some context on what is happening here. 2. Start reviewing listings and create a file of favorites (click "fav" in the profile). I suggest you stick to those who have multiple favorable reviews. If noted in the postings or personal web pages, give special consideration to those who list themselves as "newbie friendly". 3. Jump in the pool...rhe water is fine! Reach out to a provider - using her preferred contact method if so stated. Indicate the date and time you would like to meet, incall or outcall (if she offers both) and the requested appointment length. Be polite, friendly and respectful - you are asking for a date, not demanding a service. Stay away from ghetto slang and most text abbreviations. Example: "Hi, Bambi. Your pictures on TOB are amazing! I am hoping you are available Thursday this week for a 60 minute outcall appointment at 7:00 PM in the DTC area. I look forward to hearing back from you! - Wayne1020" 4. As a newbie with no references or P411 presence (I assume) you will need to be ready to address her screening process. Be careful about revealing real world info. Ask on a TOB discussion board if you are uncomfortable, but also be aware that she needs to feel safe in order to schedule you. Dont be fooled into thinking that no screening requirements is a good thing...... 5. Show up on time, hygenically correct and, again, be friendly, respectful and polite. Have all kinds of fun, then write a review!! Happy will figure it out quickly.
  11. Rachels

    Thanks. Yes - I communicated with that one unlucky guy to verify it is her based on a very specific, unique behavioral characteristic she displayed with both of us. And - based on her phone number - it was definitely Omaha where I saw her (I should have figured that out before my initial post....). Pics are accurate. Pretty girl......poor companion.
  12. Rachels

    Rachels Colorado Companion I am not in the habit of openly disparaging providers. Nearly all my encounters are very pleasing. I consider this a public service announcement. Not even sure if the moderators will allow this. This young lady advertises as Rachels, new to town in Colorado Spgs. Last week she was Rachel Knix. I communicated via PM with the one review she has here and confirmed her identity based on specific behaviors in addition to the pictures. I spent an hour with her about 2 years ago in Omaha or KC ( too many business trips to recall exactly). At that time she was known as Taylor. Easily the most unsatisfying, disappointing encounter I have ever had in the hobby. IIf you are considering time with her, PM me for the sad details. If you are Rachel/Taylor reading this, well, welcome to Colorado. Your reputation precedes you...
  13. Private Pool.

    If you are willing to meet elsewhere, the Orlando area has tons of vacation homes to rent with private pools.
  14. 411 on Luna_StarXXX

    Luna_Starxxx 720-272-1457 Colorado Companion New provider. ... no reviews, no P411. Looking to my more experienced brethern/internet detectives for any guidance. Thanks!!
  15. 411 Aliz

    Having trouble connecting with her. Called and texted listed number. Perhaps she left town. Input welcomed.