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  1. Specific request

    Most ladies are reluctant to discuss specific activities in advance of meeting. My suggestion is to find a few TOB companions who interest you and read their reviews to see if your specific interest is mentioned. Join TER VIP - their reviews are much more detailed. You could also DM TOB hobbyists and ask them if your specific activity is available from a companion.
  2. Sex Ed teacher outed as escort

    She was in high demand for parent-teacher conferences......
  3. What's the difference between "SW" and "provider"?
  4. Keeping rescheduling

    You have 25-30 no shows EVERY DAY!!??! Surely that is a typo, unless you are scheduling 10 minute sessions....or you are referencing virtual appointments.
  5. Wow. So...I don't have any good ideas about how to get rid of your messy problem, so I won't offer any. I will defer to those who have specific experience. In terms of the hobby, I am older than you and have had 8 yrs of good/great experiences - especially with TOB companions. Don't give up. Do your research and focus on well-reviewed TOB companions. Use search to find your favorite type - lots of good choices out there. Find a couple with whom you click and stick with them. There's an abundance of carefree fun to be had.......
  6. This One Is Going To Sting

    Rate threads (yes, this became a rate thread...) always get touchy. At the end of the day, companion rates will be whatever the companion wants them to be. Take it or leave it, but don't waste time stressing about it. The cost of doing business is a factor. Maximizing revenue is a factor. Discouraging riff raff is a factor. Perceived desirability is a factor. The amount of desired work is a factor. Companion age is a factor (I'll get hit for that favorites are all over 45...). Yes, rates have gone up over the years. So has everything else. Not sure how rates impact NCNS. I think they are separate and distinct issues. Nothing new about how to enjoy this hobby: do the research, make a decision, go have fun. Rinse and repeat. .
  7. ILW your response is very logical, but he may not be dealing with a rational, logical individual. I also agree that there is much more to the story that has not been revealed. Come on, OP - what got you to this point?
  8. Review Comment Option

    While not publicly entertaining, the ability to DM a reviewer provides the opportunity (not guaranteed) to gain clarity . I agree that a public debate/discussion about specific reviews would quickly spiral downward into an exchange of insults and anonymity - fueled internet bravado resulting in fewer reviews and thus decreasing the value of TOB for both hobbyists and companions. Interesting idea, but I vote no, thank you.
  9. Mile High

    Do you possibly mean Mile High Jasmine? Moved toTampa....
  10. 411 on melisahot

    Looking forward to your detailed review......
  11. 411 on Heidi

    Why would a massage therapist who done not offer anything else Advertize on STG with suggestive pics?

    We are clearly scrambling for interesting topics on the forums...
  13. I'll take penis IQ for $500 Alex

    It depends..... I tend to lean toward BJ, but with a naturally well endowed hottie nothing creates an explosion quite like finishing with an enthusiastic tit job. Mmmmmm......

    Bad acid will do it every time.....